Dramione - A Sweet Yet Forbidden Love. by NegansWifeHazza
Dramione - A Sweet Yet Forbidden L...by Negans Wife
From day one Draco and Hermione fell for one another. The only problem was their secret relationship. Nearing the end of the war when the Dark Lord has the witches and w...
  • bellalsnow
  • dramione
  • generation
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For the Greater Good || A Tom Riddle Story || by CandidC
For the Greater Good || A Tom Ridd...by I'm Candid
Gwendolyn Gawmdrey is transferring for her sixth year of schooling from the prestigious and dark Durmstrang Institute to Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. When...
  • dark
  • fiction
  • romance
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Finally Me ~ by xXMade2LoveXx
Finally Me ~by Scarlett
Alex is the youngest in a family of fifteen. To make things worse, she's the only one who isn't a twin... Or a boy. Growing up in the muggle world, Alex didn't even know...
  • family
  • phoenix
  • contest
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Light in the Darkness by rocky_the_hufflepuff
Light in the Darknessby rocky_the_hufflepuff
When Harry and Ron stop talking to Hermione during third year, she turns to her studies to drown out the loneliness. Fred and George, finding her crying one day, decide...
  • hermionegranger
  • deathlyhallows
  • ransy
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Death at Hogwarts - A Harry Potter fanfiction by SophiaFireweaver
Death at Hogwarts - A Harry Potter...by SophiaFireweaver
Humans know them as the 'Deathly Hallows' I know them as mine. I am the Grim Reaper, and I'm taking back what belongs to me.
  • reaper
  • hogwarts
  • hallows
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Renegade [D.M.] by rainingooblah
Renegade [D.M.]by rainingooblah
Who said Snape couldn't have a little fun with a girl. It reveals that Snape has had daughter all along. When she transfers from Beauxbatons to Hogwarts, what happens?
  • potter
  • love
  • harry
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Albus (A Next Generation Harry Potter Fanfiction) by clatoforeverx
Albus (A Next Generation Harry Pot...by Ella
It's 19 years after Harry Potter defeated Lord Voldemort, and middle child Albus Severus heads for his first year amidst the Hogwarts community. However, when he gets th...
  • wizards
  • after
  • deathly
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Deathly Endings [#5] by Slytherinwitch13
Deathly Endings [#5]by Mrs. Malfoy ♛
The War has officially begun. After the realization that Draco was in fact a Death Eater, Carlie is left heartbroken. Using all of her anger, she trains with Jake so tha...
  • draco
  • harry
  • potter
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Change of Heart (A Weasley Fan Fiction) by WeasleBeeE
Change of Heart (A Weasley Fan Fic...by WeasleBeeE
The name is Kayley, sometimes I get called Kay for short. I was taken hostage by death eaters during the Battle of Hogwarts. That's where we meet, but...you should know...
  • potter
  • fifth
  • hogwarts
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A Capacity to Love by thegirlwhowrites11
A Capacity to Loveby Selena
FANFICTION: Piper has the power to heal and Voldemort wants it badly enough to kill her for it. Luckily for her, he hasn't found a way to extract it yet. He sends her...
  • harry
  • hallows
  • deathly
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Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallows by BellaMCullen
Harry Potter & The Deathly Hallowsby Bella Cullen
We've all read Deathly Hallows, but have you ever wondered how the story would have gone had Harry grabbed onto Ginny as they were leaving Fleur and Bill's wedding. How...
  • hermione
  • ginny
  • deathly
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Spoof Series 2: Harry Potter by crazygirlwhostalksu
Spoof Series 2: Harry Potterby The Slayer
Just another Harry Potter spoof thing...
  • sweeney
  • azkaban
  • ginny
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Harry Potter FAQ by RomioneGirl
Harry Potter FAQby Emma Rose Taylor
Have a question about the Wizarding World that just never seems to have an answer? Or maybe you're writing what seems to be the best fanfiction ever, until you realize t...
  • killed
  • otter
  • lily
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Lily Luna Potter: The Ravenclaw? by AwkwardlyMegs
Lily Luna Potter: The Ravenclaw?by Meghan
Lily Luna Potter, beloved daughter of none other than The Boy Who Lived himself, is excited but very frightened to go to Hogwarts for the very first time. When the Sorti...
  • transfiguration
  • bathroom
  • house
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Saviour (HP Fan Fic) ON HOLD by everlovingdeer
Saviour (HP Fan Fic) ON HOLDby everlovingdeer
For every single person on the planet right this very moment there is someone made for them and them alone, their soul mate. But is it possible to have two? Take Lily Ev...
  • horcrux
  • saviour
  • blood
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Short Stories-Creative Writing Class by 420Ringo
Short Stories-Creative Writing Cla...by ♡Roberta Katherine♡
Hey Everyone! So these are all stories that I had to write in my Creative Writing class! I'm not looking for comments or votes on any of these stories, there just for th...
  • alone
  • mansion
  • chicago
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The Missing Daughter of McGonagall and Dumbledore (Deathly Hallows) by Amytuckwell
The Missing Daughter of McGonagall...by Amytuckwell
What if Dumbledore and Minerva had a daughter! What if their daughter grew up with them but was kidnapped when she was around six years old with her friends and taken aw...
  • dumbledore
  • daughter
  • deathly
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It is our choices (A Harry/Severus friendship fic post DH) (Watty Awards 2011) by bumblebee_5n4p3
It is our choices (A Harry/Severus...by Bianca
Snape survives the final battle, but Harry believes him to be dead. What will happen when they meet nineteen years later? Read to find out. Explores the lives of Harry a...
  • severus
  • lily
  • snape
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Harry Potter Quotes [from all books] by sxriti
Harry Potter Quotes [from all book...by स्म्रीती
This book contains quotes from all of the Harry Potter series. Hope you like! :)
  • mad
  • ends
  • sad
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Voldemort's Daughter (Harry Potter Fanfic) (On Hold) by Artist1923
Voldemort's Daughter (Harry Potter...by Artist1923
Harry Potter wasnt the only one who survived the killing curse..but this person is not known to the world up until her story is told. Veneena is known to the feeling of...
  • secrets
  • hallows
  • deathly
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