Diana (COMING SOON) by Summer_Walter
Diana (COMING SOON) by BeeDiverse
Born from wires and from an intelligent yet twisted mind. Made to help others but was rewired to only destroy. This is the story of a gynoid, a female android who was o...
  • gynoid
  • fiction
  • logan
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E.M.M.A. [Rough Draft] by mskavanagh
E.M.M.A. [Rough Draft] by Meryl S. Kavanagh
An android finds sentience and is swiftly abandoned by the pirate crew of the Caliosis. Ejected beyond the omicron of the Milky Way and left in a system with only one pl...
  • short
  • meryl
  • story
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Gynoid by RamiUngar
Gynoid by Rami Ungar
When Toby Crimson orders a gynoid, a robot designed to look and act like a human girl, he knows he shouldn't be doing it in the first place. Gynoids are for perverts and...
  • romance
  • sciencefiction
  • robot
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EVE-0003 by commanderkk1999
EVE-0003 by Le Poilu Rouge
Cyberpunk short I wrote for an English assignment a year ago, starring a lady android. May continue as a full length story some day. Been planning it for some time now :)
  • android
  • cyberpunk
  • gynoid
Crying Over Spilt Light (Sci-fi Mind Bender With A Sexy Muse) by mythographystudios
Crying Over Spilt Light (Sci-fi Mi... by mythographystudios
Hire A Muse, Get A Nobel Prize On the verge of abandoning his life-long project, an obsessive physicist hires the innovative service of an android Muse to help him finis...
  • greece
  • quantum
  • physicist
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Amnesia by eliginorski
Amnesia by Elinor Z.
  • gynoid
  • android
  • amnesia
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