Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina Teen Fiction
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Loving my mafia [EDITING] by writinglovesana
Loving my mafia [EDITING] by Sana shakil Romance
|#796 in romance 21/11/17| "You will not leave!" He said and slammed me against the wall. My heart started beating faster. My breath hitched in my throat. His...
"Soy Su Esclavo Sexual" [BTS x ___] (Yaoi Hard) by Kitysi
"Soy Su Esclavo Sexual" [BTS x ___... by Kxttxsx Random
-"No tengo casa, dinero, comida, abrigo, familia, amigos...no tengo ganas de vivir"... -"Te llevaré a un lugar mejor, descuida, ahora sube al auto"...
Imagine (Joker x Reader) Traduction by Baby_XXXGirl
Imagine (Joker x Reader) Traduction by Baby_XXXGirl Fanfiction
Ceci est un recueil de plusieurs smut(lemon) que j'ai trouvée sur Tumblr en anglais. Je vais vous les traduires. Merci de ne pas signaler ;)
Une Merveilleuse Nuit.~ [YAOI] by CitronDindon
Une Merveilleuse Nuit.~ [YAOI] by caca écrivain Fanfiction
Fanfiction sur Otaku merdeux (bae) et son pote le nazi. Lolilol.
Trust by ayalinbby
Trust by حب🖤 ChickLit
Who can you trust these days?
Imágenes y Doujinshi parte 2 Soukoku (Dazai x Chuuya)😍💖 by karymelissette
Imágenes y Doujinshi parte 2 Souko... by Mikaela Theresa (break) Random
Bueno e aquí una segunda parte,al parecer wattpad no permite tener mas que 200 cap en una historia es por eso que e traído uno nuevo y es la segunda parte, espero que lo...
Would You Rather ? - (BTS version) by takexxru
Would You Rather ? - (BTS version) by JAY Random
Introverts by -Ebullience
Introverts by delusional Short Story
"small talks are for introverts" "you are an introverts" "these are small talks" Dedicated to everyone who wonders if i am writing abou...
Mask Off (#2) by brudish
Mask Off (#2) by April Poetry
"Sometimes someone hurts you so bad, it stops hurting at all." Meaningless words that I call poetry. As usual am I begging you to keep this book between me and...
I'm a Kidnapped Runaway! by LoveLover
I'm a Kidnapped Runaway! by Kelsie Romance
Heaven is a 16 year old teenage girl. She runs away from home because of her parents who treat her like she is nothing. But when she runs away, she gets kidnapped. There...
The Hot Girl Called Mommy by luvitgirl
The Hot Girl Called Mommy by Alisha Romance
Alissa's mother passed away. Her dad, who abused her, was scared off by her older brother. She is starting 11th Grade now after not attending school for tenth grade (she...
The Name Sweet by Mj_Baby02
The Name Sweet by Lana_Baby ChickLit
"My name is Sweet. Not Ma." He smiled flashing his pearly white teeth. "Well sweet. Can I get to know you?" I smiled walking up to him putting my arm...
Fire and Ice  by EdensWritting
Fire and Ice by ♕ Eden ♕ Fantasy
My life was once normal. I dance and I live. Average, Normal, and dance use to sum up my life until I met him. He told me that I wasn't human, that I was special and tha...
The CEO is in Love With Me? *Under Construction* by Lkins21
The CEO is in Love With Me? *Under... by Lillian Teen Fiction
Meet Hope Wright. 18 year old who just wants to get through her senior year of high school without any drama. You might notice her as 'The nerd' or 'geek'. Popularity wa...
Forever Now by SarahCastielle
Forever Now by Sarah Cassidy Fanfiction
{Sequel to Falling Hard for Niall Horan} Cassidy Morgan has been through a lot in the past 6 months. With a tour coming up, that she and Ana will be accompanying the boy...
Unseen Desire (unedited) by ElaineBaui
Unseen Desire (unedited) by ElaineBaui Mystery / Thriller
Clarice is losing her mind. Stuck at a crammed office job she finds pleasure in turning on her male coworkers. But when her boss Edward catches her eye she can help but...
Sonamy//Amnesia//Fanfic by KyraAnneEDigal
Sonamy//Amnesia//Fanfic by E C L I P S A 🌌 ♡ Fanfiction
I'm Amy Rose, a girl ignored by my only love.....Sonic The Hedgehog. It's been 7 years since, my love then decided to date my best friend, Sally Acorn. Instead of me. I...
Complicated - Shawn Mendes  by __dedicashawn
Complicated - Shawn Mendes by Z A I N A 🌌 Fanfiction
Sequel to 'You Promised' by @notmendes || . After finally settling down, Alana and Shawn both have two lovely darling kids, Claire and Connor , eager to get both of thei...
Why me!! (BxM) warning bad language and sex  by skinlilly
Why me!! (BxM) warning bad languag... by skinlilly Random
Jayden wakes up in a strange house with an even stranger person sitting next to him, just watching him. Than all the memories from the previous night come flooding back...