Beneath the Pain - Percy Jackson and the Avengers Crossover by JacksonChase101
Beneath the Pain - Percy Jackson Tiffany Achilles Jackson
After the defeat of Gaea in the 2nd war, Percy Jackson decided he'd need a rest from fighting and quests for the time being. Unfortunately, Percy seemed out of luck comi...
  • loki
  • percyjackson
  • adventure
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The New Chaos Army by SnoKitten
The New Chaos Armyby Snokitten
This story is completely new. Forget Omega, forget all the dead warriors of the old chaos army. A brand new chaos army book that will (hopefully) be awesome. *PLOT* ...
  • suspense
  • annabeth
  • hazellevesque
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MEMORY [Wonder Woman - Steve Trevor] by Acyrology
MEMORY [Wonder Woman - Steve Dolan Twins
Steve Trevor is dead. Little does he know how much he's left behind. ***************************************** Diana is pregnant. And she's hiding in London from Themysc...
  • tfmcaoctopus
  • alive
  • dc
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Greek gods x reader by aleped95
Greek gods x readerby aleped95
This is a collection of stories x reader with some greek gods. just to let you know every god has a story divided into three part (first: meeting in the human world, sec...
  • ares
  • hades
  • greekmythology
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The Smart One {COMPLETE} by Coolabigirl
The Smart One {COMPLETE}by a~b~i
Tony Stark was a playboy. He was never meant to be a father. Especially to a growing demigod whom he couldn't care less about. Both from two different, NEVER meant to m...
  • fatherdaughter
  • tony
  • greekmythology
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Soldier ▶ L. Martin by -richierich
Soldier ▶ L. Martinby kaitlyn :)
In which, Scott McCall's younger cousin is a warrior of many generations sent from above. lydia martin x male oc - begins in season 3a - [REWRITING & REEDITING]
  • maliatate
  • kirayukimura
  • scottmccallcousin
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Mortals Meet the Demigods by Grayson_TheNight
Mortals Meet the Demigodsby g r a y s o n
Read the title. I'll try for original and read worthy! I also do crossovers with other fandoms so let me know if there's one you want me to do!
  • mortal
  • frazel
  • crossover
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Greek gods one-shots by bivilis
Greek gods one-shotsby bivilis
No, these are not the gods in the pjo series. They're just the gods straight outta greek mythology.
  • zeus
  • hermes
  • hades
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Angels of Chaos: Warriors of the Stars [COMPLETED] by TheAllAmericanNordic
Angels of Chaos: Warriors of the The Polar Bear
Archangel. that was his new name. he no longer went by what you know him as, because if you even mention that name it brings back the memories. he was betrayed by his f...
  • thalico
  • greekmythology
  • wattys2015
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My Name Is Omega by SnoKitten
My Name Is Omegaby Snokitten
After Percy is betrayed by everyone who loves him, including his girlfriend, the love of his life, Annabeth, he runs away and joins Chaos army.(Pretty much like every ot...
  • percyjackson
  • artemis
  • thaliagrace
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Pertemis A Wolf's Tale  by Adaminus_de_Laserose
Pertemis A Wolf's Tale by 🕊Blood & Roses 🥀
✅ completed 👌 The full moon slave with the unbreakable curse, Shall returns and the family will divert. Vengeance and hatred he shall seek to pay, Olympus shall be his...
  • percy
  • mythology
  • rickriordan
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People Meet Percabeth  by carolinebyrd4
People Meet Percabeth by 🌊🦋👅🇺🇸🏐🌼
Percabeth~ Perseus Jackson + Annabeth Chase Name a more iconic duo. I'll wait. PEOPLE MEET PERCABETH THE BEST SHIP EVER. Includes mortals, demigods, and characters you a...
  • campjupiter
  • heroesofolympus
  • love
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Percy Jackson, a new God {completed} by trashyemmy
Percy Jackson, a new God { ⏰
Here's a brief short summary: Annabeth cheats on Percy with his best friend Jason. He runs a way and the fates meet him and turn him into the most powerful God that cann...
  • completed
  • percyjackson
  • persassy
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Percy Jackson Fanfiction- The Blackening Sea by Lord_Khaos
Percy Jackson Fanfiction- The Lord_Khaos
Hey guys! This is my new book, a pj fanfic with Nyx as his mom! Pls vote and comment for more books! ;). ENTERED FOR WATTPAD 2016 COMPETITION: WATTYS2016
  • percyjackson
  • pjohoo
  • greekmythology
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Dishevelled Beings  by akratics
Dishevelled Beings by 🕊
What could possibly happen when you come face to face with an offer you cannot refuse. Literally. Avoid death by dating him. Of course, for Iris Venard, the choice is si...
  • infatuation
  • desire
  • boy
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PERTEMIS 3 (Percy Jackson and the Battle of the Five Armies) ✅ by Adaminus_de_Laserose
PERTEMIS 3 (Percy Jackson and 🕊Blood & Roses 🥀
"....From now on, I declare war on Olympus!" Being betrayed again by Zeus. Percy can't hold him back anymore that finally he says his words. Will he able to d...
  • heroesofolympus
  • pertemis
  • percyjackson
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YOU┃lukecastellan by aphrodyite
YOU┃lukecastellanby 🌙
they feared the worst. the worst is her. Olympus will falter. ⋙ BOOK ONE Thais Bello will soon arrive to Camp Half-Blood, the safest haven on Earth for her kind. But n...
  • love
  • betrayal
  • lukecastellan
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There Was No Moving On (Heroes Of Olympus Fanfiction) by DisbemyDamAccount
There Was No Moving On (Heroes My cousin....Miguel.
Annabeth had been through a lot of physical, emotional and mental pain before. But none of those could compare to this. The emptiness- No. Not emptiness. Heartbroken. G...
  • jason
  • annabeth
  • hazel
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Greek Mythology Selection by Little-PotterHead
Greek Mythology Selectionby Karina/Little
The Gods are dying. That's right simple as that. Each one decides to make another form of themselves, but it didn't really work out. But I guess they gotta work with wha...
  • halfbloods
  • greekmythology
  • godparents
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solangelo » one shots [boyxboy] by punkwearsconverse
solangelo » one shots [boyxboy]by r,,
♡ this is a story filled with fluff (mostly smh) about my beautiful son will and my adorable sun nico ♡
  • angelo
  • percyjackson
  • rickriordan
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