Satan's Assassin by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Assassin by A.L Rogue
9 years ago Isabella lost her entire family to rogue werewolves. That day she also became the vessel for Satan. Now to the present day Isabella is a hunter, to be exact...
  • demon
  • witches
  • supernatural
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Satan's Curse by XXrogueXlucyXX
Satan's Curse by A.L Rogue
When the ancient hellhound Gavial was blown back into hell he didn't leave without a final warning. "They'll come for you." Dalton sees this as a chance to get...
  • hybrids
  • witch
  • vessels
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Enough Is Enough by Decemberwinter
Enough Is Enough by December
I can't take it anymore .Nobody loves me except my parent's . Not my brother Casey and definitely not my mate Jasper. I never thought that rejection woul...
  • vampire
  • death
  • moongoddess
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Through the Eyes of a Demigod || Twilight & Percy Jackson {slow.updates} by nerdyhemmo
Through the Eyes of a Demigod || T... by ... tricia ...
❝ And I thought the donkey-legged empousai were weird... ❞
  • twilight
  • werewolves
  • vampires
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Hell Broke Loose  by Troublemakers96
Hell Broke Loose by James.
Many of you believe that hell isn't as bad as sitting through a lecture about how oxytocin gets released during sex. The darkness. The toture. The screams of people bein...
  • dark
  • country
  • luciferfox
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Hellish by na-na-na-nana
Hellish by Ðøηη¡ε
Patrick was paranoid of anything supernatural and Joe didn't even believe in the supernatural, but they both agreed that Ouija boards are NOT to be played with.
  • demons
  • patrickstump
  • hellhounds
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Pure Blood by BlackCherryChaos
Pure Blood by Cat➵J
Avalon Greene, Little miss Innocent, Little miss Goody two shoes Good grades. Good friends. Good life. Until she meets the Black brothers Hunter and Archer. He came in s...
  • hellhounds
  • vampires
  • witches
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Hunters Hunted | Shawn Mendes [Complete] by -Kira_Kun-
Hunters Hunted | Shawn Mendes [Com... by Kira🌙
"We deserve to be loved! I deserve to be loved!..... I just want to be loved...." -*- Minnie-May Valentine is a huntress, Shawn Mendes is just a college boy an...
  • dean
  • castiel
  • hellhounds
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Take It All || Walking Dead by Jeyfeather1234
Take It All || Walking Dead by Jeyfeather1234
"We'll take it all." While out on a supply run, Rick and Maggie come across a group not too far from Sanctuary. Uncertain of whether they're friendly or not, A...
  • originalcharacter
  • angst
  • negan
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Witch Way by JessieB
Witch Way by JessiBeau
A Mother's Last Words. A Brand New Town. A Secret Coven. Shayla Cooper is on the run. Her mother was killed in a fire of 'unknown' origins, or at least that was the fire...
  • soul
  • witch
  • coven
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Astrid Strider Daughter of Apollo by OniOkami
Astrid Strider Daughter of Apollo by Δαίμονας Λύκος
Astrid Strider was a some what normal daughter of Apollo. She was an extremely well archer, but couldn't drive a chariot. After an accident when she was twelve, she soon...
  • demi-gods
  • monsters
  • drama
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The Hell Princess Diaries by hellsprincess16
The Hell Princess Diaries by Rowan King
Liviana is the princess of The Underworld. But she wants to be a normal girl. She has everything that any girl could ever ask for. A palace, tons of clothes, wings that...
  • witches
  • couples
  • friends
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hellhounds (A demon wolf rp) by soulofthedragons
hellhounds (A demon wolf rp) by 🍬forgottensoul🍬
in this rp you are a demon wolf that lives in separate packs in hell.
  • hellhounds
  • rp
  • wolves
Champion of the Big Three by Chancamazing
Champion of the Big Three by Abigail
He is forgotten and cheated on. His father and uncles find him and offer him a new life. He is Percy Jackson son of Poseidon and Champion of the big Three. Percabeth an...
  • percy
  • zeus
  • athena
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The Lost Winchester by galaxyfighter123
The Lost Winchester by Hidden warrior
What if Sam and Dean Winchester had a sister that they never knew about? well this is what this book is about. Join the newest winchester as she battles to deals with a...
  • dean
  • monster
  • lost
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Hell's Angels (Devil's Assistant Series Book2) by me2you804
Hell's Angels (Devil's Assistant S... by Katherine
(this book will be undergoing some serious rewrites....when I get time) Over a year has passed since the events at Stone Henge but life at Satani Media couldn't be busi...
  • deception
  • baby
  • underworld
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Hellhounds(ON HOLD UNTIL MAY) by kaylac975
Hellhounds(ON HOLD UNTIL MAY) by kaylac975
Chelsea is the top swimmer overall in the country. Then her world changes overnight when her mate moves in . To add to her problems he is the son of a hellhound.
  • hellhounds
  • pose
  • cliques
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The Hunter's Revenge - A Percy Jackson Fanfic [ON HOLD] by mysunshine-
The Hunter's Revenge - A Percy Jac... by lil lion
NOW FEATURED IN THE OFFICIAL WATTPAD @Fanfic Percy Jackson Fanfiction READING LIST! * * * "'And remember this,' I say, my voice echoing with determination as I...
  • powerful
  • revenge
  • hunters
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Hades & Persephone by _BachLynn23
Hades & Persephone by Rebecca Lynn
My take on the Hades and Persephone myths. Sources for background info: http://www.theoi.com/Khthonios/Persephone.html http://www.theoi.com/Olympios/DemeterFamily.html h...
  • hades
  • nymphs
  • mythology
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Sounds Of Isolation by ArtSlipK
Sounds Of Isolation by ArtSlipK
"Im scared robert," I said to my best friend. "Dont be....ill see you soon...... HEY HELLHOUNDS COME GET ME!!" My heart felt as if it had split strai...
  • teenagers
  • love-lost
  • hellhounds
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