Tea, Bitch || England x READER [FINNISHED] by Vraena
Tea, Bitch || England x READER [FI...by яυѕѕια
Is there a difference in regular tea or... TEA? Plot mine Hetalia: Hidekaze Himaruya
  • hetalia
  • romance
  • manga
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France x England x Child Reader by SofiaCTa
France x England x Child Readerby Sofia.C.Ta
(Y/N) (L/N) was a homeless 5 years old who was abanded by her parents at a younger age. One day, in an ally, looking for food. (Y/N) was confronted by a group of abusive...
  • countryxreader
  • hetaliaaxispowers
  • hetaliaxchildreader
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The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [America x Reader] by AngelinaSmith590
The Summer Cleaning Countdown! [Am...by Hedgehog Mom
{COMPLETED} It all starts with one weird dream.... All her life _____ has been bullied by Alfred F Jones (he insists the 'F' is necessary). One day she and Alfred are ca...
  • hetaliafanfic
  • angst
  • aphamerica
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Shattered Glass(Nordics x reader) by 0oCupcakeo0
Shattered Glass(Nordics x reader)by Call me Cupcake!
I can't reveal anything here but expect some kind of twisted stuff!From Cupcake-Senpai with love!<3
  • iceland
  • nordic5
  • 0ocupcakeo0
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Hetalia x Reader Oneshots! by Aph_Fanfiction
Hetalia x Reader Oneshots!by daddyhive
What can happen in Hetalia? Maybe you're stuck on an island with America and find yourself a new best friend, Spain throws you one of his legendary fiestas, or Germany c...
  • kawaii
  • aph
  • fanfiction
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Hetalia One Shots by kikuhondaislife
Hetalia One Shotsby LT
Hetalia One Shots
  • england
  • america
  • nordics
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Cheater Hetalia x ReaderOne shot by SouseisekiShinku
Cheater Hetalia x ReaderOne shotby Jiyeonnie—★
Cheater hetalia x reader REQUEST IS .. OPEN?? IDK?
  • hetalia
  • cheater
  • hetaliaxreader
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Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetalia by silverthornes
Boyfriend Scenarios: Hetaliaby silverthornes
So what's it like to have a boyfriend? Especially if they are the personifications of countries? Let's find out! Feel free to request and comment. Character requests clo...
  • aphengland
  • readerxhetalia
  • aphcanada
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Hetalia:Another Life (Hetaliaxreader)  by hetaidiot
Hetalia:Another Life (Hetaliaxread...by not active
(Y/N) is just a normal girl. She hates school and gets bullied. Quite often actually. Then one day after running away from her bullies, a voice calls out to her. &quot...
  • romance
  • axisxreader
  • spainxreader
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Magnet (Hetalia x Reader) by burgersnscones
Magnet (Hetalia x Reader)by Ronnie
You just left your hometown in order to attend a university in London, England for an entire year. You can't wait for Europe and all the adventures that await you. What...
  • prussia
  • hetalia
  • aph
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Hetalia smut one-shots, xreader  by AmberxCute
Hetalia smut one-shots, xreader by FluffyFanFics
Some good ol lemon
  • fluff
  • hetaliaxreader
  • hetalia
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Hetalia X Reader: Paint it White by Swimmer101Rose2
Hetalia X Reader: Paint it Whiteby Swimmer101Rose2
The Earth is in danger and its up to the countries to save it. Along with a young country.
  • germany
  • hetaliaxreader
  • paintitwhite
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Hetalia Zodiacs by howtotalktopeople101
Hetalia Zodiacsby SAVE
Welcome, I am a big fan of Hetalia (hetalia doesn't belong to me or the pictures, so thank you to the artists, and the only thing I own is this story.) Highest rank #78...
  • gemini
  • scorpio
  • aquarius
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Hetalia x Reader (shorts, bonuses, scenarios and previews) by burgersnscones
Hetalia x Reader (shorts, bonuses...by Ronnie
DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia nor some of the fanarts I use for my images, and you belong to whoever you want to. I own my story. DISCLAIMER: I do not own Hetalia. It...
  • hetaliaxreader
  • axis
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Hetalia x Reader Oneshots by APH-Loser
Hetalia x Reader Oneshotsby A dweeb in general
Herro! I have like, a jillion ideas in my head, so I thought, "why not make a hetalia x Reader thingy?" So I did! ^_^ Totally taking requests even though I hav...
  • xreader
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  • hetalia
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Hetalia X Reader one shots! (Around the world) by AngelinaSmith590
Hetalia X Reader one shots! (Aroun...by Hedgehog Mom
(REQUESTS CLOSED SORRY!) Ever wondered how to get Norway to smile? Can Prussia be sweet like candy? Maybe you want to help America with his depression? Is Romania a vamp...
  • xreaderinsert
  • completed
  • 590writes
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hetalia father/mother-daughter scenarios by --ErzaScarlet--
hetalia father/mother-daughter sce...by Erza Scarlet
Heres some father/mother-daughter scenarios with the great people of HETALIAAAAAAA. Some characters im doing right now: -Belarus -Canada -France -Denmark -Romano I will...
  • italy
  • father-daughter
  • finland
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New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Reader by RoseFiammotta
New Units - 2p!Hetalia x Readerby RoseFiammotta
She really thought it was just going to be a small package or maybe even a small box, but she really didn't expect two life changing crates... 2p!Hetalia X Reader Cover...
  • 2promano
  • 2pjapan
  • 2pcanada
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Why would you kidnap me?!(Hetalia x Reader) by AngelinaSmith590
Why would you kidnap me?!(Hetalia...by Hedgehog Mom
{COMPLETED} _____ can't stand that popular anime called Hetalia. All her friends talk about is how hot the characters are. She couldn't care less about it. One day she i...
  • 590writes
  • hetaliaxreader
  • hetalia
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Nowhere Girl (1p!HetaOni x Gender Neutral!Reader x 2p!HetaOni) by Burple560
Nowhere Girl (1p!HetaOni x Gender...by Maddie
There is no rest button in life. You can't take anything back, nor can you undo it. All of your actions have consequences, and all the things you say and do will have a...
  • comedy
  • hetaonixreader
  • 2pxreader
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