Hold My Hand by txzier-
Hold My Handby Darce
" We'll all come back, right? " They all grasped hands, they're cuts clashing, making a promise that would never be broken. " Of course. " CREDITS TO...
  • monsters
  • fun
  • friendfiction
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The House Of Fears by Nokarintuaka
The House Of Fearsby Sonora
[●LANGUAGE WARNING●] (Im okay at writing stories but 👌) I hope you enjoy this, the people i used in this story arent mine they're my close friends and including my sist...
  • scooterfalling
  • fears
  • haunting
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My hero halloween by Pokem1234
My hero halloweenby Pokem1234
(AU) Halloween world filled with monsters izuku ghost every monster tried get izuku only gives his candy to kids that have none watch as monsters try get his candy
  • izuku
  • halloween
  • âu
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A Little To Real by The_wanna_be_famous
A Little To Realby Ąņţï
It's Halloween season! All the biggest YouTubers have been invited to Brighton, England to shoot a special collaboration video for Halloween. However, Mark hasn't been t...
  • youtube
  • slowburn
  • septiplier
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Oneiros by Stardust_Illusionist
Oneirosby Kalypso Umbra
The beautiful maiden of his dreams, Lit up the darkness of his oblivion with light. Yet, it was not as it seems, And he could not trust his sight. When the face haunti...
  • samhuin
  • story
  • delirium
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Halloween by kelyn439
Halloweenby kelyn439
This is a story about the opinion on a girl named Hina and how she thinks how Halloween became a thing.
  • demons
  • halloween
  • action-adventure
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Halloween by BillBill217
Halloweenby BillBill217
Laurie Strode was only 17 years old when the infamous serial killer Michael Myers returned to Haddonfield to kill after being locked away for 15 years for killing his si...
  • laurie
  • haddonfield
  • reboot
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Horror House by TheHorrorKing432
Horror Houseby TheHorrorKing432
There was a boy named Jake, he loved horror, he watched horror movies daily and I guess you can say he was an expert at all things horror. He and his family moved into a...
  • ghosts
  • creepy-house
  • mystery-house
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White Essence ✍ by WhiteSkyMint
White Essence ✍by WhiteSkyMint
A collection of short stories
  • date
  • travel
  • music
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Quem Deu o Habeas Corpus Para a Bruxa? by talitavasconcelos
Quem Deu o Habeas Corpus Para a Br...by Talita Vasconcelos
Era tudo muito simples: noite de estreia do espetáculo especial de Halloween no Teatro Máscaras, situado num casarão mal assombrado no ABC Paulista. Mas noites de estrei...
  • escritoresdeourowattys7
  • frankenstein
  • concursoazul
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And Then, My Friend, You Die by user25608528
And Then, My Friend, You Dieby Corey6399
A group of friends go to a abandoned amusement park on Halloween. Little do they know, someone in their group has a murderous secret.
  • teenhorror
  • teenfiction
  • abandonedamusementpark
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24 hours.  by x_gymnast_chloe_x
24 hours. by x_trampolinist_x
A child goes trick-or-treating and gets a lot of sweets in the night. Something was dosed in one of the sweets and killed her quickly. Before she died she gave Some to h...
  • mystery
  • family
  • thriller
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Fright Night by Snake_Loverr
Fright Nightby Snake_Loverr
Four girls go out on Halloween night, being stupid teenagers and looking for some clown that doesn't even exist. When they hear a rustle in some bushes the decide to che...
  • halloween
  • murder
  • mystery
A Halloween Giggle by Yvonne_Rediger
A Halloween Giggleby Y Rediger
Short story
  • humour
  • halloween
  • shapeshifter
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Tragic  by TheNightWriterr
Tragic by TheNightWriter
A novel about Lawrence Shack and his bestfriend Louisa Harding. They enjoy busting myths and exploring anything they possibly can. Read 'Tragic' to find out more!
  • myths
  • mylife
  • mutant
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Cold by Animallady
Coldby Bvtterscotch <3
Maria Amino and Ellen Patella walk to a Halloween party
  • cold
  • âu
  • halloween
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EL SER by Ramsora14
EL SERby Ramón Funuyet Segovia
Rick es un librero autónomo que no vende ni queriendo. Desesperado, pide ayuda. Pronto descubrirá que no todos ayudan por caridad, y que pedir un favor puede salir muy c...
  • monstruo
  • halloween
  • favores
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Holiday Scpecials!! by shirou1234
Holiday Scpecials!!by Squish
Any holiday specials I come up with for the different holidays.
  • holiday
  • stpatricksday
  • aprilfools
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Halloween Night by CarlosEduardoMills
Halloween Nightby Nicholas S. Conner
Bernardo vai dar uma festa em uma casa abandonada para toda a sua escola. Devido a uma chuva, apenas seus amigos mais íntimos comparecem, são eles Nicholas, Miguel, Clar...
  • fantasia
  • halloween
  • lgbt
Metamorphosis by AllisonNoir
Metamorphosisby AllisonNoir
This is a prequel for my 'Pieces of a puzzle' work. It's name is 'Metamorphosis', and it will be about Matt and how he spent the years after he left the Wammy's and befo...
  • birthday
  • halloween
  • wammys
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