For honor and glory( Male! Elite! reader x RWBY Halo RWBY crossover) by AgentArizona4536
For honor and glory( Male! Elite... by Agent Arizona
You were fighting the Humans on the planet Reach, when you discovered a secret human lab, and was sucked in. Then you met team RWBY, and lived a new life in Remnant.
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Unlikely Alliances by MaleficentSpirit
Unlikely Alliances by KJ
This is not a typical'Love story'. Its a complicated camaraderie that may turn into something more. It's a build up story, so don't expect it to jump into the 'good stuf...
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The Planeswalker of Remnant (M!Reader X Rwby Harem) by CalebTheFandomGuy
The Planeswalker of Remnant (M!Rea... by CalebTheFandomGuy
What if, 5 years before Team RWBY would be formed, a young man name (y/n), would disappear due to an Atlas Military test gone wrong sends him across the multiverse. And...
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Remnants Lone wolf by LostUnion
Remnants Lone wolf by LostUnion
My first story written about a spartan being transported to the world of remnant after the fall of reach. I will make slight changes that won't line up time wise but not...
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  • rwby
  • crossover
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A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/Halo Fanfic) by ClassicSix
A Noble Freelancer (Red vs Blue/Ha... by ClassicSix
After ensuring the escape of the Autumn, Noble Six fights to survive on a Covenant infested planet where he believes is his final mission. But, ONI believes he is to val...
  • carolina
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Red Vs Blue x Reader by kill_me____
Red Vs Blue x Reader by Red vs Blue Trash
After a rough history you find yourself working for the infamous Project Freelancer. What adventures await you?
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Borkfriend Blaze X Reader by Kupcake_Productions
Borkfriend Blaze X Reader by Kupcake Productions
Y/n is the new werewolf girl at Phoenix Drop High. She just recently moved there and is super nervous for her first day. Just wanna say this is uncanny to Aphmau's seri...
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Halo Spartan x RWBY by GhostKing-2552
Halo Spartan x RWBY by Ghost Shadow
A UNSC frigate escapes from the planet Reach, and does an emergency slip space jump, but when the slip space drive fails, and opens a wormhole. The three surviving Spa...
  • weiss
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UNSC Marine Reader x rwby by SpartanII25
UNSC Marine Reader x rwby by Spartan II commando
Now after the long three decade war with the covenant was over the UNSC marine commander (y/n) and the whole crew of the UNSC prototype frigate Spirit of Hope are now s...
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Male Spartan Reader x RWBY by Martian720
Male Spartan Reader x RWBY by Martian720
An unnamed UNSC frigate entered slipspace to escape a Covenant super carrier while above a Forerunner Shield world. Unfortunately, the frigate had an improperly set slip...
  • fanfiction
  • rwby
  • malereaderinsert
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Red vs Blue Oneshots by agent-washingtub
Red vs Blue Oneshots by wash and felix trash
just a bunch of rvb oneshots (reader inserts and ships) got any requests? leave a comment! got any prompts? leave a comment! OCs are allowed! ~warning: may be some le...
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Water Halo by alluringlytragic
Water Halo by annalisa
"I've been having nightmares about drowning in that terrible horrifying too blue ocean every day since I was three. One night. One night. One night of sleeping in t...
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The Rookie (RWBY x ODST reader by xXgrimm_LordXx
The Rookie (RWBY x ODST reader by xXgrimm_lordXx
you are the best of the best, only being a rookie was an understatement, even without all the crazy biological engineering you easily surpassed the master chief, once up...
  • helljumper
  • ruby
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Why Do You Hate Me So Much? by tempolourryfix
Why Do You Hate Me So Much? by Anne
"Answer me! Why do you hate me so much?" "For Christ's sake isn't it obvious?" Wherein Louis is in a band and Harry is his grumpy ass neighbor. Harry...
  • onedirection
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Fire team Zulu, Mayday. (Halo x RWBY) by SterlingDowall
Fire team Zulu, Mayday. (Halo x RW... by Sterling Dowall
Hey guys, thanks for wanting to read this halo/RWBY Crossover story, Quick Disclaimer; I do not own RWBY I do not Own Halo or it's canon Characters I do not Own an...
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Had Enough (Red vs Blue) *REWRITING* by Echoblaze626
Had Enough (Red vs Blue) *REWRITIN... by Echoblaze
Agent Vermont is the first agent of Project Freelancer. He has never experienced anything like this before. He had prepared for the training, missions, teammates, armor...
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Kpop BOYXBOY Imagines (Requests: OPEN) by TMRislife
Kpop BOYXBOY Imagines (Requests: O... by EMOYehet
-(Requests: OPEN)- IMPORTANT NOTICE!! You need to give me a story line cause I'm not doing that by myself Bands; SEVENTEEN BTS BIGBANG GOT7 EXO B.A.P Super Junior SHINee...
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Halo: Elite Spartan by CupcakeTankPDPie
Halo: Elite Spartan by Elite Spartan
A Story Of An Elite Who Has Been Lost And Confused Of All The Deaths And Kills The Covenants Took, Now He Must Choose, To Fight The Enemy, Or To Fight His Own Kin ( I ch...
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Spartans Of Vale by MCKnight11
Spartans Of Vale by MCK
Survivors of Reach escape the planet only to crash on a new one they might call home
  • halo
  • rwby
  • spartans
The Noble Thing To Do(Noble 6 Reader x RWBY) by BlueAceTrinity
The Noble Thing To Do(Noble 6 Read... by BlueAceTrinity
Noble 6 has died on the planet Reach. Though he/she came back somehow, but he/she is on a different planet. How will things play out? Will he/she be able to help those...
  • noblesix
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