Betrothed to Jack Frost #Watty's2017 by Alycat1901
Betrothed to Jack Frost #Watty's20... by Alex Gedgaudas
"Y-you're..." she stuttered, her eyes widening in disbelief. Elle couldn't find any words to say. Finally, after a long silence, the strange name bubbled in he...
  • wattyawards
  • apollo
  • gods
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Zeus (The God Chronicles #1) by kamerykae
Zeus (The God Chronicles #1) by Kamery Solomon
Sometimes, even the gods can't change their fate... Vegas is not where Karly had imagined herself to be at this point in her life.She was supposed to be living in Calif...
  • zeus
  • series
  • las
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Forsaken Deity by saturn137
Forsaken Deity by Mel-Belle
[2013 Watty Finalist] Thea Gibson lives a normal life. She waitresses at her local bar, pays her bills on time, has a secret crush on Detective Josh Cooper and let's he...
  • gods
  • aphrodite
  • athena
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Hades (Hades Series #1) by _caitlinemma
Hades (Hades Series #1) by caitlin
Evie Autumn, like almost every other nineteen year old was just your average, unimportant, everyday girl. She attended university, she had that one quirk that everyone t...
  • evie
  • havie
  • caitlinemma
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How To Be A Queen (Myths Finding Love #1) by AerithSage
How To Be A Queen (Myths Finding L... by Alyssa Urbano
[COMPLETED!] What if Hades never met Persephone? What if he has been alone for millennia now, lonely and ruling the underworld on his own? What if since the daw...
  • mythology
  • wedding
  • arrangedmarriage
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Poseidon's Girl by weedly
Poseidon's Girl by weedly
[Highest Rank: #43 in Romance] "Tell me to kiss you," he whispered so quiet and husk I wouldn't have heard if he wasn't my main focus of attention. "...
  • ocean
  • greek
  • love
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Hades Doctor by Eliabeacsp
Hades Doctor by Eliabeacsp
80# teen-fiction. His burning ember eyes calculated my every move as he pulled me over his shoulder, his touch too warm for someone so cold. Our parents ask us to be ca...
  • poseidon
  • mythology
  • romance
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A Billionaire's Desire (Completed) by HinaShahjehan
A Billionaire's Desire (Completed) by Hina Shahjehan
Salina is a young innocent English beauty. Demetrius POV: I had fallen for the innocent beauty but this angry blazing beauty enticed me.She looked ravishing. Her shynes...
  • greek
  • romances
  • billionaire
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The Trio  by Pop_Off
The Trio by Sea🌊💕
Zeus, The Supreem Ruler of the Olympians and Gods. He was known for his anger, fury, but also his Heroic ways. Hades, The ruler of the underworld and the dead. Having ra...
  • greek
  • swirl
  • interracial
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A new purpose  (pjo/ HoO fanfic) by eliana_casey_xoxo
A new purpose (pjo/ HoO fanfic) by Eliana
When Percy Jackson's new brother Nathan turns up at camp, he is forgotten. He looses annabeth; the friendship of his camp mates; he's parents are dead; and most importan...
  • pertemis
  • pjo
  • jackson
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Learning to Love [MXM]✓ by saintc
Learning to Love [MXM]✓ by ѕαιɴт cαlιeɴdo
Riches aren't everyone's taste and that's the case of Zeus Darcanius. Zeus Darcanius; rich, powerful and influential hasn't always been the confident strong headed man h...
  • mature
  • gay
  • marriage
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Mafia Mistake #Wattys2017 by MyLife_As
Mafia Mistake #Wattys2017 by Isabella
She wore smiles. He wore a mask. She held conversation. He held threats. She handles magazine covers. He handles guns. Alessa, an occupied model comes into a fatal colli...
  • mob
  • rivalry
  • gangs
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The Broken Melody [malexmale] by rotXinXpieces
The Broken Melody [malexmale] by Rotty
(Book 22) Tristan doesn't do drama. He doesn't have time. Between trying to prove his worth as a member of the Royal Guard and keeping street rats out of his garbage can...
  • boyxboy
  • yaoi
  • mythology
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Persephone by CarolineAdams
Persephone by Caroline Adams
Persephone, The Goddess of Life, book one of The Goddess series. Persephone was a beautiful young hearted soul. Her hair was as red as roses and bright as the sun. Her e...
  • gods
  • demeter
  • greek
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Magpie Hearts by kaznav
Magpie Hearts by reni
❝ plague the unfaithful and consume them with desire. ❞ Kadriye Solak used to whisper the songs of the dead and for that, she paid the price, her sanity in exchange of h...
  • suspense
  • redemption
  • greek
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Book 2: ENAMOURED  by agatharoza
Book 2: ENAMOURED by Agatha Rose
[HR: 22 on Science Fiction] Centuries ago, there's a creature called Androgynous. Each with two sets of genitalia, the Androgynous having both male and female genitalia...
  • myth
  • greek
  • hades
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The Fates (Book I) - 2014 Watty Award Winner! by _Ahna_
The Fates (Book I) - 2014 Watty Aw... by _Ahna_
They walk among us. All three, living normal mortal lives. Cloe is graduating college; Lacey is getting married; Atria is bar-hopping and breaking hearts. Today, they ar...
  • ancient
  • immortal
  • romance
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Cupid's Granddaughter by GermanSam
Cupid's Granddaughter by Samantha Carol
Greek Mythology. First installment in the Cupid series. Amore, Liebe, Amour, No matter what language you say it in it means love and it's Peyton's job. Her grandfather...
  • cupids
  • mythology
  • cupid
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We Don't Mix (Percy Jackson Fan Fic/ Love Story) by PrincessShaye1
We Don't Mix (Percy Jackson Fan Fi... by YAS QUEEN
Winter's father is Hades, the dispized god and hated god. Her mother died while giving birth but at the exact moment, the Fates told the Olympians that she will be power...
  • percyjackson
  • mermaid
  • gods
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Betrothed to the Prince of Tartarus {Pertemis} by Fanofthehunt
Betrothed to the Prince of Tartaru... by Book Worm
In this story, Percy joins Kronos's forces. They win the war, Olympus falls, and all the generals are rewarded with a goddess as a wife. Percy is rewarded with Artemis...
  • olympus
  • gods
  • percyjackson
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