Why Don't We ☆ Imagines by -PrincessKiandra
Why Don't We ☆ Imagines by Kiandra 💘
Imagines of the Why Don't We boys❤ (August and Eben as well *kinda*) Includes Preferences and Imagines :) Highest rank; #5 in fanfiction♡
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Instagram 2 Jack Gilinsky  by mendesgirlll
Instagram 2 Jack Gilinsky by Mendesgirlll
So here you go an ACTUAL SEQUAL!!!!! After deciding for a long time whether I wanted this book to carry on or not I thought why not? I know I have my Sam Wilkinson Assi...
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She's Mine by Chineleaxx
She's Mine by Leaxxer
He Loves To Kill... He Loves To Steal... He Loves to makes other Organization Down... He's The Master... He's The Gangleader... He's The Mafia Boss What if fate will pla...
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BTS OTP One-shots (Open For Requests!!!!) by kryzticisms
BTS OTP One-shots (Open For Reques... by Kryz Pasco
BTS ships/OTP one shots. NamJin VKook VMin YoonMin VHope Etc . . Warning: boyxboy NO TO HOMOPHOBIA!!! VOTE AND COMMENT OPEN FOR REQUESTS...
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Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
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Werewolf Commission by CourageousReader
Werewolf Commission by E
Elina Weitzel, the water Elemental, has finally settled into the Werewolf Committee with her mate, the Alpha, Tate. It has been many years and Elina is now pregnant. How...
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The Hidden World of Norminah by ManiMufasa
The Hidden World of Norminah by ManiMufasa
A fanfic about the relationship between Fifth Harmony members, Normani Kordei and Dinah Jane. Unlike other fanfics, this one is based on real-life situations revolving...
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Nudes • PCY by gtfohyung
Nudes • PCY by Tam
:this bra was like 50$ but it was worth it. Seen Real__pcy: I agree it was worth it. Chanyeol hates Instagram spam coming from his Dms. But who knew accidentally opening...
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Group Chat by Lola24256
Group Chat by Lola♡
Buttercream squad group chat♡
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Vernon the Fanboy; Vernon x Reader by Wannabe_Momo
Vernon the Fanboy; Vernon x Reader by California Fangirl
Y/n is part of a popular girl group. Vernon is a huge fan of Y/n's group and Y/n is his bias. What happens when Vernon gets the chance to collab with his idol crush?
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Glo  by Princess_Yonna
Glo by Kenyonna💓
Meet 17 year old Malia Everly . She knew nothing but the hood and struggling everyday . Malia had a talent nobody ever knew she had . All her friends doubted her and nob...
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Buzzed Hearts by ablush
Buzzed Hearts by Madison
Camila Bean is sort of an expert at dating. That is until she meets Laurent King, the boy she inexplicably develops an instant attraction to within their first few minut...
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shawty | ogoc&freshlee by babygmaloley
shawty | ogoc&freshlee by lillian
"you our shawty now" "thanks but no thanks"
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|| SECRET CHILD OF JUNG HOSEOK || [✔] by memorizedsightings
Jung Hoseok aka J-Hope has a child from a one night stand. He does whatever he can to take care of his daughter but how long will this secret last? START DATE: 09/17/16 ...
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instagram// omaha  by honestjian
instagram// omaha by Cristina Meza
it's in the title
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Why Dont We Preferences by el_ena1304
Why Dont We Preferences by Elena
I do literally nothing so Why Dont We read this cringe. Hahaha im so funny 😂😂. Okay i guess not
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Animal Rp (Open) by Wolf_In_Shadows
Animal Rp (Open) by Shade
Become an animal, any animal in the whole world..
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Safety (Camren G!P) by nuggettjauregui
Safety (Camren G!P) by JaureguiNuggett
301-754-6789: Alright alright fine. I Lied okay? You happy? I fucking Lied. 301-754-9789: Shit wrong number... sorry. and this is how it started. this is how they met. ...
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Let You Down • {Daniel Gillies} by jaceherondales
Let You Down • {Daniel Gillies} by •b r i t t a n y•
{SOCIAL MEDIA} In which Daniel Gillies and Remington Somerhalder hate each other... or do they?
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Wrong Number • {Nathaniel Buzolic} by jaceherondales
Wrong Number • {Nathaniel Buzolic} by •b r i t t a n y•
{SOCIAL MEDIA} In which Nate Buzolic drunk texts the wrong number and ends up with way more than he bargained for.
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