(COMPLETED) Above It All (Love and Abuse Novel) by chocolate_dimplez
Phone calls to my exes (BWWM) by Pfunzo18
Phone calls to my exes (BWWM) by Comicallymade General Fiction
H.R 298 in general fiction "Hello. I don't know if this number still works. I am looking for Zoe-" "I am Zoe. Who is this?" "River." He sig...
Poker Face by Immlaaarr
Poker Face by Immy Romance
Since their band took off and landed its first major record deal, the four remaining members of Blackjack have been living their dreams. For Sass, it's flirting with eve...
Drib Drabs (boyxboy) (girlxgirl) by DustAddsCharacter
Drib Drabs (boyxboy) (girlxgirl) by Kat Romance
Random one-shots dedicated to my favourite authors, as a show of appreciation for all their hard work. Enjoy! =)
HUMAN. ➸ JEON WONWOO by seokmin's☽ Fanfiction
❝i wish people remember that i'm only human..❞ © ÆSTHER | 2017 @VERSACHEN | all rights reserved. language: ENGLISH
How To Stay Positive When You're Positive. by Corpse_Doll2017
EAZY E  ➵  FACTS by weknowfacts
EAZY E ➵ FACTS by weknowfacts Random
❝ Facts about the Godfather of Gangsta Rap.. ❞ on hold for a while, sorry..
There's no escape (ziall and harry styles fan fiction) *COMPLETED* by Whymrstyles
There's no escape (ziall and harry... by Whymrstyles Fanfiction
The bruises. The beatings. The scars. Mum would be so ashamed if she was here to see what I had let my life become. My dad said it was my fault my mum's rope broke, he b...
You're HIV Positive by LilliputWrites
You're HIV Positive by LilliputWrites Teen Fiction
Eric's life drastcly changes when he finds out he's HIV posotive. >>>>>>>>><<<<<<<<< He lives his life like there's...
Superação | Romance Gay | by Ray-and-Brenda
Superação | Romance Gay | by Ray-and-Brenda Romance
O plágio é considerado um crime no Brasil e está previsto na lei 9.610 (Lei de direitos autorais). A adolescência é a fase da vida em que as pessoas pensam descobrir o m...
A Player Fell In Love With A Jesus Freak? by ImitatingTheAlmighty
Triplets (Liv/Maddie/Maya) by CaptainLucaya
Triplets (Liv/Maddie/Maya) by Liv Fanfiction
Liv's the actress. Maddie's the athlete. Maya's the singer and model and dancer. Lol They've been separated for the last 5 years, and now they're reunited. They h...
HIV and AIDS: Is there a cure for HIV and AIDS? by robotmork123
HIV and AIDS: Is there a cure for... by robot morkel Romance
HIV remains for human immunodeficiency infection. It hurts your resistant framework by crushing the white platelets that battle contamination. HIV regularly spreads thro...
Let's Hook Up by VeeCole92
Let's Hook Up by Vee Cole General Fiction
A Short Story about how HIV and AIDS.
Saving Faith by demurred
Saving Faith by g a t s b y Teen Fiction
"She's that book nobody bothered to read, or a painting everyone underappreciated." * * * * Faith Johnson, was one of those rare people, who possessed...
|The blue room| by seldomsoulsanity
|The blue room| by soul/hiatus/ Short Story
There is always something to connect us all. As for Nathan Clarkson and Daniel Grayson, they had one special thing to connect them and that was HIV. A short story of ho...
Custe o que custar by migafla
Custe o que custar by Flávia Cavalcante Fanfiction
Dez anos após largar tudo em Londres e voltar para o Brasil, Anne se reestruturou, faz parte de uma ONG onde tem a oportunidade de palestrar sobre a vida comum que leva...
Saving Hope by sarahburnett
Saving Hope by sarahburnett Romance
Nayla watches her boyfriend die of a mysterious illness in the hospital. When he dies her life is over she feels like she can't go on. A month after he dies she finds ou...
When I tell her... by GhettoXBeautyQueen
9-Months In COUnTinG by clatrellw
9-Months In COUnTinG by clatrellw Teen Fiction
15 year old Carmen Jones, has contracted HIV from her boyfriend/ Baby's father. In This Series You Will read how Carmen Deals with her 9 month pregnancy, while also lett...