"Why Do You Love Me?" [John Laurens x Reader] by ThisUserIsUnoriginal
"Why Do You Love Me?" [John Lauren... by Kenny Fanfiction
[Y/N], twin sister of the bastard, orphan himself, finds herself in love with his best friend -I do not own Hamilton, or you- Obviously, I will not make this historicall...
A Slave (A Thomas Jefferson x Reader) by HerseyLou
A Slave (A Thomas Jefferson x Read... by HerseyLou Fanfiction
Highest rating: #214 in Fanfiction You're a slave, you've been a slave for almost your whole life, but only now life has started to get worse for you. Your owner has sta...
Musical One-Shots [mainly bmc + deh] by nrubbs
Musical One-Shots [mainly bmc + de... by andy Fanfiction
shitpostshitpostshitpostshitpostshitpost- aNGST
Hamilton pics book 2!!!! by foxylover1234567890
one last time || jamilton by december_moon
one last time || jamilton by December Moon Fanfiction
Thomas Jefferson - Very tall, and very handsome. Is he stubborn? Yes, he is. Kind of a fuckboy- Okay, a huge fuckboy. The 'hottest' most popular guy in school. Surprisin...
Letters - Lafayette x reader by RazberrySoda
Letters - Lafayette x reader by Gail Fanfiction
(Y/N) Washington, beloved daughter of George Washington himself, secretly joins the revolutionary war to help fight for her country. Trials and tribulations await her, a...
I am not throwing away my oneshot! (Hamilton x Reader) by FoundingFatherTrash
I am not throwing away my oneshot... by Nocturnal Luna™ Fanfiction
whoops, I'm writing about our founding fathers.
A tale of two brothers; jamilton&mullette by sweetcreaturess
A tale of two brothers; jamilton&m... by kat Fanfiction
Jamilton and Mullette College AU but Lafayette and Jefferson are half brothers. "Je ne veux pas grandir Thomas." "Je connais, Je connais." If y...
Lams one shots by LamsBaby
Lams one shots by Mama John🐢 Fanfiction
I'm making books for each ship(the ones I fell for) so yeah.
"Benefits"  by PURPLE-Ryu12345
"Benefits" by BINGO BONGO Fanfiction
John Laurens was known in college for one thing: He was the biggest fuck boy ever. The truth behind all that is that John couldn't just accept that he is a ranging homos...
505 (jamilton fanfic) by Celestite
505 (jamilton fanfic) by parker Fanfiction
'it seems like once again you've had to greet me with goodbye.' - Thomas promises his family he's going to be bringing home his boyfriend for summer break, the only prob...
Hamiltrash by bahoreI
Hamiltrash by ❦kat❦ Fanfiction
For all your Hamilton needs, memes, and gay.
Gifts to Hamilton by Arcanada
Gifts to Hamilton by • Arc • Fanfiction
You give gifts to the Hamilton people. Yes, we've grown more obsessed and I love you all. HAMILTON! -cover art not mine-
John Laurens FanClub by PURPLE-Ryu12345
John Laurens FanClub by BINGO BONGO Random
Because John Laurens deserves all the love in the world! (Even if he died like 234 years ago).
Good Night (Jamilton)  by I_dont_know_2414
Good Night (Jamilton) by Jada Lok Fanfiction
-Collage AU- -Soulmate AU- facts about Soulmate AU -You and your soulmate only see white and black until you guys meet and kiss each other. As, soon as you kiss your so...
Hamilton One Shots by frogandhog
Hamilton One Shots by Alesha Anderson Fanfiction
Just a bunch of short stories or one shots about all the hamilton characters. Hope you enjoy. Feel free to comment and tell me if you like. And please give me more su...
Hamilton Watches Hamilton by _Glyx_
Hamilton Watches Hamilton by Ǥℓιтcнтɛмвɛя Ǥℓʏϰ Fanfiction
Is the title not self-explanatory enough? I'm also too lazy to write a description. Enjoy!
one shots (hamilton) by Celestite
one shots (hamilton) by parker Fanfiction
there is probably smut and angst sorry lin
Stalker Boy by PURPLE-Ryu12345
Stalker Boy by BINGO BONGO Fanfiction
When Alexander arrived to Miranda High School he didn't expect much He thought this school would be no different all the other ones he had been And perhaps he wasn't wro...
I never want to say goodbye; a John Laurens x Reader  by ellaea0
I never want to say goodbye; a Joh... by ellaea0 Fanfiction
So I based this story off my own life with a few changes. Just so you know, I suck at writing. Warning: there will be swearing, controversial topics, and smut. So yeah e...