The Missing Lips Inside Velvet River by Ms_Horrendous
The Missing Lips Inside Velvet Senpai Jakayla Toney
Mariel is the new student at Conclaire Middle School. She's smart, talented, and drop-dead gorgeous. Teagen and her copycat crew can't stand having their spotlight take...
  • creature
  • blood
  • gore
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Rejecting The CEO Sure Requires GUTS (On Hold) by Oreo_Cheese_Cake
Rejecting The CEO Sure Requires MahrukhFaheem
Emily Boston, currently 24, has been a straight A student her whole life, not only is she a perfect student, but also a perfect daughter. So what happens when her father...
  • romance
  • love
  • funny
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A Sword's Fate (Griffith x Reader x Guts) By: Axel_blu by Azel_blu
A Sword's Fate (Griffith x Blů Đřeäm
A young mercenary travelling with the infamous hundred man killer Guts, abruptly gets caught in the mess and bindings of fate and love. Between the dream of another or t...
  • betrayal
  • berserk
  • anime
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An Obscure Destiny (Band of the Hawk Insert Reader) by Ducknoodle62
An Obscure Destiny (Band of the Ducknoodle62
You, once a simple farmer, encounters and joins the legendary Band of the Hawks. Your ordinary life spirals into one of warfare and bloodshed as you fight alongside the...
  • berserkanime
  • reader
  • gore
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Just The Beginning  (The Infected Series) by hannah_faith321
Just The Beginning (The Hannah Faith
Kids and patients were screaming, parents and doctors yelling, and people were barking orders around. There were people sitting on the floor in small groups crying. Some...
  • friends
  • romance
  • guts
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The Regret - Guts x Reader »Berserk fan fiction« (( COMPLETE )) by Bean099
The Regret - Guts x Reader » Samantha
» MATURE CONTENT 18+ «You are new to the band of hawks and you have recently had a crush on Griffith. After the moment you saw Griffith and Casca together, your "d...
  • love
  • bandofhawks
  • reader
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It's Not Our Fault by TheyCallMeLazuli
It's Not Our Faultby Laz
"It's not our fault, but we still fight to fix it." Frankie is a zombie. She's impervious to pain, has superhuman strength and a knack for murder. After the of...
  • blood
  • rebel
  • originalstory
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Kinky Smut (Uta, Tokyo Ghoul ) by untouchableSlytherin
Kinky Smut (Uta, Tokyo Ghoul )by Queen of Slytherin
  • uta
  • blood
  • guts
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Guts // Jack Barakat (FINISHED) by HannahBothwell
Guts // Jack Barakat (FINISHED)by Hannah Bothwell
Her life changed once she met Jack Barakat, who was also her brother's best friend.
  • phillester
  • tomgaskarth
  • guts
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Berserk X Reader by Iamthegodofbatman
Berserk X Readerby Iamthegodofbatman
there arn't enough Berserk fanfics, so I wanted to make one. You are traveling with Guts when he is basically recruited for the band of the hawk. Read this epic story o...
  • romance
  • casca
  • gore
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Berserk (one shots) by WeAreDarkAndDirty
Berserk (one shots)by ways to make it true
☤ please read the rules page before requesting! ☤ one shots, head canons & more with the Berserk characters! ☤ may contain some explicit sexual content! edited | ✓
  • oneshots
  • berserk
  • xreader
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Blinded Boy (Eyeless Jack) by DropDead_ToxicTurtle
Blinded Boy (Eyeless Jack)by DropDead_ToxicTurtle
[Book 2.] (If you haven't read 'The One I Call Jack' then don't read this, this is the second book. Ps, the first book may kinda be all over the place, and parts of it i...
  • murder
  • jack
  • drama
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GUTSY GUYS by BloodyDanceInRhythm
GUTSY GUYSby Ate Blood
[This is not a bro-mance story] [Tagalog story] GUTSY GUYS is what you can call to Xynox and Severino because they can risk their lives to find the truth. They do missio...
  • badboy
  • jungkook
  • hope
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The Book of Gore by senpiedad
The Book of Goreby [dipper]
Just random gore pictures that I like. Warning, if you don't like gore and get triggered easily then this isn't the book for you, so I'd suggest you don't look at this.
  • aesthetic
  • gore
  • anime
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A Thousand Years of War (Griffith/ Guts Fanfic) by Real_Life_Noob
A Thousand Years of War ( Real Life Noob
Yandere Griffith/FemtoXReaderXGuts "Come to me, for all those you care about. Surrender to me!" Griffith screamed out, knowing Reino would appear to save Casc...
  • fanfiction
  • reino
  • yandere
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The Purity Strain by MissCosmica
The Purity Strainby Brooke Beaulieu
Calla has survived 4 years in The Evermore. A mutation from a DNA altering pill has turned its users into mindless hosts with one goal. To infect. With her mother missin...
  • guts
  • scary
  • romance
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Section Z - Valentine Special- Issue 1 by WattZombie
Section Z - Valentine Special- Zombies Undead & Infected
A bi-monthly zombie e-zine jam-packed full of guts, greatness, and hyphenated words. Read on for articles, contests, and one shots.
  • walkers
  • sci-fi
  • post-apocalyptic
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Bought By The Baddest Bidder by SugarPlumFairy45
Bought By The Baddest Bidderby Rena Bear
In a world where mutants rules and humans had to hide in the shadows. Where caught humans were sold on the black market. Nobody knew what happened to you ever you were c...
  • police
  • gangs
  • violence
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Killer Instinct  by niCkDiazz11
Killer Instinct by Nick Diaz
Janja is a strong hyena, bred to kill. He's sick and tired of wondering when his next meal is gonna be. His sick and tired of laying awake at night, kept up by his hung...
  • thelionguard
  • revenge
  • lion
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EXTREME GORE (short stories) by desiired
EXTREME GORE (short stories)by Kate
In this book I will be writing lots of sick gore. From eye pulling to limb twisting. Each part will have its own short story/gore scene. I do not recommend this book if...
  • death
  • torture
  • gore
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