hurricane //michaelxhalsey// malsey by EnglishLoveAffairs
hurricane //michaelxhalsey// malsey by chels Fanfiction
in which a girl teaches a boy why hurricanes are named after ordinary people.
tea ; frangipane by kevinabstracts
tea ; frangipane by honey Fanfiction
"I love you so much, and you know that. I tell you I love you and that you're beautiful everyday. I'm tired of these people trying to tear us apart," she spoke...
strange love // halsey fanfiction gxg by avalanchehalsey
coffee ; frangipane by kevinabstracts
coffee ; frangipane by honey Fanfiction
"Do you like me?" "No." "Oh," her smile faded. "I fucking love you."
Hey There Delilah, What's it like in Pop Star Halsey? by hippieskeleton
Hey There Delilah, What's it like... by Dee Fanfiction
"Dalia, do you know what I really, truly, want?" Halsey asked me as she inched herself closer to where I sat rigidly. "I, I don't." I stuttered, m...