Paper Flowers [Featured Novel] ✓ by selena_brooks
Paper Flowers [Featured Novel] ✓ by Selena Brooks
It's senior year, and Erika Soto has been rated a nine every week. After a catastrophic summer that tore her friends apart, the last thing Erika needs to worry about is...
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  • goldenboy
  • youngadultreads
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selfish club by aaliyahvictoriax
selfish club by S P A C E
In the town of Greenbay, anything can happen. At one point another everyone is a victim of Greenbays harsh rumors and gossip. This year, was Aviana's turn. After having...
  • romance
  • drama
  • highschool
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1000 Paper Cranes by PRAdams
1000 Paper Cranes by Paul
Jordan Johnson is your average high school student. He is average in every way from his brown hair and brown eyes to his very mundane existence. His two friends, Joanna...
  • teenfiction
  • wattys2017
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Highschool : My Life, My Rules, My Attitude by Tejaswi_Tripuraneni
Highschool : My Life, My Rules, My... by Tejaswi_Tripuraneni
What makes me unique? Well, you are about to find it. It's only if you start to read it ... Fifteen-year-old Katie Wilson is a normal, ordinary, high school, teenager gi...
  • highschool
  • school
  • girls
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Kismet (Not) ✓ by selena_brooks
Kismet (Not) ✓ by Selena Brooks
A trail of Post-It notes leading her to the golden boy of Providence Prep. A girl who seems to have no other motive than to ruin her life before they become family. An...
  • brooks
  • teen
  • kismet
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The Improbability of Forever (Kismet #2) ✓ by selena_brooks
The Improbability of Forever (Kism... by Selena Brooks
Don't you miss Providence Prep and all of the quirky drama that takes place inside its doors? The confusing love rectangles, the dress code infractions Quinn can never...
  • yaromance
  • highschoolproblems
  • highschool
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Phebs book of random rants and vents by Aphmaufan2456
Phebs book of random rants and ven... by Pheb_
Just a vent/rant/random stuff book
  • lifeproblems
  • highschoolproblems
  • random
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Handling His Existence by humi_ebrahim
Handling His Existence by Humairaa Ebrahim
Kailee Morrison is a wallflower, plain and simple. She prefers to stay out of trouble, away from drama. With her twin brother, Klaus, she got used to it. In summary, Kai...
  • highschoolproblems
  • lies
  • secrets
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Help Me by MikaelaCrawford2
Help Me by Mikaela Crawford
I am currently going through 8th grade and there is a lot i need help with. This is where i will ask for y'alls opinions.
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The Journal of Buck Bagerson : the B.A.B.O days and other gem of ideas by Kartikay1208
The Journal of Buck Bagerson : the... by Kartikay
Buck is a common high school student, whose only wish is to save the Johannes ville high school from some bullies like Rhodey, life gets tough when Rhodey gets a partner...
  • socialism
  • humor
  • adventure
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I'm The New Lizzie Borden by RandomYandereAuthor
I'm The New Lizzie Borden by RandomYandereAuthor
You know Lizzie Borden right she was suspected of killing her StepMother and BloodFather with 11 axe blows to the head. Kelly wants to become the new Lizzie but dose she...
  • puppys
  • stepmother
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