Love Knows No Weight by yaoiChibi
Love Knows No Weight by ♫♥♫♥♫♥♫
Carson Fuentebella has always been the side character of his friends' love stories. He was always the fat friend that played Cupid, the friend that became the bridge and...
  • corporate
  • slowburn
  • highsociety
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Ruthless Billionaire Boss - BK 3 by meeksadorable
Ruthless Billionaire Boss - BK 3 by Meeks
Book 3 Johnathan Giordano, Italian billionaire. CEO of his family's business is a man feared by many for his known ice cold persona. He's as smooth in business as he is...
  • hurtfulwords
  • wattys2017
  • gems
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A Marriage of Inconvenience by alicewritersland
A Marriage of Inconvenience by Alice Writersland
When an important business merger is on the line, Charlotte Adams and Will Cane are forced into a marriage of convenience by their families. Desperately trying to stay t...
  • friendship
  • newadult
  • relationship
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The Pursuit of Happiness by bookslifelove
The Pursuit of Happiness by bookslifelove
Five years. That's how long it took for Liam Cavanaugh to gather enough courage to leave his loveless marriage. With his coveted position as CEO to a multi-billion dolla...
  • penpals
  • divorce
  • happiness
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queen bitch | coming soon by simplyruined
queen bitch | coming soon by james blond | hiatus
ruthless new girl grey lockwood is destined to replace kimberly whittaker as the queen of sterling high after all she's richer, bitchier and prettier than her and she ha...
  • queen
  • projectnotyourbabe
  • highsociety
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Adolescent adventures by lolduncan
Adolescent adventures by lolduncan
In the town of Muskoka Canada lives a bunch of teens, the high-class, the middle-class, the talented and the non-talented, all in one town. ___________________________...
  • random
  • duncney
  • tdroti
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Wedding Bells by chibz_love
Wedding Bells by chibz_love
Emily Jensen loves the idea of getting married. She loves it so much, she chose planning weddings as her career path. She's your typical girl waiting for her prince to c...
  • bells
  • emily
  • bride
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zodiac » h.s. by roIIingstoned
zodiac » h.s. by ally
»HIER SPRICHT DER ZODIAC.« Die amerikanische Großstadt San Francisco wird von einer Reihe von Morden erschüttert und versetzt die Stadt in Angst und Schrecken, doch de...
  • murderer
  • crime
  • death
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Where ever the heart takes you  by Tori_vx
Where ever the heart takes you by Tori
"I didn't choose you, my heart did" -- "Mine did so a long time ago" ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ As a daughter of two rea...
  • classy
  • lovestory
  • surferboy
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Mr. Chaebol : Hyungsik by hyungsiks
Mr. Chaebol : Hyungsik by [ oH ]
@goahras thanks for the title :") highkey don't know what this is going to be about, so just enjoy random updates and spams of my face ;)
  • zea
  • hwarang
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Departure Lounge (Completed) by YolieB
Departure Lounge (Completed) by Andy Rake
"Life is made up of years that mean nothing and moments that mean it all." (unknown) When Claire makes her choice, she knows the consequences will be disast...
  • newyork
  • change
  • highsociety
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Filthy Lucre by ElPerezosoRosado
Filthy Lucre by ElPerezosoRosado
The first impression you receive from Annadelle Princeton is that she is beautiful, snarky, and snobbish beyond comprehension. More lies beyond the surface. Andie is the...
  • kingdoms
  • highschool
  • highsociety
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A Richer Shade of Gold (#Wattys2017) by _littleblackrose_
A Richer Shade of Gold (#Wattys201... by ‹ g a b g a b s ›
Kendall Emeretta's perfect little world is thrown into chaos upon the arrival of a potential rival. How will she cope when she realises that the world isn't her oyster a...
  • uppereastside
  • featured
  • funny
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Carib Society by fallintothedark
Carib Society by wannabe sushi roll
A dark place with darker people. It's the norm. Cruelty, torture and overall dementedness. They don't realise what they're doing is sick. They've been caught up in the g...
  • cannibal
  • dark
  • highsociety
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Beauty's Beast  by forbidden-desires
Beauty's Beast by Awespire.✨
A MAN UNWILLING FOR HOLY MATRIMONY..... Shahwar Aariz Shah has been coerced into the marrying a woman of his mother's choice and since he believes that his steely determ...
  • naivety
  • playboy
  • businesstycoon
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Jimin had never seen the sky before. Or the sea. Or the mountains. He had never felt sunlight. Or snow. Never smelt a rose. Or a dirty sock. He had never been outside th...
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