Crimson Thread [Book 1] [editing/revising certain chapters!] by TridentOfSexiness
Crimson Thread [Book 1] [editing/r... by Nami Fanfiction
"The strength of one's will is dependent on the kind of person who owns it." Such words accurately describe Uzumaki Naruto. However, there is one other person...
My Best Friend's Brother ♡ by Ibtrill
My Best Friend's Brother ♡ by S h Δ r d e ' . Teen Fiction
I couldn't breath. He was so close to me. "Don't worry... She's not home..." He whispered in my ear. My heart raced. My legs were ready to tremble. Then he ki...
Good Things Come (A Vampire Academy Fanfiction) by anonymouslyalex
Good Things Come (A Vampire Academ... by Alex Fanfiction
*COMPLETE* Rose is a shy girl, fresh out of an abusive relationship. Rose and her friends all have joined a self defense class and their instructor Stan has just left an...
99 Ways to get Rid of Annoying People by Twinklin_Lights
99 Ways to get Rid of Annoying Peo... by ツ Humor
Welcome and beware this book may change your life :3 CAUTION: Please keep in mind that this book is purely fiction and anything deemed inappropriate in this book is pure...
Definitely (A Niall Horan Fan Fiction) by snugglinghazza
Definitely (A Niall Horan Fan Fict... by snugglinghazza Fanfiction
[COMPLETED] Brooke Hayes was a typical teenage girl who, like many others, was suffering from an adolescent heartbreak. If you told her that a single trip to Ireland to...
Sonnets by CalebPaul
Sonnets by Caleb Poetry
The most beautiful form of poetry in my opinion. :)
The Animal Whisperer by coolcats22
The Animal Whisperer by coolcats22 Science Fiction
Tegan may seem like an average girl, living a normal life. But you're wrong. Tegan has a special talent - She can communicate with animals. Some people call her an anima...
Fighting the Inner Demons (Beast Boy x Raven) by T-Birdee17
Fighting the Inner Demons (Beast B... by T-Birdee17 Fanfiction
When Beast Boy and Raven wake up in the middle of the Rain Forest, with no sign of civilization, and their powers not working correctly, they have to work together to tr...
The Alpha's Rogue Mate Book 2 (Completed) by GoldenInk
The Alpha's Rogue Mate Book 2 (Com... by M Inks Fanfiction
Jinx and Sapphire are happily mated now, but trouble arises when the Moonshire pack finds out Sapphire is the new female alpha of Jinx's pack. Brownie, the jealous she-w...
Poems of the Deep Dark Heart by 24CasterXAngel1878
Poems of the Deep Dark Heart by Caster Poetry
This is a collection of my poems inspired by the novels I've read. Others are inspired by completely different things. Some are sonnets, some are not, some are just out...
My Opinions on Ships!!  by Young__Author
My Opinions on Ships!! by JAYED Random
Literally my opinions on ships. Because I can!!! Comment ships for me to give my opinion on. Only for certain fandoms. Steven Universe. Gravity Falls. Young Justice. DC...
Surviving Final Exams by Shae_bug
Surviving Final Exams by Shae Non-Fiction
Alas Final exams are here again and I the master at Beating The System am here to help you through the stress of final exams :)
Individual Roleplay <Pokémon version> by -MintyLeaf-
Individual Roleplay by Minty Random
Imagine all of the possibility that will happen! Make friends, enemies, and even lovers. Make your own story!
Our Life Together | As the Grass Grows by JJGrim
Our Life Together | As the Grass G... by JJGrim Fanfiction
THIS IS THE SECOND BOOK! IF YOU DON'T WANT SPOILERS, PLEASE READ THE FIRST BOOK, "Our Life Together | Consumed", THANK YOU Also, shoutout to MarionetteJ2X, the...
The Element of Deception by K_writer1
The Element of Deception by K_writer1 Historical Fiction
Laurel has it all. She's a princess, it's her fifteenth birhday, and all the princes in the land want to be her husband. But not everything in Laurel's life is how it se...
Elemental {ON HOLD} by piferdryden
Elemental {ON HOLD} by Pifer Dryden Fantasy
Andi is a thirteen year old girl. But she's not normal. All of the other Lights are normal except her, and a very few select others. Andi is a Flicker, so she has to kee...
A Life of Love by Henrypotter999
A Life of Love by Henry the Magical Otter Romance
A story about a pair of lovers who grow up together for most of their lives, encountering many ups and downs in their relationship. From childhood until death, this coup...
The Ways in Which We Walk the Earth by LadyKurdle
The Ways in Which We Walk the Earth by Lady Kurdle Poetry
Poetry to nourish the soul and mind, for better or worse.
Touched by TruthofImagination
Touched by The Truth of Imagination Short Story
Two 'extracts', that both depict the same event, however, each piece is a description from two different characters. The aim of the juxtaposition of these two different...
Under the Grassy Sky by Crowsheepotato
Under the Grassy Sky by PositivelyPotato Fanfiction
Harry, the blade of grass and Jimmy, the dandelion discuss the events of the Great Lawnmower War. One-shot.