The Bad Boy Likes Me? COMPLETED by XoILoveYouoX
The Bad Boy Likes Me? COMPLETED by XoILoveYouoX Teen Fiction
EDITING Kasey Willow is just an ordanary teenage girl who is trying to get through school with no drama. Well, that can't exactly happen when you have the "Que...
Best Of Comebacks by PrismStar_23
Best Of Comebacks by Kiki Random
Comebacks: Funny Insults Rude Mean You need to get your comebacks and insults ready just in case if something happens. There's nothing worse than being stuck for words...
Just friends [Watty's 2017] by Ssh_Im_writing
Just friends [Watty's 2017] by Katie-123 Fanfiction
*Grant Gustin fanfic* 2+ chapters a day 1st chapter posted on- 3rd January 2017 Last chapter posted on - 15th March 2017 Avriella Allen is a sim...
The pretty nerd by micmicamics
The pretty nerd by M Teen Fiction
Eunica Fereba, a girl that is not interested in any guys. she was called nerd because she act like a one. She's pretty yet simple, she's a girl who wants peace but becau...
Amnesia » h.s by biebsmistake
Amnesia » h.s by Crxminal Fanfiction
❝ Ella solo quería despertar con amnesia, olvidarse de todas aquellas pequeñas y estúpidas cosas que le hacían amarlo, quererlo y apoyarlo. Ella quería descansar y ser f...
FAKTA CRUSH  by zhrh14
FAKTA CRUSH by . Random
mohon vote😂 Actually cerita ni bukan fakta jer tapi lebih kepada "Crush be like" saja je letak "fakta crush" :3 ok ni just pendapat aku tentang Crus...
HOW TO: fan accounts by cliffordscloud
HOW TO: fan accounts by Beth Random
Tips for fan accounts. I mainly talk about Instagram and Twitter but if you have an questions feel free to comment
Hating On Jacob [IN EDITING] by lmaobea
Hating On Jacob [IN EDITING] by Bea Torres Fanfiction
"He hates me, i hate him too" ♡ ⓒlmaobea 2016 all rights reserve
50 Shades Of Goals 💏💕 by YoN-ggaFav
The Bad Boy Likes Me? (RE-WRITE) by XoILoveYouoX
The Bad Boy Likes Me? (RE-WRITE) by XoILoveYouoX Teen Fiction
I'm aware I've already wrote this book before, this is a rewrite since I'm not particularly happy with my other story. Many others, however, like my other one so I've le...
My Lovely Haters by keiszzya
My Lovely Haters by keisya raifani Teen Fiction
Perasaan kalian waktu denger nama Aldian Trevor gimana? Itu lho, cowok ganteng blasteran yang sekarang populer karena debutnya dalam film layar lebar. Tapi dia punya hat...
EL LOUve you by xhuzzy123
EL LOUve you by angel Fanfiction
According to Louis Eleanor is "Beautiful,lovely, pretty...hot" but wait there's still a continuation to that. "She's extremely grumpy!" Yes, Louis To...
playboy meets playgirl by chloes2k20
playboy meets playgirl by Antoinette Cloie J. Estoque Fanfiction
WHAT WILL HAPPEN IF A PLAYBOY MEETS HE'S COACH ESPECIALLY IF THAT'S A GIRL? sabi daw nila ang tadhana ang pinakamaganda na nangyari sa buhay mo mararanasan mo maging mas...
The Story Of Us by ririhiga
The Story Of Us by JJ Esi Teen Fiction
A true story. I know I won't actually be able to complete it because our story will go on forever. But I want the world to know how much I love him and how I'm not afra...
...Meh Book of Troll Trash... by Branchie_Lover
All Of Me[Completed]✔ ✔  by Y_Y_Chan6100
All Of Me[Completed]✔ ✔ by Loey~YanYan✔ ❦ Non-Fiction
Krisyeol... အရာရာကိုေပးဆပ္မယ္ မင္းအတြက္ဆို ငါ့အသက္ပါေပး ရလဲေက်နပ္စြာေပးအပ္မယ္
Enemies Since Birth by Xia_Beatrix
Enemies Since Birth by Fierce_Queen Teen Fiction
Do you experienced highschool life? Well, highschool life is kung saan mo ma eexperience ang mga bagay na ipinagbabawal sayo nung elementary kapa. Well kasama na din dy...
TO VIXX HATERS by Neo Shipper Random
To all VIXX haters....
Adoptada por Khloé Kardashian by lelexqueen
Adoptada por Khloé Kardashian by Leidy A.C Fanfiction
1 Season: Kelsey Kardashian Kelsey es adoptada por una gran millonaria que no es ni nada menos que Khloé Kardashian. Volviendo así su vida de Normal a Irreal. Mom...
Fakta Fakta Kehidupan by honeykth_ae
Fakta Fakta Kehidupan by haniyossssssssss Random
Author akan tulis fakta tentang perempuan , lelaki , pasangan bercinta , budak sekolah , kpopers , haters dan macam macam lagi . Author pakai tulis je and maybe tak de k...