Living Royalty  by uzyxxxx18
Living Royalty by Uzmah Omar
Two sisters. Two brothers. As different as polar opposites...but then, doesn't the saying go "like poles repel and opposite poles attract"? It sure doesn't see...
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A Diamond in Islam | ✔ by Beauty4evar
A Diamond in Islam | ✔by Shadia N.
He hated her "kind." She hated his ignorance. He loved her. She refused to. Without her, he was nothing. * * * * Amira had a dysfunctional family, an older bro...
  • desi
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Him & His Muslimah by ISlayBabe
Him & His Muslimahby Shadows Of Khadijah
Zoya Hayat Malik was a righteous young woman who had a hijab wrapped around her head saving the beauty Allah blessed her with for her husband only. She was a liberated w...
  • spiritual
  • quran
  • lovestory
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Love for Mr.Mafia by Shraddavokkalkar08
Love for Mr.Mafiaby vokkalkar shradda
#16(Romance)on (4/7/2016) He was not supposed to fall in love. He was not supposed to get distracted from his goal. He believed he was only meant for bloodshed. H...
  • thebigmuslimwriterscontest
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The Hijabi (Completed) by Neverendingstory706
The Hijabi (Completed)by Make Duaa
He stepped on my prayer rug, and then asked the most stupid question I had ever heard. "Do you sleep in that thing?" But he wasn't asking it sarcastically...
  • islam
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  • immigrant
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The Girl With The Headscarf by BookgirlingMoments
The Girl With The Headscarfby Sarah Wazir
[2017 Watty Award Winner] [Featured Wattpad Story] [Highest ranking yet: #1 in Spiritual] » she tried her best to keep herself in wraps but he seemed determined to un...
  • muslimah
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Bitter Sweet by Beauty4evar
Bitter Sweetby Shadia N.
[Featured by Wattpad] He was bitter. She was sweet. He was darkness. She was light. Their love was bittersweet. * * * * Tasneem was a natural artist. She could create ma...
  • bitter
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Not Your Expected Hijabi (COMPLETED) by R3Hijabi
Not Your Expected Hijabi (COMPLETE...by Unexpected Author
"Good luck sitting next to Mr Popular." Daniya whispered in my ear and added, "Let's see how long you can resist." Just moved to a new city from West...
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Hushed Confessions | ✔ by Beauty4evar
Hushed Confessions | ✔by Shadia N.
Meet Sajdaa Taha. A sassy, hilarious, and intelligent seventeen year old Muslimah. Being a Muslim in a society, where majority of the people see Muslims as terrorists, h...
  • bengali
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  • syrian
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Seeking her forgiveness  by FabihaSaddat
Seeking her forgiveness by FabihaSaddat
Muskaan Malak, the typical sweetheart who was ugly because she was short she had acne she was fat she was hairy she was dumb In other words, she was bullied by everyone...
  • muslimlovestory
  • muslimah
  • pain
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Bookworms by Beauty4evar
Bookwormsby Shadia N.
Bibliophile - a person who collects or has a great love of books. * * * * Nicholas loves to read. It is his passion, his source of air, his world. He'd lose himself amo...
  • books
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Another Chance✔ by x__Maryam__x
Another Chance✔by Ma:)
She was a miracle to him but her life was cursed. Cursed by a sacrifice she made to her own. He was full of mistakes but the kind of perfect she wanted. She was held by...
  • spiritual
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Apa yang lelaki suka ? by farisya_97
Apa yang lelaki suka ?by icha^^
if ada lelaki yang baca , nak tau serba sedikit sebenarnya lelaki suka apa & nak tanya some private things . kalau ada orang yang baca . kalau takde takpe :) p/s : kalau...
  • lelaki
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My Dunya (NEEDS EDITING) by samukasoo
My Dunya (NEEDS EDITING)by The Girl Next Door
* Check out my new book, Her Fire, here on Wattpad: https://www.wattpad.com/506317107-her-fire-chapter-1 * From opposite sides of the tracks comes a nove...
  • teen
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Halal Relationship 2017✔ by hijabygirlFa_h
Halal Relationship 2017✔by Al Akhirahfah
(Featured by whattpad) A twisted halal relationship (acceptable in islam) in the right side there is Tayba the beautiful girl,who wear her hijab as her pride, and the on...
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Alnihayya | PUBLISHED as a paperback✔ by muskaansmiles
Alnihayya | PUBLISHED as a paperba...by Muskaan.
Mashal Naeem thought she knew exactly who she was until she was rescued by her neighbour, flown on a private plane and driven on a talking car, kidnapped by terrorists a...
  • hijab
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Lost In Our Past | Under Major Editing | #Wattys2017 by HijabiQueen74
Lost In Our Past | Under Major Edi...by Aysha Sumaiya
• Khan Series 3 • |C O M P L E T E D| Love Noun an intense feeling of deep affection. Love makes us happy. Love shows us our true self. Life without love is nothing in...
  • muslim
  • broken
  • themistaward
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Hijabi in High school by SaraSalman123
Hijabi in High schoolby SARA SALMAN
Alizah Khan Her life is far from perfect , hunted by the memories and living every day with a new fear she's the girl who's broken beyond measure. Her demons from the p...
  • hijab
  • badboy
  • muslimah
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In the Arms of an Angel.. by FathimaShif
In the Arms of an Angel..by LiveLove
What if one has everything one want in life? Looks, money, influence, power, women and almost everything one want in life? Well, yea, then it will make one more arrogant...
  • inter-racial
  • muslim
  • billionaire
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Islamic stories...Rays of sunshine by Inspiring_Muslimah
Islamic stories...Rays of sunshineby Muslimah♡
السلام عليكم ورحمة الله وبركاته A collection of islamic stories with great morals nd teachings.....islamic messages and posts....that will inspire u in sha Allah.... Jaz...
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