Infinity  (Jamilton Soulmate AU) (COMPLETED) by lyraazaz
Infinity (Jamilton Soulmate AU) (... by Lyra/Kaycee
(Soulmate Modern AU) Hamilton is a young man in Kings College, and he comes across his worst enemy, Thomas Jefferson. They are rivals, until one day, Jefferson finds ou...
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message. |gd| by -angeldolan
message. |gd| by 👼🏼
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Reincarnation! Apparently I'm the Villainess... by Nora_2020
Reincarnation! Apparently I'm the... by Nora_2020
I saved a girl from 3 baddies and this is what I get? Reincarnated as a villainess? Wow, karma loves me. Hmph. Well, I'll try my best to survive here, so help me out alr...
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Leave ✿jjk by 153cm-
Leave ✿jjk by ✨💫🌙🌈🌦🦄
Dia dera aku. Dia pukul aku. Dia rogol aku. Aku mengandung. Aku keguguran. Aku sayang dia. Aku mengandung lagi. Aku keguguran lagi. Dia bunuh anak aku. aku cintakan dia...
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random photos by doubtful-tyler
random photos by ~ julee~
random photos that you definitely want to see
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JOKE mo 'to!! by MsThirdYhane
JOKE mo 'to!! by ArianeOctavio
Malungkot ka ba?O kaya Bored ka? Iniwan ka ng taong mahal mo -_- ? O kung ano-ano pa mang nararamdaman?Try mong basahin to.!!Makaka-ani ka ng Katatawanan,Good Vibes at t...
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Diabolik lovers - scenarios by Dia-WHAT
Diabolik lovers - scenarios by Dia-WHAT
Scenarios with your favorite Sakamaki brothers and also a few oneshots. Read to discover a new world of how would they react to certain situations.
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pop some gay shit (probably dont starve) by OrangePerfectionist
pop some gay shit (probably dont s... by quiltsexual
probably maxwil/wesson writings n etc in case i ever wanna write shit. prepare your ass for the gay. maybe straight stuff too idfk i love most all the ships somehow
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Funny Texts by minion350
Funny Texts by Stephie
Funny stuff that you wouldn't want to miss btw most arent mine
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Stuffs by StealyourTV_
Stuffs by ¡PANERA!
Yeah, good luck with me. "ψ(`∇')ψ (The first few chapters are crap. But bare with me, it gets better.)
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Gadis Kolej by babiop91
harry potter x reader one shots by dumbybum
harry potter x reader one shots by J̸̨̫͐̔͒̑̏͋̆͑̀̆ù̵͚̥̥̭ş̷̺̘̐̇̓...
no longer one shots this is this will fill your every fucking need Thanks @KATSUROUS for the cover
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Sarcastic Book by pluvio-nyctophile
Sarcastic Book by pluvio-nyctophile
Sarcasm is a skill that anybody can learn but you gotta be witty too. Vote if you laughed or atleast grinned. Leave a comment if you really enjoyed it. It's just fiction...
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zodiaco crepypasta by mariaz62
zodiaco crepypasta by “Erro pernitionis Venenum pr...
... OKEY SOY PESIMA DANDO DESCRIPCIONES!!! bueno es un zodiaco espero que les guste mis sonrisitas de caramelo PD: no copees utiliza tu cerebro y co plagees que si se qu...
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puns by addictingbrunette
puns by ☼ teen angel☼
| TOP RANK: #288 in RANDOM | Where my recent admiration of puns come together... Hopefully you find them as funny as I do...
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Os Opostos Se Atraem. by brunacarrilho
Os Opostos Se Atraem. by Nutella_is_açaí
Eu sou calmaria, ele furacão. Gosto do dia,ele da noite. Sou bagunceira e ele organizado. Eu tímida,ele gosta de aparecer. Sou fofa,ele safado. Gosto de sair sozinha,m...
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Fuck her right in the pussy by Sophie_X_Smith
Fuck her right in the pussy by Harry_x_Styles
And he fucked till death
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Regrets (KatsuDeku) by purplemerald
Regrets (KatsuDeku) by Lydia
Bakugo can't stop it. He can only see red engulfing his hated person. He sees his awkward smile as he calls his name... First work btw, please be merciful 😊 (pictures a...
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Casually illegal affair (SMUT WARNING) (WAYCEST) by GeeeWayyisBae
Casually illegal affair (SMUT WARN... by GeeeWayyisBae
Mikey and Gerard love each other in a way that most brothers don't... This book is currently being heavily edited (rewritten bc the grammar is trash) and no new updates...
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SpongeBob memes by Cryatic
SpongeBob memes by Cryatic
Memes about SpongeBob and all of his friends! None of the photos are mine. I got them all from the Internet for your enjoyment! I hope you like it! #182 in humor!!!
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