Weight Loss Daily  by weightlossdaily
Weight Loss Daily by Strength Non-Fiction
Feel like you're lacking the motivation to workout and eat healthier? If you answered yes, than this is the book for you! Lose weight the healthy way! This book will in...
One Day, Maybe.  #NewAdult by LilyFullyLiving
One Day, Maybe. #NewAdult by LilyFullyLiving ChickLit
Book 2 Of "Hello, Mr. Darcy" I will HIGHLY RECOMMEND that you first read "Hello, Mr. Darcy" Summary : "One day, maybe, we'll learn to love...
tips for teens. by wintrfells
tips for teens. by hana Random
want to get clear skin ? want to know if he likes you ? all tips and tutorial that all teenagers need is here ! beauty, diy, life hacks and recipes to help you is all he...
A Girls Survival Guide by ridges-
A Girls Survival Guide by bee Random
One of the hardest things in life is being a girl. We want nice bodies without moving, we want to be smart without studying, we want to be in relationships without shyin...
Fitness everyday by dailyyfitness
Fitness everyday by dailyyfitness Teen Fiction
This book is for all those teen girls who think that they want to get fit but are too lazy to do so because honestly who got that energy
HAIR TIPS ! by veronicathewriter285
HAIR TIPS ! by Veronica Random
Do you have frizzy dry hair and can never do anything with? Well if you are tired of that dry short frizzy hair then red this guid on how to get healthy shiny long hair!
Plan To A Healthy Lifestyle by KatelynAriana
Plan To A Healthy Lifestyle by Katelyn Satler Non-Fiction
This is a guide to help you achieve your fitness goals. From loosing weight to getting your body toned, everything you need to know is here. Give it a Vote, Share and C...
Science Facts ( 1# in Science Facts ) by MillaMaynard
Science Facts ( 1# in Science Fact... by Milla Maynard Random
Here's a bunch of facts to boost up your brain! ;) This book will be updated randomly! Please send any Facts if you want them in the book! And if you have a Science que...
The Guide To (Pretty Much) Everything by TessTheGeek
The Guide To (Pretty Much) Everyth... by TessTheGeek Random
Are you wanting tips on life, health, boys, and other things? Then you have come to the right place! In this book you will find tips, advice, and tricks on multiple sub...
Basics of Beauty by Amerisb
Basics of Beauty by Amerisb Random
A how-to book filled with tips to help you highlight your natural beauty.
Tips for Girls by Ittybrittykitty
Tips for Girls by kitter Random
Health, Beauty, Tips, all in one book. This book is aimed towards girls who need tips or haven't heard of these type of tips before who want to have a better life. Do no...
Fat People Problems by sleepybadboi
Fat People Problems by A Random
I am not hating on fat people, just saying the problems they have to face because some stupid people. ---------
. : bliss valley : .   [18+] by therealkayelle
. : bliss valley : . [18+] by Kay Elle Romance
"Don't tell me you love me. Save it for your girlfriend." Rosaline eased him back onto the bed. Her molten eyes never left his. A clutch of black rope hu...
Curly Hair Tips & Tricks by Lil_Miss_Mari
Curly Hair Tips & Tricks by Lil_Miss_Mari Random
If your having trouble with your natural hair or just want to find ways you can control your read this on what to do. This book will have many things like -Tips -Diys -P...
Drawings and a side of 100% organic orange juice pulp. by pixelated8
Drawings and a side of 100% organi... by apples of sas Spiritual
Don't let the sketchy title and picture confuse you this book is full of many wonders and beauty. Discover the fantastic bullshit a 14 year old creates, have the joy wel...
How to be Popular 101 by lavagrrl_
How to be Popular 101 by LAx Teen Fiction
This book started out as a drama play my friends and I had to do at school. How to be Popular 101 is a book based on real events that have been proven to work and help...
Girl Guide: Losing Weight by KaylaStyles-
FIT ME: A Teen Weight Loss Blog by HellaCrazyOvaU
FIT ME: A Teen Weight Loss Blog by LivnaRose Non-Fiction
Let's be honest. We can think of a million and one reasons not to do something. It's in our nature as humans, especially when the word diet is involved. Join me in the h...
Weight Loss by rileytom
Weight Loss by Tom Riley Non-Fiction
Weight Loss That Actually Work! How to Lose Weight in 2 Weeks
MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY  by pinacoladaaaa
MY WEIGHT LOSS JOURNEY by pinacoladaaaa Non-Fiction
Striving for happiness My weight loss journey Tips Diets Exercises Motivation