The 100 Girls and Actresses - Preferences / Imagines (REQUESTS OPEN) by AlexCareyFTM
The 100 Girls and Actresses - Alex/Eliza and Kole
Octavia Blake - Skairipa - Marie Avgeropoulus Clarke Griffin - Wanheda - Eliza Taylor Raven Reyes - Wrench Monkey - Lindsey Morgan Lexa - Leksa Kom Trikru - Alycia Debna...
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Dragon Born by Dragon_Katt
Dragon Bornby Katt Marie
Emily always thought she was normal, just like everyone else. She finds out that she was kidnapped from the king and queen of dragons. What will happen when her dragon f...
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Bloodsport ▸ John Murphy by tinkertaydust
Bloodsport ▸ John Murphyby — TAY.
❝ if I fall short, if I break rank it's a bloodsport, but I understand I am all yours, I am unmanned I'm on all fours, willingly damned ❞ [ discontinue...
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LOVE in Polis by Daughterofchaos065
LOVE in Polisby ヽ( ´¬`)ノ
Clarke and Lexa finally found peace. Their love for each other blossoms over the days. Follow this lovely couple one there journey through Love in Polis
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The 100 Imagines [ ON HOLD ] by MarleeMarie
The 100 Imagines [ ON HOLD ]by Marlee
The 100 Preferences and Imagines ( I take requests, Just Comment or Message ) Includes: Clarke Griffen, Raven Reyes, Commander Lexa, Octavia Blake, Murphy, Bellamy Blake...
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Warriors ( Bellarke fanfic Book 3 ) by vettz_
Warriors ( Bellarke fanfic Book 3 )by vettz_
This is season three book three of my Bellarke fanfic !!! book 2 is survivors! go read it
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Kane's Daughter  by thesupernaturalTeen
Kane's Daughter by the supernatural Teenwolf Mer...
Marcus kane's daughter was arrested. She was sent down with the 100. Her only friends on the ark where Clark and Wells. No none knows how she got arrested. She tried to...
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my guardian angel (clexa) by lgbt_izzy
my guardian angel (clexa)by isabelle
based from when the 100 first landed on earth, the sky people thought they were alone but they were wrong. clarke was being followed, watched and she woyld soon find out...
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Hotel Transylvania: A new Enemy by aliciabogs899
Hotel Transylvania: A new Enemyby aliciabogs899
Dracula, Frank, Wayne, Murray, and Griffin take on a new enemy that's threatening Dracula's family. Will Dracula stop this new enemy before it is to late?
  • mavis
  • wayne
  • murray
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Earth's Echo (The 100) by FanFicWarrior
Earth's Echo (The 100)by Mckayla
Echo Nathans was once a doctor in training, but is now a juvenile delinquent to the Ark's standard is 18 years of age. After realizing that they weren't going to float h...
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