The Girl Who Lives, and The Boy Who Gives. by Momo3625
The Girl Who Lives, and The Boy LilChocolateDonut
Sequel to "The Girl Who Stutters, and The Boy Who Mutters." Scott and Abby have been through hell and back together, will they be able to survive a few more bu...
  • mutter
  • wattys2017
  • cute
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Heart of Gold by LovelyWriter123
Heart of Goldby D.M. Emerald
Jason McTern left the small town of Vensword to escape his sorrows. When he returns to check on his diner and family he didn't expect Grace Adler.  Gracie works at the...
  • beaten
  • gold
  • tears
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Always by -Devoid
Alwaysby t. •HIATUS•
In which Bree Higgins falls for her dad's best friend's son.
  • gregfeder
  • grown
  • story
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The First Day Of Summer (Sequel to The Lake House) by MarvelWorksWonders
The First Day Of Summer (Sequel Kelly Stark-Rogers
Three years after that epic summer at the lake house, the Feder family has found themselves back in Lenny's hometown...and that means a whole new ballgame for Greg and K...
  • ups
  • kaylee
  • greg
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Takumi Aldini X Reader  A Long Time Ago by Kae_Den
Takumi Aldini X Reader A Long Naruuuu
Takumi and {Name} had been married for 18 years and have a child named Yumi who is 13 years old. She tells the story and adventures of how she and Takumi met in this rom...
  • grown
  • shokugeki
  • married
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Just a Game by trwrec
Just a Gameby +
Trust is a black and white concept; there's no such thing as trusting someone a little.
  • player
  • school
  • game
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The Lake House by MarvelWorksWonders
The Lake Houseby Kelly Stark-Rogers
Kaylee Davis is the niece to Marcus Higgens and ends up tagging along with her parents to Coach Buzzer's funeral. There she meets Lenny 'Hollywood' Feder and his family...
  • summer
  • ups
  • grown
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I Know You (A Dramione Fanfiction) by MyNameIsSenpai
I Know You (A Dramione Fanfiction)by Presley
Slightly AU. Draco and Hermione (and Blaise) knew each other before Hogwarts. They were the closest friends if only for a day. Why did the Slytherin Princes separate fro...
  • harry
  • draco
  • dramione
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Grown Ups by _Ruthie_3124_
Grown Upsby _Ruthie_3124_
  • emma
  • feder
  • grown
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A Weekend at the Lake House by SkittlesDelight
A Weekend at the Lake Houseby christi
Mia Evans is born in a cold household with very busy parents and no siblings. She was born rich, but she has never been spoiled or bratty. On this particular summer, her...
  • greg
  • grown
  • ups
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Grown Ups 2 by _Ruthie_3124_
Grown Ups 2by _Ruthie_3124_
Let me tell you what's happened since Greg and I last were here. After the lake house Greg and I talked whenever we could. Three years we've been together. After about 6...
  • higgins
  • feder
  • greg
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Still Got You by _xQVOx
Still Got Youby _xQVOx
Third part to Anything but Normal (a Chresanto August love story) (Reading the first two parts recommended.)
  • august
  • thug
  • urban
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Kiss Me Once, Shame on You      Kiss Me Twice, Shame on Me by BetweenTheLines
Kiss Me Once, Shame on You Lindsay
Alice Kingsly remembers the day that Beck Cooper kissed her on the lips at her sixth birthday party. She hates Beck with all her heart. He spends his days torturing her...
  • kiss
  • alice
  • cooper
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All Grown Up {Cashton} by xCadenx
All Grown Up {Cashton}by Caden
Ashton, Calum, Michael, and Luke had been best friends since they were in diapers. They all grew up and got new hobbies, and they all changed but never grew apart. They...
  • caden087
  • hemmings
  • calum
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Grown Ups // Greg Feder by leesuh
Grown Ups // Greg Federby lisa
When Kinnley goes to the lake house with her uncle Marcus, things get weird.
  • grownups
  • gregfeder
  • grown
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Tryna be Grown by jadeawe
Tryna be Grownby Jade
Could u imagine bein in love wit someone so much that u would even give ur life for them? What if that person didn't love u back. No matter how much u put into that rela...
  • complicatedrelationships
  • thebeyhive
  • danger
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Witness *Completed* by secretwriter08
Witness *Completed*by secretwriter08
I had everything. A wonderful mom (even though she wasn’t exactly a saint), a brother who cared, a boyfriend who cared, and fabulous friends. But then I witnessed somet...
  • nineteen
  • josephine
  • andrew
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Jade & Sia by YaniiXavier
Jade & Siaby YaniiXavier
Lust Love Life •Jade & Sia•
  • lust
  • grown
  • jade
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Am I Dreaming? (A BVB Fan Fiction) by MikkiMarvel
Am I Dreaming? (A BVB Fan Fiction)by Mickey Marvel
Kaia is a 17 year old girl with beautiful features, and an abusive mother. She runs away from home and gets the biggest surprise of her life, meeting BVB. But that isn't...
  • bacon
  • mom
  • broken-nose
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grown ups love story:greg feder by Ihatesnakeu_123
grown ups love story:greg federby Ihatesnakeu_123
rob Hillard's daughter go to the lake house she falls in love with Greg feder.Her ex boyfriend is Andy the frat boy.
  • grown
  • ups