My Hurricane [ Daveed Diggs x Reader ] by mariiareynolds
My Hurricane [ Daveed Diggs x Read... by Lexi
If people were rain, I was drizzle, And she was my hurricane. Y/N Onaodowan is the little sister of Okieriete Onaodowan and always loved to sing. She actually gets on hi...
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Our Legacy by MyFallWasMySalvation
Our Legacy by (☞ ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)☞
This is a Modern!AU. Hamilton and the rest of the "squad" somehow travel in time to your home. You then decide to take them to the musical "Hamilton"...
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  • daveeddiggs
  • modernau
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messages//lams ✔️ by destinyxdreams
messages//lams ✔️ by depresso shots
"thomas we really need to get working on the project" "sorry not thomas this is john" //au where everything starts with a wrong number //ships: lams...
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Hamilton University by Hifriendsilikebooks
Hamilton University by jenna
The Hamilton college AU that nobody asked for but I wanted to write. Seriously, if you haven't listened to the Hamilton soundtrack GO DO IT. What happens when the immigr...
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Letters - Lafayette x reader by RazberrySoda
Letters - Lafayette x reader by Gail
(Y/N) Washington, beloved daughter of George Washington himself, secretly joins the revolutionary war to help fight for her country. Trials and tribulations await her, a...
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  • johnlaurens
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Hamilton NSWF madness by Bootyfvl
Hamilton NSWF madness by kyle
Just pictures that I cant keep on phone for obvious reason-- watch out there's a lot of sin in here lmao
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Hamilton Watches Hamilton by _Glyx_
Hamilton Watches Hamilton by There’s Snow Way Out
Is the title not self-explanatory enough? I'm also too lazy to write a description. Enjoy!
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When Stars Align ✧ Lafayette x Reader by aubinwhys
When Stars Align ✧ Lafayette x Rea... by hzl ✧
"Don't leave like this." The words weren't from family, nor from friends, but from within. Could she really, in light of tragedy, leave her family having lost...
  • burr
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Hamilton watches 'Hamilton' by TheOtherSchuyler
Hamilton watches 'Hamilton' by E.Ham
The whole gang watches the musical about Alexander Hamilton. People come back from the dead, people laugh at each other, and people get slapped. It's fun!
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Favorable --Jamilton-- by WhizzerMyMan
Favorable --Jamilton-- by that guy
Taking jobs from other people for unreasonably high prices in a probably illegal way? Alexander Hamilton knew how to navigate that. Taking care of younger siblings witho...
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Hamilton Smut (Requests Closed) by Uselesscunt-99
Hamilton Smut (Requests Closed) by Just Trash
Don't worry, I'll do my best daddy. Requests closed BIY-OTCH
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Hamilton Pictures + Roleplay by TipsyLilRox
Hamilton Pictures + Roleplay by Smol Seababy❤
What the title says! None of these pictures are mine unless said differently. And if you wanna Roleplay something based off one of the pictures, tell me ;3 I'll gladly R...
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Mending - Jeffmads [COMPLETED] by Pale_Cas
Mending - Jeffmads [COMPLETED] by Casper
Yet another one of James' douchebag boyfriends walked all over him and eventually broke his heart. It didn't come as a surprise to anyone, it's happened many, many times...
  • jeffmads
  • thomasjefferson
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Adopted by Hamilton: The Founding Fathers Changed my Life by Cameronfirestone
Adopted by Hamilton: The Founding... by awesome. wow.
It's a dream come true for Rose. A whole week in New York City seeing Broadway shows with her mom. Nothing could be better, but what happens when she gets devastating ne...
  • anthonyramos
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  • jasminecephasjones
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Broken- And Fixed Again- (A Jamilton Fanfic)  by wolfspirit2865
Broken- And Fixed Again- (A Jamilt... by Wolfy
Thomas Jefferson is broken. After two years with an abusive boyfriend known as James Madison, you'd be too. He went from a confident, slightly cocky man to someone who...
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♥️🏳️‍🌈Lams One Shots🏳️‍🌈♥️ by amberboots
♥️🏳️‍🌈Lams One Shots🏳️‍🌈♥️ by Amber
*TRIGGER WARNINGS* ---I'm trash and I forget to do individual trigger warnings, but each chapter title will say if it's fluff, angst, or smut. There will be suicidal the...
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"Benefits"  by PURPLE-Ryu12345
John Laurens was known in college for one thing: He was the biggest fuck boy ever. The truth behind all that is that John couldn't just accept that he is a ranging homos...
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Lams one shots by LamsBaby
Lams one shots by Mama John
I'm making books for each ship(the ones I fell for) so yeah.
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16 (Jamilton) by peggysfeed
16 (Jamilton) by @peggysfeed
Soulmate au where the age your soulmate will be when you meet is tattooed on your wrist, and you can't see color until you kiss your soulmate. Started: March 21, 2017 Hi...
  • fanfiction
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That would be enough (Lams) by KiRafunE
That would be enough (Lams) by potato
John Laurens was a normal orphan boy who lived a normal life. That is, until the owner of the orphanage died because of sickness. Now the orphans is at the brink of gett...
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