Boys For Hire!! by AriettieSilver
Boys For Hire!!by Ariettie Silver
Are you unpopular? Boyfriend-less? Boys For Hire is the service for you! Whether it's to be seen with a bunch of boys, or to have a pretend-boyfriend, it covers everythi...
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My Wattpad Favourites by laughingintherain
My Wattpad Favouritesby C
Stuck for what to read? Here's a list of all my favourite books and recommendations which you must have!!! (The ones you read curled up with a cup of hot chocolate and t...
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He's Dating A Gangster || Vkook  by QueenieYoo
He's Dating A Gangster || Vkook by GoldenBooty
"You will be my fake boyfriend" What?" In which Jungkook will pretend to be Taehyung's boyfriend, for making Yoongi jealous (Taehyung ex-boyfriend)and ge...
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hired | shawn mendes by heartfeltmendes
hired | shawn mendesby ya girl
"you don't have to be such a dick" i complain, rolling my eyes, a large sigh escaping. "shut up. you're hired to do this and you get paid, now do your job...
  • romance
  • girlfriend
  • shawnpeterraulmendes
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Kapantay Mo Ay Langit (On Going) by LizaBelle88
Kapantay Mo Ay Langit (On Going)by LizaBelle88
Tulak ng mapaglarong tadhana, napabilang si Leslie sa mga babaeng for hire. Sila ang uri ng mga babaeng tumatanggap ng malaking halaga ng pera para gawin ang ilang mases...
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miss missing you ↣ joshler by lowlifejoseph
miss missing you ↣ joshlerby caitlyn!
"The person that you'd take a bullet for is behind the trigger." Tyler doesn't know how or why, but his best friend, Brendon, winds up dead after going to a pa...
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Girlfriend For Hire by Mine4TheTaking
Girlfriend For Hireby ☯✝кαιтℓүηε✝☯
Marshall Barclay Is one of the only remaining Heirs left to inherit his father's business, so you would assume that he's a pretty happy guy with all the money, publicity...
  • hire
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Friend for Hire~A Gaara Love Story by HetGoddessDisease
Friend for Hire~A Gaara Love Storyby Potato Puppy
Kankuro thinks if Gaara got a friend, he wouldn't be so mean. So he offers Naomi money to be Gaara's friend. She doesn't want to do it, especially not for money, but eve...
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The Editors Club by ImThatEditor
The Editors Clubby ImThatEditor
I've begun to notice that Wattpad has an insufficient number of working editors. I for one am both a writer and an editor. I've started this club so other people will be...
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COUPLE CORP. by junnieboiPH
malapit na feb 14 singol k pa rin. alam naman naming ready to mingle ka na e! kaya wag ng pakipot pa! cc: ➳ @BoyfriendForHire [for the idea]
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My Job as an Assassin {finished not adding anymore} by saranghaeeumag
My Job as an Assassin {finished no...by saranghaeeumag
Alex Griffin, better know to the world as Ace, is an assassin, and she's only 18. She's spent her highschool life juggling contracts and lies. Senior year at Black Hall...
  • truth
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The Female Assassin by amandaxxxxx
The Female Assassinby Amanda
When Jane is called by three Royal Knights sent by the Prince. She journeys through places no one dares to cross. When she finally arrives at the palace the Prince has a...
  • eyes
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Best Stories on Wattpad (My Opinion) by mutiarasuri
Best Stories on Wattpad (My Opinio...by mutiara suri
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For Hire A Damn Good Kisser (Fan Fiction) by AyuKanmuri
For Hire A Damn Good Kisser (Fan F...by Ayu Kanmuri
Epekto ito ng 3 days kong pagpapakahirap at pagpupuyat! xD
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Assassin For Hire (OC x Kenshin) by LilDoodleCat
Assassin For Hire (OC x Kenshin)by Jay
(If you were hoping for an xreader then just pretend that my oc is you.) In the war before the Meiji era Chisho, Akane was an assassin for hire and would kill for whoeve...
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How for top level PSO Jobs by run66sal
How for top level PSO Jobsby run66sal
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A FREE Editor and Proofreader  by Editor_Proofreader
A FREE Editor and Proofreader by Editor_Proofreader
Read inside for more information about editing or writing help for your Wattpad stories.
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Angular JS Development by roshanisharma
Angular JS Developmentby Roshani Sharma
Thinkwik is one the best AngularJS Development company.
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Now bring in more money and take action freely, hiring Phone sex operators! by run66sal
Now bring in more money and take a...by run66sal
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We Are Hiring by Varuniacs
We Are Hiringby Varun for life
There are lot of people who want to join but we will give chance to everyone❤;-)
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