Lucifer's Darling by hivickyy
Lucifer's Darling by vick ✰
"Unfortunately, Lucifer; Lord of the Underworld, Keeper of Deaths Gates, Devil. Was real, and no he was not some short red painted figure with horns and a stick. No...
  • wattys2017
  • fallen
  • good-vs-evil
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Of Death And Dreams by KathrynLauren
Of Death And Dreams by Kathryn Lauren
What happens when you discover the bond you share is the only thing holding the balance between Heaven and Hell? Eighteen-year-old Haven Porter has been having dreams ab...
  • paranormal
  • featured
  • horror
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Sanctum (Supernatural Romance) by JMFelic
Sanctum (Supernatural Romance) by Master's_Pet
Rank #38 in Romance 11.21.2015 **Included in @KatyDreams Wattpad's Best Romance Books (Book 2)** "Silence your tongue Aurora." He promptly commanded befo...
  • priest
  • hell
  • filipino
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Pet Angel. by Jelsa_Lover_27
Pet Angel. by ❤️💔❤️
Abigail was sent to hell by her uncle, god. After 7 years of torture,, shes become a slave to the soon to be ruler-of-hell, while she falls for him. All he sees is a pet...
  • pet
  • demon
  • originalcharacter
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Demon by drummergirlirwin
Demon by Jordan
"I was sent here with a mission," He spoke lowly, his voice sounding deep and husky. "And very specific orders." His hazel eyes seemed to darken in c...
  • mystery
  • king
  • demon
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Claimed by the Dark by ZaraKhan850
Claimed by the Dark by Zara Khan
Highest rank # 5 in Paranormal "You are the light to my darkness " "Moon to my night" All Elene remembers before loosing consciousness amidst tre...
  • queen
  • mystery
  • love
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Satan's Little Helper by thetruthinourlies
Satan's Little Helper by syd.
It all started with a harmless little wish. Now, Christie is stuck in Hell. Now, Christie has a new job; to kill, to murder, and to torture. Now, Christie is Satan's Lit...
  • sick
  • blood
  • innocent
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Dark Temptations by Browneyed_Writer
Dark Temptations by Mia
She is a slave to the moon He is trapped in the underworld Tempted by power and desire Both their worlds will collide Hell will rise The moon will fall Foes will bec...
  • paranormal
  • love
  • underwold
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Saved By The Devil - BOOK 1 by EmotionalPerson01
Saved By The Devil - BOOK 1 by Emotional Person
#18 in Paranormal on August 6, 2017 Book 1 - Saved By The Devil Book 2 - Return Of The Devil Book 3 - Crowned By The Devil ~~~~~Completed~~~~~ ~~ Scene from the book ~...
  • love
  • supernatural
  • fantasy
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Lucifer's Fall  by Vushie
Lucifer's Fall by Katerina Sinclair
"What are you doing?" I managed to get out. "What do you want me to do?" he purred. "Release me?" Lucifer's lips played along the sensitive...
  • demons
  • archangel
  • heaven
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Demetre by Mubangak
Demetre by Mubangaa
He is all that I long for yet All I am forbidden to have. I am his weakness. the person he hates. He is beautiful, hand crafted by the Gods Given the strength of a thous...
  • demons
  • nephilim
  • angels
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The Moonlight Demon (GirlxGirl) by JacquelineDohim
The Moonlight Demon (GirlxGirl) by Jacqueline Dohim
Nadia Roman embark on a journey as a demon's servant after saving the demon's life from grave danger.
  • family
  • lovers
  • history
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Gothic Riddles. by -MeAndTheDevilBlues-
Gothic Riddles. by Siddharth๏̯͡๏
Here you will find a vast collection of story type riddles. These stories are "scary when you know the meaning". Can you find the creepy hidden meaning in each...
  • scaryriddles
  • thriller
  • creepy
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Beastly || Andy Biersack by LlamaMBiersack
Beastly || Andy Biersack by Madison
"You only care about yourself." I snapped. His face softened. "That's not true." Such a lie. He had no shame in lying to my face, nor did he have sha...
  • wattys2017
  • love
  • heaven
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Stuck with my Vampire Mate  by -parvathi-
Stuck with my Vampire Mate by Parvathy Saji R
'So you are the special one they are talking about?' Atarah raised her head to meet a female model in her stunning attire...
  • hell
  • friendship
  • thriller
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Bad Boys With Wings by Jojo_B
Bad Boys With Wings by Jojo B
**Watty Awards Winner 2016** Four bad boys, something definitely different about them. Not only have they started creating a lot of trouble in the area since their arriv...
  • wattpadstars
  • badboys
  • guardian
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Lost Again | Bts Jimin x Reader by KpopTrasheu1013
Lost Again | Bts Jimin x Reader by The Jam that Chimchim doesn't...
"Is it true? You're lying right?" "Y/n, I'm sorry...I..It was a mistake...what am I supposed to do in that situation? I-I still love you!!" "Sto...
  • lovetriangle
  • supernatural
  • jin
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Rivaux | Klance  by Huffle666
Rivaux | Klance by Sin
Keith is a new student at Mythical Academy, which is a private and very secret school for Mythical beings. Unfortunately, Keith doesn't really trust people which makes...
  • lance
  • allura
  • avian
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Death Is My BFF (Book 1 - Watty Award Winner 2011) *ORIGINAL SERIES* by katrocks247
Death Is My BFF (Book 1 - Watty Aw... by Katarina E. Tonks
This is the first book of the Original Death Is My BFF Series, which won the Watty Awards in 2011! *** Death came knocking at her door. Well actually, he pounded. Faith...
  • kat
  • hot
  • katrocks247
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The Vampire Next Door by rachel2k22
The Vampire Next Door by Rachel
He had spent centuries with only himself for company, he fed, tortured and killed that was his life and he liked it that way, until she came along and stirred something...
  • demon
  • hate
  • demons
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