My brothers girlfriend is a bully -slow editing  by haylee_0206
My brothers girlfriend is a bully... by haylee_0206
*my mane is Selena. I live with my brother and my dad. Your probably wondering did my mom died no. My mom cheated on my dad and my dad got so mad they went to court. My...
  • romance
  • shawnmendas
  • selenagomez
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The Girl's Guide to Life by LivaLetLove
The Girl's Guide to Life by LivaLetLove
And though she be but little, she is fierce. From bathroom organization, surviving long car rides and strategies to overcome stress to spotting liars and hacking bobby p...
  • how-to
  • guidetolife
  • friends
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selfcare ! by diavuitton
selfcare ! by javi 💍
tips on how to take care of yaself 💓 - skin routines - natural hair routines - advice - body positivity notes etc 🌻
  • melanin
  • skinroutine
  • nbaboomer
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ILLECEBROUS-|H.S| by Harry's Vcard♥️
ILLECEBROUS- Alluring; Attracting "Head up Princess or your crown will fall" Cover made by the sweet @volatileofferings Highly recommend to check her out
  • styles
  • harry
  • adelaide
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Melanin Drops: A POC Book by blackgirlki
Melanin Drops: A POC Book by black girl ki. ✨
Yoo, I'm Kianna. So, I've really been inspired to write this book because of all the things going on it the Black/POC community. I've seen a lot of books but I wanted to...
  • blackpeople
  • blackpeopleproblems
  • brownpeople
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Beautiful Emos by XxBetterOffDeadxXx
Beautiful Emos by R.I.P ZEKE 3-4-16❤❤❤
These are pictures of amazing emo hair, eyes, people, etc... I AM NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR ANY PICTURES. I FIND THEM ON THE INTERNET!!!!
  • hair
  • punk
  • scene
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Not your average Girl Guide Book by TheWrongSenpai
Not your average Girl Guide Book by Bob
This guidebook teaches girls to do it the right way! Not really the right way, but my way, whatever. So you may have been doing things the wrong way, here are tips from...
  • girl
  • selfies
  • guide
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Beautiful Hairstyles by majabalenovic
Beautiful Hairstyles by Balenovicka
Don't know what to do with your hair? Follow me, find the answers here. :) MORE THAN 90 DIFFERENT HAIRSTYLES! [Finished] THANK YOU FOR 12K! ❤
  • cute
  • style
  • beautiful
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The Forever Life..... by lucreditia
The Forever Life..... by lucreditia boOKloVerR
This is a picture book about me and my frnds. This is my last year at school, so i want to write a book dedicated to all my friends. My life isn't special But when yo...
  • cutenssoverloaded
  • traditional
  • rocknroll
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Eye For An Eye by KimAng3liqu3
Eye For An Eye by Kim Buckingham
Emily is beautiful and sweet, loved by all who meet her. But when her lifeless body is found, the people of Lanhallow begin to ask questions. Emily's murder has broken t...
  • secrets
  • murder
  • heartbreak
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Fashion by ignoring_you
Fashion by Sofi
Plssssss look... Btw all the looks that are in here, i have them so if you want them just let me know. You can contact me through my email id that is on my profile. Just...
  • dresses
  • coollooks
  • hot
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Welcoming natural curlies  by mellmell24
Welcoming natural curlies by Shanayia
In this book I will be talking about how I take care of my natural hair and tips and tricks of how you can take care of your natural hair too and I will also be talking...
  • haircare
  • curly
  • naturals
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Emo~Gothic~Hipster                                          Outfits  by metalheadhipster
Emo~Gothic~Hipster... by ✖️ᴺ ᴬ ᵀ ᴬ ᴸ ᴵ✖️
❁ Just some emo , goth n hippie outfits ❁
  • nirvana
  • hippie
  • hipster
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Belleza creativa by Belleza_creativa
Belleza creativa by Belleza creativa
Este libro tendrá diversos tips para tu cabello que podrás hacerlo tu sola, paso a paso!
  • intructivo
  • belleza
  • hairstyle
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Personality traits from different things by Reannah1204
Personality traits from different... by Reannah1204
Here are the personality traits that I found online for different things like for: Hair color, eye color, elements, hair style, favorite color, and for the date of your...
  • personalitytraits
  • random
  • element
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Simple, Perfect Hairstyles by faltering
Simple, Perfect Hairstyles by Eunice
Cute, flirty, elegant, this book has it all. Includes pictures, step by step how-to's and descriptions, you'll be able to find a hairstyle for pretty much any occasion...
  • cute
  • flirty
  • hairstyles
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natural hair troubles and how to care for them by purplishpurple
natural hair troubles and how to c... by purplishpurple
do you have natural curly or coily hair and you desperately want to grow your hair naturally without perms and whatever's then this belongs to you.♥♥my kinks
  • beauty
  • haircare
  • hairstyles
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MAKEUP TIPS [2] by prettyexcuse
MAKEUP TIPS [2] by coral
  • beauty
  • girls
  • diy
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Stuff every girl should know| DIY's, LifeHacks, Tips, etc. by anyunicorns
Stuff every girl should know| DIY'... by a
Yes! Being a teenager girl isnt as easy as lots of people think, so that's why I have this book, to make your life waaaay easy. In this book i will be posting tips and...
  • hair
  • youtube
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The book of inspiration {Dutch} by books_reader28
The book of inspiration {Dutch} by Hann
Dit is een boek vol met inspiratie voor van alles en nog wat. Bijvoorbeeld ideeën voor je slaapkamer, bureau enz. En diy's voor als je je verveeld of gewoon omdat ze su...
  • willekeurig
  • ideeën
  • lifehacks
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