One Puff  by -Travybear-
One Puff by Travis
a book that includes random shit I do and see.
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  • drums
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Guitars and Violins by BrandonWilliamson691
Guitars and Violinsby Brandon Williamson
Korra was a girl who wanted to play her music. Asami was a girl who wanted more than what she was offered. When the two of them collide, everything in their worlds will...
  • thelegendofkorra
  • music
  • korra
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The Private Lovesong by SaraWPineapples
The Private Lovesongby SaraWPineapples
Keara Freer is the daughter of a rich hotel owner in New York. After her father got married to his third wife, the wife decided to send Keara away to private school. She...
  • songs
  • lovesong
  • school
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bass guitar playing by altneighbourhood
bass guitar playingby avtomat kalashnikova
so do you want to see me play bass guitar or not
  • guitar
  • bassguitar
  • electricguitar
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🎧 Listen to cool songs!~🎧😍🎶🎸🎹 by Autumndarkness89
🎧 Listen to cool songs!~🎧😍🎶🎸🎹by #96 Outcast 💔
Most of these songs are the ones you've never listen to before, but they'll be music to your ears for s'more new rocking music!😉📚🎹🎼🎵💿🔁(P.S., I don't own the songs...
  • lyrics
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  • guitar
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The Spark Inside (BACKSTAGE) by DancingInMyHead4
The Spark Inside (BACKSTAGE)by DanceIsEverything
Just a girl trying to fit in.
  • spark
  • tvshow
  • singing
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Prologue: The Melody To My Heart by chxrellx_xxx
Prologue: The Melody To My Heartby PhantomTheif_xxx
Christopher Blaze Wilde A billionare, handsome and the popular lead guitarist and singer of the band "3RLLION." He got everything. Money, fame, face, talent, g...
  • badboy
  • vocals
  • teenfiction
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⭐ Look Out Valleri  --  A Davy Jones FanFiction ⭐ by theguiltyreader
⭐ Look Out Valleri -- A Davy AJ
Meet Valleri Delaire, an 18 year old who has just graduated and is ready to have one last carefree summer before college and the inevitable tasks of adult responsibility...
  • tambourine
  • british
  • band
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"Ойлгомжгүй харилцаа" by CasandraYuri
"Ойлгомжгүй харилцаа"by NiNi Moo
Би энэ харилуааг ойлгохгүй байна энэ харилцаа юун дээр тогтоод байгаан бэ?
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Rhythm Of The Colors  by mangamusicme
Rhythm Of The Colors by mangamusicme
Liam Blake is an artist. Well, when he's alone that is... He's expected to be like the rest of his family, refined, elegant, successful and smart. But how much of it can...
  • art
  • musicianxartist
  • story
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The Guitar Man's Secret Love by martykate1
The Guitar Man's Secret Loveby Marty Kate
What lengths would you go to if you wanted to save someone's life? Would you defy the past and try to re-write history, no matter what the consequences? When Berengaria...
  • friends
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  • spell
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- ✧ ' midnight sunshine! ' by rocketstarletta
- ✧ ' midnight sunshine! 'by rocket!
"Are you kidding me? A band?" Cal's eyes widened. "You don't even have any other members that would possibly want to be in a band!" Weston smirked at...
  • teenagers
  • famous
  • songwriting
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Strings||cody Christian  by sstilinski24_
Strings||cody Christian by sstilinski24_
"Life's Just broken guitar strings" "Well lets go buy new ones" "Why are you trying to make me feel better" "Because it will make me f...
  • broken
  • strings
  • love
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William's Poke High School (Side Story to the Original) by SamRedstoneYoutube
William's Poke High School (Side Sem Red
You've read Poke High School, but now read it through side character, William's eyes. Written by William himself (Whomst the character is named after), this story shows...
  • poke
  • pokemonfanfictions
  • shipping
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Musicaddict Prankster by SassyRashi
Musicaddict Pranksterby Sassy Rashi
🌼 🌼 Avril Crystal Collins is a regular prankster at Greenwich High and often called as troublemaker. She is not in any of the groups in her school, whether it's emos...
  • joker
  • batman
  • comedy
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Hemas by anjunaamelya
Hemasby Anjuna Amelya
Aku tidak tahu mengapa aku tiba-tiba menangis, yang kutahu mungkin aku sedang merasakan rindu. Itupun jika aku melihat fotonya, yang kurasakan malah ingin muntah. Sepert...
  • kediri
  • persahabatan
  • love
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Rock star Reality  by Kahluaandhoney101
Rock star Reality by Emily Rose
just a little short story about being a rock star sort of thankyou if you take the time to read this story thankyou
  • imagination
  • reality
  • rockstar
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Guitars And Pastries | AWG a.u. by PamelaAllTimeLow
Guitars And Pastries | AWG wotmahmen
He was my world, but I was just his star. And he is Alex Gaskarth.
  • jack
  • guitar
  • bakery
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He Who Plays the Guitar  by christianloveforever
He Who Plays the Guitar by christianloveforever
Helen and Slash's relationship hit a bump in the road.
  • awesome
  • alcholism
  • axlrose
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Guitar Chords by AkosiLolong
Guitar Chordsby AkosiLolong
Rock your life with music!
  • guitar
  • music
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