groupie's holy grail  by cutesycalum
groupie's holy grail by princess kendra Fanfiction
the infamous groupies guide
Stepping on the Cracks by AliceForever
Stepping on the Cracks by Alice Black Fanfiction
BØRNS moves gracefully around the stage, dancing slowly. He bobs his head forward and back, side to side, hitting every other beat when he does. When he walks, it's the...
Tinted by motelshrimp
Tinted by ‹ meagan › Fanfiction
In which Billie, Ro, and Eddie get caught up in the vicious world of sex, drugs, and rock n' roll. [started 9/13/17]
groupies, groupies, groupies by jaggerplease
groupies, groupies, groupies by gracie Random
A book to express every feeling you have towards the muses of the best music ever created. cover by @starbeatles
Internet Famous by scamandered
Internet Famous by ally and holly Teen Fiction
Hattie has been taking a lot of verbal beatings her whole life, especially online, and she has always thought so lowly of herself because of it. But then she finds Ava w...
G's Groupies (G-Eazy) by G-EazysFanGirl
G's Groupies (G-Eazy) by G-EazysFanGirl Fanfiction
"You should come on tour with me," G said as he smirked at me. I was nervous to say the least but at the same time, part of me was thrilled. "I don't know...
Just The Music • • Robert Plant by motelbby
Just The Music • • Robert Plant by motelbby Romance
Bonzo reunites with a childhood friend who goes on tour with the band. She comes for the music, will she stay for the people? ROBERT PLANT LOVE STORY