Paper Flowers [Featured Novel] ✓ by selena_brooks
Paper Flowers [Featured Novel] ✓ by Selena Brooks Teen Fiction
It's senior year, and Erika Soto has been rated a nine every week. After a catastrophic summer that tore her friends apart, the last thing Erika needs to worry about is...
Kismet (Not) ✓ by selena_brooks
Kismet (Not) ✓ by Selena Brooks Teen Fiction
A trail of Post-It notes leading her to the golden boy of Providence Prep. A girl who seems to have no other motive than to ruin her life before they become family. An...
This Life by DearHorribleLife
This Life by MysteryAuthor Teen Fiction
07-08-16 I'm Jamielyn Reign di Oscuro. I'm an Italian whose parents decide to move in California for the greater good. The greater good?! Yeah ri...
Star Crossed ~ A Tragedy ~ by writerkid01
Star Crossed ~ A Tragedy ~ by writerkid01 Teen Fiction
"Do you believe in love at first sight?" "No." ~~~ One boy. One girl. One story. One tragedy. ~~~ Updates on Monday and Friday
Highschool problems. by Cakepiecup
Highschool problems. by Cakepiecup Fanfiction
Two and only two students are getting bullied from one diva(called Torry)and her gang. Torry has a boyfriend, named Seven. He doesn't know that his girlfriend is a bully...