Beautiful Emos by XxBetterOffDeadxXx
Beautiful Emosby R.I.P ZEKE 3-4-16❤❤❤
These are pictures of amazing emo hair, eyes, people, etc... I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PICTURES. I FIND THEM ON THE INTERNET!!!!
  • hairstyles
  • hair
  • punk
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The Girl's Guide to Life by LivaLetLove
The Girl's Guide to Lifeby LivaLetLove
And though she be but little, she is fierce. From bathroom organization, surviving long car rides and strategies to overcome stress to spotting liars and hacking bobby p...
  • happy
  • carrides
  • friends
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Jake Paul my bully (jessa)  by jakesndtessa
Jake Paul my bully (jessa) by _jessa___
Jake and tessa have hated each other since 3rd grade. Will everything change. Read and see
  • team10
  • romantic
  • fanfiction
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How to be a bad bitch by rachelexie
How to be a bad bitchby RACHELEXIA
✨Welcome my dear soon to be baddies✨ This book is dedicated to all those girls who feels less. ✨You're first book for a complete course ✨ ✨ #925 in Humor on January 19 2...
  • humor
  • bitch
  • hairstyles
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Not your average Girl Guide Book by TheWrongSenpai
Not your average Girl Guide Bookby Bob
This guidebook teaches girls to do it the right way! Not really the right way, but my way, whatever. So you may have been doing things the wrong way, here are tips from...
  • guide
  • selfies
  • tvshows
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Emo~Gothic~Hipster                                          Outfits  by metalheadhipster ✖️ᴺ ᴬ ᵀ ᴬ ᴸ ᴵ✖️
❁ Just some emo , goth n hippie outfits ❁
  • hippie
  • emogirl
  • aesthetic
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My Art and Creations by gabby13452
My Art and Creationsby Gabby
I am really into a lot of forms of Art (Drawing, Coloring, Painting, Photographry, Special Effects, Makeup, and Hair). @ViolentPurple inspired me and told me to make thi...
  • paintings
  • brushes
  • drawings
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MAKEUP TIPS [2] by prettyexcuse
MAKEUP TIPS [2]by coral
self love is the most vital of all... ©prettyexcuse
  • teens
  • help
  • makeup
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Simple, Perfect Hairstyles by faltering
Simple, Perfect Hairstylesby Eunice
Cute, flirty, elegant, this book has it all. Includes pictures, step by step how-to's and descriptions, you'll be able to find a hairstyle for pretty much any occasion...
  • flirty
  • hairstyles
  • easy
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Hairstyles by Hopefulhappiness
Hairstylesby Hopefulhappiness
Step-by-step hair tutorials that will help you style your hair for dances, school, or even on lazy days at home. Along with a written tutorial, a YouTube video can be fo...
  • buns
  • cosplay
  • hair
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Fashion by ignoring_you
Fashionby imignoringu
Plssssss look... Btw all the looks that are in here, i have them so if you want them just let me know. You can contact me through my email id that is on my profile. Just...
  • things
  • cutelooks
  • attire
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Blue Calls | ✓ by Laurowella
Blue Calls | ✓by Laur ✨
When Blue , starts calling the guy who works at a beauty salon and dyes her hair , she starts changing the colour she's always addicted to; Blue.
  • shortstory
  • phone
  • short
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Melanin Drops: A POC Book by blackgirlki
Melanin Drops: A POC Bookby black girl ki. ✨
Yoo, I'm Kianna. So, I've really been inspired to write this book because of all the things going on it the Black/POC community. I've seen a lot of books but I wanted to...
  • melanin
  • blackpeopleproblems
  • blackgirlsrock
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My drawings by EmoHappyMeal
My drawingsby Ayano Aishi
These are just some pictures I drew. Nothin' that special...😐
  • hairstyles
  • undertale
  • asymmetrical
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Sarah's Head shave by Mya-Davidson
Sarah's Head shaveby Mya-Davidson
Sarah, a sweet young girl in her 20's finds herself in quite a predicament when she is kidnapped and has her hair cut in a boyish manner.
  • kidnap
  • hairstyles
  • bald
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Hair Tips and Tricks by khgirl678
Hair Tips and Tricksby ㅤ
Just tips and a few tricks on how to maintain your hair
  • tips
  • combs
  • hair
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RANDOM by taehueh
RANDOMby tess
This story will be full of drawings, quotes and whatever I like. First was: My drawings Started this book: 8-11-17
  • people
  • southpark
  • strangerthings
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Pics by LucyHeartfilia135
Picsby Dean W. , is mine!
Pics of my friends, me, and hairstyles Im picking from
  • hairstyles
  • friends
  • pics
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Hairstyles by WisperKitten
Hairstylesby Lois Hope
Are you stuck for hair ideas and want a change from just a normal ponytail? Well I have hairstyles for formal occasions, school or just casual. Don't forget to comment...
  • interesting
  • longhair
  • hair
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Hairstyle Tutorials ♡ by kileywrites
Hairstyle Tutorials ♡by kileywrites
buns, ponytails and lots of braids (: here you'd find step-by-step tutorials on how to style your fabulous hair. most hairstyles here are meant for long hair. I learn...
  • kiss
  • cute
  • braids
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