Abused by nikknakk3
Abusedby Nikki Robinson
Since she was 10 years old Kendall's mother had abused her and her father had never noticed it. After eight years of abuse, one day her father walked in on her mother vi...
  • mad
  • emotions
  • day
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Deaf love (Complete) by fantasy_differ
Deaf love (Complete)by Dark-Chocolate
A 23 year old woman that has no hearing gets a job as a teacher for deaf kids. She does not know what love is until Defonte comes into her life with his 6 year old deaf...
  • military
  • lovemaking
  • hearing
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Things We're Sick of Hearing by ArulElla
Things We're Sick of Hearingby Ace
Things LGBTQIA+ people are sick of hearing.
  • nonbinary
  • trans
  • lgbt
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Beyond the Silent Void by splashcoke16
Beyond the Silent Voidby Nicole Beaumont
After an accident in eighth grade, Louisa Kelley was blind. Every day was a struggle for her as she tried to adjust to life both at school and at home, but life got easi...
  • sound
  • conflict
  • silence
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The Love Letters Of Senoia (Sequal To DFH) by lana_writes
The Love Letters Of Senoia (Sequal...by Lana
After just six months of living in Senoia, Georgia, Nicole still isn't used to the small town feel. She was so accustomed to the fast life in Manhattan, going from city...
  • town
  • perfect
  • challenge
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The Abnormal Life of a Deaf Person by lesliem01
The Abnormal Life of a Deaf Personby les
All deaf people are the same, right? Absolutely, not! I believe I am one of a kind. This is the true story of a small town girl from Louisiana who has a very original li...
  • memoir
  • different
  • deaflife
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The Life of a Deaf Kid by ZanyGirl02
The Life of a Deaf Kidby Jennifer Zane
The hearing have no idea what it's like to be deaf. You can never really tell what going on around you, only bits and pieces that you're able to see. Talking to hearing...
  • life
  • fiction
  • teenromance
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The Red Wolves by BrandySmith347
The Red Wolvesby Sky Smith
2nd book to the 'Counterpart' series. Caleb, the most famous of his werewolf kind. Okay, that's a lie. In fact, he comes in tenth place, right behind the nine gods and...
  • strength
  • girlfriend
  • sight
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Igennem Væggen (Through The Wall) by The1thatisthere
Igennem Væggen (Through The Wall)by Nina
Adults underestimate children's ability to understand the maybe more heavy stuff. But children see and hear the things adult's don't want them to- These Free Verse Poems...
  • hearing
  • through
  • kids
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Fifth Sense by SanDeaFleming
Fifth Senseby Sandy Fleming
On a moon of a planet unknown to the rest of humanity, a mythologist attempts to sort out the truth from the mythology in the books she studies, and comes to a disturbin...
  • moon
  • lost
  • languages
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Happily Never After by poetry_is_beautiful
Happily Never Afterby I Swear I Don't Swear
"Happily ever afters" are too cliché and too good to be true while "happily never afters" are actually believable and true. Let's cry in pain togethe...
  • hearing
  • happilyneverafter
  • depression
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Be Calm [Bruce Banner]. by SimpleSisypheanTask
Be Calm [Bruce Banner].by SimpleSisypheanTask
When her boyfriend becomes too intolerable to deal with anymore, Nicole Martinez calls on her friend to move her out. Then Avengers Game Night happens, and Nicole finds...
  • character
  • poc
  • abusive
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TaeGi: Wrong Number by kingofhearts709
TaeGi: Wrong Numberby Vincent Matthew Hornbeck
from unknown dude im going to s c r e a m seokjin burnt my hand on the stove to unknown scream all you want, im deaf and wouldnt hear you anyways also wrong number
  • jeongguk
  • signlanguage
  • kimnamjoon
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