Positively sinful by Ember_In_The_Ashes
Positively sinful by Jo 🥀
He leans his face closer and presses a soft kiss to my shoulder causing a shiver to run down my spine, I place my hands on his chest trying to push him away but he overp...
  • little
  • vitiligo
  • positively
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He Was Looking For A Princess, Instead He Found Me (Part I) by flying-person
He Was Looking For A Princess, Ins... by Anthie
Book One of 'The Tales of a Royal Lunatic' THIS STORY NEEDS EDITING!! Emilee is crazy. Well, not literally. She's just slightly hyper and possesses a brain that is cons...
  • steal
  • away
  • lady
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The Boy That Lives In My House by thebarbiegirl95
The Boy That Lives In My House by Barbie
There's a lot of secrets that live in this house, so many bad things happened that would give you nightmares. After a tragedy that changed the community forever the hou...
  • teen
  • paranormal
  • highschool
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That's where she hides. by jessicca1112
That's where she hides. by mehak chauhan
[Highest #5 in horror] I was living a completely normal life. But things and my life changed after my family adopted a girl named Lucie. We started facing horrendous exp...
  • blood
  • creepy
  • house
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Graveyard, Backyard [Book 1 & 2] ✔️ by poetrythanki
Graveyard, Backyard [Book 1 & 2] ✔️ by Poetry Thanki
[FEATURED by Wattpad] The story of a girl. A boy. A haunted house. And a cursed demon. Claire is your normal teenager who moves to a new town after her parent's divorce...
  • romance
  • horror
  • hauntedhouse
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Serendipity  by newbiegac2015
Serendipity by NewbieGAC
Serendipity - Finding something good, without looking for it. After waking up from an accident, Katy finds herself looking at the world in a different light. With diagno...
  • paranormal
  • ghosts
  • billytolley
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A Dose of Paranoia by Michael-Sorbello
A Dose of Paranoia by Michael Sorbello
A daily dose of horror to inject into your brain. Featuring a slew of incredibly short tales that will crawl their way under your skin and make sure you never sleep righ...
  • psychological
  • fear
  • haunted
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Uninvited by SheHopes
Uninvited by Sandra Grayson
An unsolved murder and a haunted cabin leave Abby Redding fighting for her life. Is there really a ghost trying to chase her out of its home? Or is there something more...
  • fear
  • newadult
  • ghosts
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The Boy, Brahms by Maddyfairyqueen
The Boy, Brahms by Maddyfairyqueen
Miki and Coraline are sent to a house to care for a boy. After finding our they have to take care of a doll ,miki follows the rules while coraline ignores it. The doll a...
  • friendstolovers
  • scary
  • boy
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The Greatest Journey by whisperedloves
The Greatest Journey by A. S. G.
Miss Alice Stewart is a poor girl, recently fatherless with a mother and two younger siblings to take care when she finds a job in service as a maid with her aunt Mrs. G...
  • london
  • love
  • poor
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Horrendous Shrieks (Submit Your Horror Story) by Ms_Horrendous
Horrendous Shrieks (Submit Your Ho... by Senpai Jakayla Toney
Can't sleep? That's great. I want you to stay up. With every story you read from this book, my intention is to keep you at that night, thinking and questioning humanity...
  • gore
  • mental
  • blood
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The Ghosts of Dark Hollow by exlibrisregina
The Ghosts of Dark Hollow by Regina Saint Claire
FEATURED paranormal story. Violent ghost attacks terrorize a rural community at the same time a wealthy stranger arrives from Europe to reclaim his family estate. And Ha...
  • gothic
  • smalltowns
  • mystery
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Saving Marley ✔ by xFakingaSmilex
Saving Marley ✔ by Stephanie 👸🌴
Death is calm, death is peaceful. Well, death would be those two things if you didn't accidentally die at school. He probably didn't mean to, what sane person sets out t...
  • humor
  • badboy
  • sad
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Short horror stories by xsiaaa
Short horror stories by S I A👻🍭
Highest rank: #7 in horror A couple of spine chilling horror stories, some made up by myself, some you can find on the internet. No copyright intended. Over a selection...
  • creepy
  • wattys2017
  • ghost
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Creepiest Chats Ever! by MagBlueRoses
Creepiest Chats Ever! by MagBlueRoses
|| Highest rank #2 in Horror || In this book, you'll find the most suspense filled and creepiest chats ever! If you like spooky and spine-chilling stuff, then this is fo...
  • dialogue
  • chatting
  • shortstory
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Hello Dolly by VBear94
Hello Dolly by Valeria Ruiz
• Former Wattpad Featured Story • When 16 year-old Daisy takes her little sister Lori to the old antique store downtown for her birthday, she pays no attention to the ol...
  • curse
  • haunted
  • firsthorrorstory
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DVS#4: One Stormy Night (R18) (Completed) by AljSandelaria
DVS#4: One Stormy Night (R18) (Com... by Aljon Santos Candelaria
Del Valle Series #4: One Stormy Night Stormy Del Valle is still being haunted by the past memories that she always wanted to forget. She keeps on havin...
  • romance
  • betrayal
  • tears
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Scary Stories by aarshleen
Scary Stories by arshleen
Cover made by: @avexry Update Schedule: About once every 2 months or as per requested.
  • haunted
  • scary
The Boy From 1917 {h.s. fanfic}  by sunkissedbliss
The Boy From 1917 {h.s. fanfic} by sunkissedbliss
"You were the moon. All this time. And he was always there for you to make you shine." "Was he the sun?" "No, dear. He was the darkness."...
  • fanfic
  • niall
  • love
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