One Day, Maybe.  #NewAdult by LilyFullyLiving
One Day, Maybe. #NewAdultby LilyFullyLiving
Book 2 Of "Hello, Mr. Darcy" I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you first read "Hello, Mr. Darcy" Summary : "One day, maybe, we'll learn to love...
  • pain
  • chicklit
  • jealousy
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prettymuch imagines and preferences by prettyboyarreaga
prettymuch imagines and preferencesby 𝓽🌪
imagines and preferences for PRETTYMUCH (:
  • beanz
  • healthy
  • brandonarreaga
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How to be PERFECT II by Fighterprincess6100
How to be PERFECT IIby Prinz Mamua
A whole guide of beauty and health tips that may help you start a new lifestyle that will improve your attitude and life quality. Start and finish successful plans, set...
  • weight
  • slim
  • lifestyle
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ArT book by Torichka0w0
ArT bookby Satan
  • art
  • healthy
  • gay
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Subliminal Log by SubSubliminal
Subliminal Logby American Reject
Where I will track my progress in listening to my subliminals.
  • aesthetic
  • subliminalmessage
  • subliminallog
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Fitness everyday by dailyyfitness
Fitness everydayby dailyyfitness
This book is for all those teen girls who think that they want to get fit but are too lazy to do so because honestly who got that energy
  • beautiful
  • fitness
  • creation
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Escape from Lard Paradise by LuunaaPhase
Escape from Lard Paradiseby ★ Lily Pham ✿
A satirical adventure story criticizing glorification of obesity, body-shaming, and Fat Acceptance/Fat Pride. WARNING: Mature themes (sexual content, mild language, them...
  • adventure
  • fiction
  • health
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Not So Foreign Exchange | Nick Mara by VictoriaMaraKuwonu
Not So Foreign Exchange | Nick Maraby Victoria Kuwonu
I'm trash at Descriptions so read the book to find out. The title is trash and the cover is trash🤷🏽‍♀️
  • 10khours
  • austinporter
  • zionkuwonu
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Science Facts ( 1# in Science Facts ) by MillaMaynard
Science Facts ( 1# in Science Milla Maynard
Here's a bunch of facts to boost up your brain! ;) This book will be updated randomly! Please send any Facts if you want them in the book! And if you have a Science que...
  • science
  • study
  • 1sciencefacts
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PRETTYMUCH Imagines by NonewusernameVro
PRETTYMUCH Imaginesby Euphoria
Jus some Prettymuh imagines.. Cause they're the only boyband i listen to and i love them to death [No disrespect to their GF's thou this is all make believe ;) :) ]
  • xreader
  • zion
  • prefences
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Weight Loss Journey and Food Diary by fitnessjunkies
Weight Loss Journey and Food Diaryby Fitness
Hey guys so this is my weight loss journey that i want to share with you guys. I just hope that this book will motivate you and also give you hope that everythings possi...
  • healthy
  • food
  • fit
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Want Her {Zion Kuwonu} by multipapi
Want Her {Zion Kuwonu}by •Jayla
Girl all the rich niggas, girl all the rich niggas they want you... + Based off of Dj Mustard "Want Her" copyright; multipapi
  • zion
  • kuwonu
  • zionkuwonu
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MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY  by pinacoladaaaa
MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY by pinacoladaaaa
Striving for happiness My weight loss journey Tips Diets Exercises Motivation
  • happy
  • completed
  • motivation
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My Weight Loss Journey- By Bella (LovelyMagick) by LovelyMagick
My Weight Loss Journey- By Bella ( LovelyMagick
-Highest Rank: #35 in Non-Fiction- I was a skinny-ish child, I wasn't stick thin but every child is a bit chubby. Around the time of fourth or fifth grade, my mother sto...
  • journey
  • non-fiction
  • probelms
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The Guide To (Pretty Much) Everything by EasilyAddicted2002
The Guide To (Pretty Much) EasilyAddicted2002
Are you wanting tips on life, health, boys, and other things? Then you have come to the right place! In this book you will find tips, advice, and tricks on multiple sub...
  • advice
  • skin
  • hair
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Prettymuch Pregnant by edsbean
Prettymuch Pregnantby 💭
-Drinking can lead to many stuff, such as accidents. Accidents are quite easy to fix. As for Edwin, his only accident was not buying a condom but that can be fixed. Alth...
  • nomore
  • zionkuwonu
  • openarms
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A Girls Survival Guide by ridges-
A Girls Survival Guideby bee
One of the hardest things in life is being a girl. We want nice bodies without moving, we want to be smart without studying, we want to be in relationships without shyin...
  • weightloss
  • makeup
  • selfharm
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Veganism 101. by WinnieHeichou
Veganism 위니
Hello there, Winnie here! I'm just a 16 year old girl who transitioned to a vegan diet on the first of November 2015 and have been on the bandwagon till present. My goal...
  • veganism
  • vegan
  • vegetarian
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USA Diary - Health Journal by Fighterprincess6100
USA Diary - Health Journalby Prinz Mamua
My journal, where I'll keep track of: -workouts -diets -intakes -stats I'm vegetarian, I'm 18, 5'3, and 97 pounds. I'm from Spain and moved on January 15th to Florida to...
  • weight
  • journal
  • loseweight
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