Lost & found| l.h au| by lukefivesohs
Lost & found| l.h au| by lukefivesohs Fanfiction
In which a young single dad starts working for a rich family and falls in love with the daughter.
broken · luke hemmings by BambiWan
broken · luke hemmings by Nichole Fanfiction
"Please don't leave me. Everyone always leaves me. J-Just stay." -- trigger warning thank you for the support, i love you all
Princess - lrh by illicitluke
Princess - lrh by elle Fanfiction
hailey dawson has a problem. a major problem. she can't stop fantasizing about a man. a man she can't have, ever her stepfather. ♡ ♡ ♡ - Warning: Slight age gap, lots o...
choose | luke hemmings by abstractstyles
choose | luke hemmings by cass Fanfiction
"It's you, May. You're what I want forever." achievements: #1 in fanfiction
Kink // Luke Hemmings by fan_ficts
Kink // Luke Hemmings by basic bitch Fanfiction
"You have a what?" "A kink." "What the fuck is a kink?" "Oh, baby...you're so innocent..." *_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*_*...
Getaway by lukefivesohs
Getaway by lukefivesohs Fanfiction
"Thank you." he whispered as he stood up from the bed and walked over to the cigarette pack that laid on the bed table. I didn't tell him that my parents would...
dentist ⇒ luke hemmings by theaesthete
dentist ⇒ luke hemmings by #7 Fanfiction
❝I asked you to open your mouth, love. Not your legs.❞ - In which Blue gets driven into a sexually intimate relationship with her new orthodontist.
✔ DRUNK words, SOBER thoughts ✖ hemmings au by AudreyEve
✔ DRUNK words, SOBER thoughts ✖ he... by Audrey Eve Fanfiction
OFFICIAL WINNER of the 2015 Wattys!! ✖ Luke is popular. He's good looking, he gets invited to all the parties, and his peers worship the ground he walks on. But with po...
mr.hemmings by muchmalfoy
mr.hemmings by lexy🌹 Fanfiction
"she calls me mr.hemmings but you, babygirl, can call me daddy." OR in which a rebellious senior and her math teacher fall for each other.
You're not my Daddy // L.H // by DenialDaddy
You're not my Daddy // L.H // by Kinky Savage Fanfiction
Charlie learns her next door neighbor, Luke Hemmings has a daddy kink. This was my first published book and personally I think my writing is shit, the sequel Daddy Hemmi...
The Adolescent | luke by lovebitelh
The Adolescent | luke by 🕊babygirl cai🕊 Fanfiction
"Love isn't a concept of time. Love knows no limit. Love knows no boundaries. And, fore-mostly, love is unconditional. But how we define love is opinionated. And so...
Friends with Benefits || Luke Hemmings by allytheo_
Friends with Benefits || Luke Hemm... by allytheo_ Fanfiction
Tessa O'Connell the outcast,the girl that know one knows. And most of all she wants nothing to do with Luke Hemmings Luke Hemmings, the bad boy of the school, the boy...
muke one shots: vol. 2 by blackveilmuke
muke one shots: vol. 2 by bvm Fanfiction
my second book of muke one shots
muke oneshots by youreahugedontstop
muke oneshots by s k y l a r Fanfiction
can you read, babe? {lowercase intended} | © youreahugedontstop, 2017 |
Clean Slate » a.i. au by funkystyles
Clean Slate » a.i. au by (ma)rihanna Fanfiction
"You really don't remember anything?" He asked. "Not a thing," I lied. Copyright © 2014-2017 by funkystyles
Club Penguin || l.h. by overdosive
Club Penguin || l.h. by queen paige Fanfiction
"Hey, it's lukeisapenguin from club penguin. I don't know if you remember me, but we got married at the lighthouse about ten years ago."
snapchat. ➳ l.h by fallouthood
snapchat. ➳ l.h by MAL Fanfiction
“hey, come over and give me that blow job?” “eww who are you?!” [Highest ranking: fanfiction #142] all rights reserved. © copyright 2014 | malin anna
Toxic Lips [l.h] by My_Chemical_Muke
Toxic Lips [l.h] by Mia Fanfiction
--- Those who fear darkness have no idea what the light can do ---
Stepbrother ↠ l.h. by lowqualitylexi
Stepbrother ↠ l.h. by lexi Fanfiction
"Don't call him my stepbrother"
fuck me up :: 5sos bxb smut by -lashtoff
fuck me up :: 5sos bxb smut by choke me daddy Fanfiction
"hi i'd like one order of fuck me up fam." © -lashtoff 2017