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Daddy pump by daddypump
Daddy pump by Jan
You meet pump at your bestfriends house for a sleep over, you become more than friends real quick😏 this story is funny, sad, cute, and smutty (sexual).
  • lilpump
  • love
  • daddy
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Falling For My Brother's Bestfriend by amourecrivain
Falling For My Brother's Bestfriend by amourecrivain
Nobody can forget their first kiss. Even if you were only 6 years old. Especially when the person who kissed you was your older brother's bestfriend. After Blair's fathe...
  • kiss
  • teen
  • boyxgirl
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Porn Tech Support by onxans
Porn Tech Support by val val val
❝Hi, welcome to our porn site tech support, how may I help you?❞ In which a nymphomanic calls a porn tech support because she was logged out of her account.
  • thisisanewlow
  • sexpositive
  • cute
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Just Poems by -extragalactic-
Just Poems by ♡
"that girl was quiet but her mind wasn't" ➖ poems with stories, emotion, anxieties, love, message, suicide, tears and humor. +warning: poems may include suic...
  • romance
  • books
  • sad
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His Disney Girl | ✓ by coolfaria
His Disney Girl | ✓ by falalalalalalaria ☃
once upon a time there was a hyper disney fangirl who called her friend, only to end up talking to a cynical world famous singer named lewis instead. #2 SS ...
  • nostalgia
  • freethelgbt
  • shortstory
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Horror Text Stories by NightimeHorror
Horror Text Stories by Bridge
Fictional texts between two or more teenagers. Scary, mysterious, funny, thrilling. Best read in black background. (For ages 13+) Follow the author on social medias! I...
  • summer
  • scary
  • laughing
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DARE [JUNGKOOK X READER] by baetansonyendan
DARE [JUNGKOOK X READER] by kook( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
»"I dare you to ask out Y/n, date her, and smash her heart in the end," Jimin said to Jungkook.« Y/n, a smart, beautiful, innocent girl always gets bullied by...
  • action
  • got7
  • jin
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Ruling The CEO by coinikee
Ruling The CEO by Kimi L. Davis
Just by looking at his smile, I knew. I knew he would never be mine. And the worst part was, I could never tell him. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ Jenny Layman focused on liv...
  • rich
  • hot
  • dark
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Purposefully Accidental • #2 by numbereddays
Purposefully Accidental • #2 by bree s
With her brother's wedding coming up close, Hannah finds herself asking the biggest question of the century: who is she going to bring to the wedding as a plus one? Easy...
  • sequel
  • emmastone
  • girl
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MANAN FF: Will Realise My Love💓 by cuteee-pie
MANAN FF: Will Realise My Love💓 by cuteee-pie
Best Ranking :#1 in Fanfiction.... Has power to win back it's position.... Just need to update 1 part.. Only possible becoz of my lovely readers, supporters, friends...
  • cuteee-pie
  • happy
  • fab5
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The Bilayer Of Existing | ✓ by yuenwrites
The Bilayer Of Existing | ✓ by yuen
[ Completed 29 Sep 2017 ] The creation, the preservation, and the destruction. Copyright ©2017 by yuenwrites All rights reserved
  • toxic
  • preservation
  • heartbreak
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The Maze Runner Imagines by hisnameiscastiel
The Maze Runner Imagines by mariel
I've always loved writing, but I've always been horrible at making an entire story. Short imagines are definitely a great way of sharing my writing, and so that's why I...
  • jealous
  • tmr
  • minho
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Mia Cara by americanmediocrity
Mia Cara by ❛gallagher❜
When Rose Salvatore is granted with the gift of a high paying job to help her take care of her little sister and herself, she immediately jumps at the opportunity but is...
  • hot
  • italian
  • completed
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Irresistible Attraction  by sharmishtha24
Irresistible Attraction by sharmishtha nath
Alexander Rivera, CEO of River Corp. Handsome , cocky , player are just some of the used to describe him . Ruthless as the CEO. But can be sweet for his loved ones. ...
  • billionaire
  • romance
  • attraction
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Shawn Mendes Imagines by shawnieboyimagine
Shawn Mendes Imagines by shawnieboyimagine
Just an 18 year old writing stories about an amazing guy who has no idea she exists. REQUESTS ARE OPEN NO SMUT
  • shawn
  • sm
  • sprm
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shawn mendes imagines [requests open & slow updates] by -agushawn
shawn mendes imagines [requests op... by #ENDviolence
[requests now open + y'all know why they're slow, school] Here lies in this book are imagines of Shawn Mendes for you to read and enjoy. - Highest ranks #10 & #53 in...
  • happy
  • hurt
  • fanfiction
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Open Feelings ✔︎  by marcellie_wellie
Open Feelings ✔︎ by marcellie_wellie
Casey Manning likes to run away from her problems. That's why she moved all the way to New York when her dad died. Now, returning back home to finish high school, she's...
  • random
  • bff
  • drugs
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Once Upon a Royal One-Night Stand by ThatReeader
Once Upon a Royal One-Night Stand by Aria May
❝Oh my god, you're P-❞ ❝Prince Matthew Chamberlain III. Nice to meet you too, naked stranger.❞ ...
  • one-night
  • royal
  • castle
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Phan Oneshots by usernamePhan04
Phan Oneshots by ☁
A collection of Phan oneshots, all of which are written by me. - Fluff - Angst - Sad - Song!fics Requests are more than welcome, I can't thank you all enough if you read...
  • danielhowell
  • angst
  • happy
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Mars and Venus by sequisyi
Mars and Venus by anonim
Jika kedua insan yang sedang patah hati dipertemukan, apa yang terjadi? Saling menyembuhkan luka atau membuat luka yang baru? Berawal dari pesta Karin hingga menjadi seo...
  • hurt
  • baper
  • teenfict
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