The Frank Iero Book by raisedbybandz
The Frank Iero Bookby ABK
Random facts I found/know of Frank Iero. 1/31/16
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Say Something by guyswithguitars
Say Somethingby ❝mcdreamy❞
❝some d e s t i n i e s a r e j u s t false c o i n c i d e n c e s ❞ "Take it." "What?" I reply with a shrug. She...
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Sub Pop Rock City by rockgasm
Sub Pop Rock Cityby evil
Se mi trovi, sei nella parte sbagliata del Paradiso. E in quella giusta dell'Inferno. Sub Pop Rock City, tutti i diritti riservati a rockgasm.
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Battle of the Bands: Full Disclosure {Wattys 2016} by MidnightRose55
Battle of the Bands: Full Ruby
Fifteen bands. Thirteen rounds. One summer they'll never forget. This is Battle of the Bands. ~~~~~ Each summer, fifteen local California bands are chosen to be pitt...
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Random Rolling Stones by squidiagmailcom
Random Rolling Stonesby Alex Jack Sweeney
Quotes, pichues, guitars, and of course The Stones
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Rammstein- High School Au ~ Tillake  by LonelyGerman_Raichu
Rammstein- High School Au ~ LonelyGerman_Raichu
Flake sees him and is inspired. He finds himself in a boring boarding school, but this man, fascinates him, and inspires him to push forward on his keyboard. Till notice...
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Maven of the Strings by DekoSantangelo
Maven of the Stringsby D. Santangelo
Arkin find himself in harmony, in the world of music while his family lives with their career in the field of dentistry. He's a band guitarist. In a night of December, h...
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Strings Attached (Tyren) by holgoodman
Strings Attached (Tyren)by Lern Jergi
Fifth Harmony are about to go on a world tour after releasing their self titled album. The final pieces are being put together so everyone is prepared for it, their cost...
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DM •• Lance Lim by PhanicallyPhan
DM •• Lance Limby >•<
&quot;lancedaelim started following you...&quot; Where a girl messaged a famous teenager Lance Lim. ©2017 , itskay_ ❇PotterGirlKay_D
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Stop the world cause I wanna get off with you  ~ an Alex Turner Fanfic by RowanCato
Stop the world cause I wanna get ~Rowan~
Alice is a 25 year old who has a passion for music. Her popular YouTube account where she uploads covers of her favourite songs is one of the main things that keeps her...
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