Then You Are Gone  by John_Schorwinson
Then You Are Gone by Jughead 👑
❝It's so amazing what a person can do just by leaving.❞ PARIS KESSLER texts Hannah Rod, drunk, mistaking her as his ex-girlfriend, and gets roasted after refusing to bel...
  • humor
  • savage
  • freetheboy
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I Reject You by sweet_pie11
I Reject You by Supergirl
"Do you really expect me to become best friends with my mate's boyfriend and cheer for you both to make out?" "I don't. And that is why I want to reject y...
  • jealous
  • hannah
  • werewolf
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The Book of Black Butler Oneshots (REQUESTS CLOSED) by PainfullyAlex
The Book of Black Butler Oneshots... by ᴀʟᴇx ᴄᴀʀᴅᴇɴ
Welcome!!! One shots for All!!! Here we got Character x Reader. We got Character x Character. And a bunch of random Fanfic!!! I take request! So yeah! (Requests are clos...
  • oneshots
  • hannah
  • grell
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Alois' Little Sister (Ciel x Reader) by Raphewel122
Alois' Little Sister (Ciel x Reade... by Anime Fangirl
(Y/n) Trancy is Alois Trancy's little sister. Claude is their butler with Hannah and the Triplets for their other servants. But a ball comes around and (Y/n) meets Phant...
  • aloistrancy
  • meyrin
  • readerxcharacter
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gone » 13 reasons why by mundanez
gone » 13 reasons why by bad liar
she was her other half - literally how does hannah baker's twin sister deal with her death? more importantly - how does she deal with the tapes her sister left behind? w...
  • clay
  • zach
  • atkins
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The Alpha's Angel by Angie8177
The Alpha's Angel by Angie8177
When spirited Angel, Hannah is cast down from the heavens for her disobedience, she stumbles into the path of glowering Alpha Wolf Maddox Payne. He quickly discovers th...
  • hannah
  • luna
  • werewolf
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whatever wheeler by -memewolfhard
whatever wheeler by god.
more Wolfhard, more life.
  • strngetrash
  • milliebobbybrown
  • texting
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Tu... Mi fuerte Alfa | Terminada✓ | En edición✓ by MamaFoxita
Tu... Mi fuerte Alfa | Terminada✓... by Nyranchi <3
El destino los ha unido, fingiendo inocencia. El dolor lo ha atrapado, fingiendo demencia. El presente los ha torturado, fingiendo consciencia. La realidad los ha separa...
  • mialfa
  • fiestas
  • hombreslobos
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Married To A Cold Hearted Guy [#Wattys2017]  by xMalditangSweetx
Married To A Cold Hearted Guy [#Wa... by °×~~Yan-Yan~~×°
Im Hannah Maurice Lee, The bookworm, Maldita, Music lover,dancer, at higit sa lahat TANGA Ako yung tipo na ayaw na may magulang na may ari ng mga kumpanya Maldita ako sa...
  • english
  • tagalog
  • katelyn
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Pll Facebook convo and more! by sophie_doddX
Pll Facebook convo and more! by Sophie Dodd
What happens when the liars Alison,aria,Emily,Hanna,spencer and the guys Caleb,Toby and Ezra go online on Facebook(Snapchat,iMessage and more!) Everything starts off as...
  • aria
  • snapchat
  • groupchat
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(Y/n) Annafellows (Alois x Reader) by Raphewel122
(Y/n) Annafellows (Alois x Reader) by Anime Fangirl
(Y/n) Annafellows is the younger sister of Hannah Annafellows, the demon maid, of the Trancy Manor. One day (y/n) gets the chance to see Hannah and gladly takes it but w...
  • aloisxreader
  • readerxcharacter
  • claudefaustus
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IT|| Richie's Twin Sister|| 2017 by hannahhyatt14
IT|| Richie's Twin Sister|| 2017 by Hannah
8 young outcasts in Derry, Maine, are about to face their worst nightmare An ancient, shape-shifting evil that emerges from the sewer every 27 years to prey on the town'...
  • itmovie
  • richiestwinsister
  • stanley
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Losing /Teen Wolf |running#3| by puppy-mccall
Losing /Teen Wolf |running#3| by -ana-
Hannah acaba de perder a su mejor amiga, Allison, para después perder a su mejor amigo de infancia, Aiden. Y pareciera estar a punto de perderse a sí misma cuando regres...
  • teen
  • mccall
  • stiles
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❧Instagram||Montgomery De La Cruz[1] by montgomeryatkins
❧Instagram||Montgomery De La Cruz[... by Welcome Home...
"You are perfect" "Nobody's perfect" "You are" {book 1 in the instagram||mdlc series} {social media + real life} {montgomery de la cruz x o...
  • delacruz
  • jenson
  • clay
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Stranger Things Mike's Adoptive Sister (Season 1) by hannahhyatt14
Stranger Things Mike's Adoptive Si... by Hannah
Have you ever heard of Twelve? Probably not but she goes by Hannah Wheeler now. Mike, Nancy and Holly's adoptive sister. There is one thing that her family doesn't know...
  • lucassinclair
  • willbyers
  • dustinhenderson
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I'm his Rebound by Dangerous_Flame
I'm his Rebound by FLAME
Her POV.... Isa isang naglabasan ang luha sa aking mata habang kitang kita ng aking dalawang mata ang magkayakap na tao. Naramdaman kong parang may sumaksak sa puso ko...
  • hurt
  • broke
  • andrew
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My Mate Rejected Me (Editing) by Shaylee_MUDD_Owl
My Mate Rejected Me (Editing) by Shaylee Bruemmer
Cheyenne Klumker’s pen pal, Alpha Lucas, treats her like he would his own sister, and offered her a place in his pack. Her new life with Lucas and his family made her fe...
  • woods
  • dress
  • wedding
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Notes By Chloe by ThatReeader
Notes By Chloe by Aria May
❝I'll post a note in his locker everyday - well, as often as I can.❞ Meet Mason Matthews; formerly popular, loner, in Chloe's words "a hottie" and reserved. N...
  • humor
  • school
  • romeo
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Secrets |Toby Cavanaugh| by Jackisnotokay
Secrets |Toby Cavanaugh| by Jackisnotokay
Perfect. When people hear the last name Harrington, that's the first word they think of. All her life, Grace was told to be perfect. She needed to have the perfect body...
  • spencer
  • hannah
  • emily
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Bitten {Book 1} ✔ by J_Quinonez91
Bitten {Book 1} ✔ by Judith Quiñónez
[COMPLETE] Abigail Williams' life changes the day she is ambushed and bitten by a vampire. Being the only known person to have C negative blood type, it drives the vampi...
  • blood
  • mason
  • hannah
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