(Eddsworld X Reader Insert) From Surviving To Living: The Dancing Revenant by Girl_of_Fire
(Eddsworld X Reader Insert) From S...by Ace
You are moving to England to escape your past. But will it come back to haunt you? I only own the plot, Maverick, A-Pax, and the Royal Scientist. Goal: 700+ words per ch...
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TORN | jjk.  by Jess_Ton10112005
TORN | jjk. by xXJëššXx
"Welcome, to the world of chaos" Forbidden to see each other, both of you find a way to stop the chaos your ancestors have caused. Fighting the obstacles that...
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ShItTy DRAWINGS(PT 1)💗 by YOUtub3rz_4_3t3rnity
ShItTy DRAWINGS(PT 1)💗by YOUtub3rz_4_3t3rnity
shitty drawing by me
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Good Girl•Bad Girl by user91354264
Good Girl•Bad Girlby
This is a story about how a good girl go from bullied to Queen. so if you dont want that and am going to start flaming, Scram. Lucinda Winters has one of the worst schoo...
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Sad Quotes by _midnightxthoughts_
Sad Quotesby _midnightxthoughts_
basically a part 2
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My name is Ashley. I am 5'5. I have black hair that is normally in a bun. I normally wear a lot of shorts or tights. Most of my closet is filled with black. It's not bec...
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Hell Hole by HawkinsEggoEdits
Hell Holeby HawkinsEggoEdits
Welcome to my " hell hole" life.
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Marie's ART  by MarieCPU
Marie's ART by Marie Cepe
I drew the cover
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