Protection by Highrise148
Protection by Highrise148 Fanfiction
We all know Merlin protects the Knights of Camelot on pretty much a daily basis. This story is about the Knights of the Round Table protecting Merlin.
Merlin One-Shots by hobbitfalls
Merlin One-Shots by SherlinWall Fanfiction
Random one-shots about Merlin and characters! *Morgana, Mordred, Balinor, Will, and Freya are alive. *Morgana and Mordred are good. *Mordred is a knight *Magic is legal...
Enigma | BBC Merlin Fanfiction by little_book_worm02
Enigma | BBC Merlin Fanfiction by Little Book Worm Fanfiction
"Well, Gwaine wasn't lying. You truly don't know anything do you? I am the King Arthur, of Camelot." "Yes well, Gwaine certainly wasn't lying when he said...
The Arranged Marriage by Fangirl1901
The Arranged Marriage by Fangirl1901 Fanfiction
The two kingdoms of Ealdor and Camelot have been at war for years. The two kings, King Balinor and King Uther, finally decide to make an alliance, on one condition, the...
Why did he never tell us? by mostlyfangirly
Why did he never tell us? by ebba Fanfiction
Merlin has a journal. I gonna be really bad at updating sometimes, just so you guys are prepered!
Merthur - The King and His Guardian Angel by CreamyXD
Merthur - The King and His Guardia... by CreamyXD Fanfiction
Merthur AU (Set around early season 4) Arthur Pendragon is the new king of Camelot having assumed the throne after his father's death at the hands of his sister, Morgana...
Merlin Imagines ♥ by RoyalCactus
Merlin Imagines ♥ by RoyalCactus Fanfiction
Short Merlin based stories that will make you squeal inside. Hopefully. Xreader or sometimes ships if you request one. Not fully edited so probably some minor mistakes...
Merlin one shots by anarose2002
Merlin one shots by Salem Fanfiction
If you have watched Merlin you will LOVE this! Just a bunch of fun scenarios/short stories revolved around the one and only dynamic duo Merlin (Colin Morgan) and Arthur...
POWER ▷ ARTHUR PENDRAGON by ☼ fℓσ☽ Fanfiction
To know your place by Nelly2560
To know your place by Nele Fanfiction
When some of the new recruits notice the odd behavior of a certain servant towards their King and the other knights, they take measures in to their own hands to teach hi...
Merlin one-shots by anonymousstoryperson
Merlin one-shots by Zaffre Keres Fanfiction
One-shots from the BBC show Merlin! Currently taking requests and completed until more ideas are made.
The Destruction Of Merlin by Cycloptical
The Destruction Of Merlin by Itha Graham Fanfiction
When Merlin, Arthur and the knights are taken by bandits its up to Merlin to stop the leader from killing Arthur. But what when he sympathises with that person and reali...
As Clear As Blood (A Merlin Fan Fiction) by onlytheuniverse
As Clear As Blood (A Merlin Fan Fi... by onlytheuniverse Fanfiction
COMPLETE 'It was icy, and the water pulled him under and soaked him in coldness so his body went numb, Merlin continued swimming down the lake until he realised he coul...
Merlin Crack by -guilt_tripping-
Merlin Crack by mary Random
I think the title is pretty self explanatory. ARTHUR: Merlin, what the hell are you doing creeping around in the woods?! MERLIN: I'm following you, what the hell are yo...
Battle Scars (Merlin) by Cordelia-Rose
Battle Scars (Merlin) by Cordelia-Rose Fanfiction
Merlin is injured unknowingly to the others during training and then is later shot by vengeful bandits on a hunt. Arthur is forced to take his shirt off to treat the wou...
Merthur - Missing by CreamyXD
Merthur - Missing by CreamyXD Fanfiction
Arthur Pendragon begins to worry when his manservant, Merlin, stops showing up to work.
Merlin One shots by Ravenerd_Hufflebrat
Merlin One shots by Ravenerd_Hufflebrat Fanfiction
None of these are related unless i say so!! Oh and if you want to adopt these and make them into fanfiction, you have my permission and all i ask of you is that you aler...
Tired of Pretending by FreckledBrunette
Tired of Pretending by FreckledBrunette Fanfiction
A collection of very short stories of Merlin revealing some talents of his, they are not connected. I have 12 chapters planned. Warning: language.
Merthur One Shots by Destiel_is_Sams_OTP
Merthur One Shots by Sirro M Fanfiction
The most epic complation of Merthur one shots ever! Your laughing one minute and crying the next Oh wait that's Merlin in a nutshell For all of those who are reading th...
Merlin magic reveal by sparkle123tt
Merlin magic reveal by Tiffany07 Random
When merlin arthur and the knights get captured by morganna. What will happen? What if they find out merlins secret or worse what if morganna tells them what he's done...