Starstruck by huffleyn452
Starstruckby foxes_dialect234
Adelaide White is a typical 16-year old girl. She loves her three older brothers and her dog bestie. But then her life changes when she is hit by a Falling Star and disc...
  • water
  • sun
  • light
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Pokemon adoption and roleplay by NightWolf531
Pokemon adoption and roleplayby Dark Riolu
This is different from my other role-play groups. You can just adopt you only roleplay if you want to. You don't have to role-play. I do not own Pokemon characters. I'm...
  • trainer
  • pokemon
  • adoption
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The Same Man by renjunolojiy
The Same Manby Joy Garcia
The Man You idolized and Your enemy are One?How could it happen Read My story about a spazzer girl who idolized and ended up hating him but in the end ...ooppss,find the...
  • renjun
  • grass
  • nct127
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Elementals (Book 1) by Sophies_lovely_books
Elementals (Book 1)by Sophie
Jamie always wanted to be important but instead he has to deal with a life where everyone at his school taunts him for no good reasons. One day though, his life changed...
  • date
  • teacher
  • grass
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Ӏҽɑɾղ Եօ ՏԹҽɑk ցɾɑՏՏ  by thiccdicc-
Ӏҽɑɾղ Եօ ՏԹҽɑk ցɾɑՏՏ by dad fish.
վҽՏ, í ʍɑժҽ ԵհíՏ մԹ ҍմԵ íԵՏ ɾҽɑӀ
  • grass
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A Perfectly Perfect Normal Day by PridesFolly
A Perfectly Perfect Normal Dayby PrideBeforeTheFall
Mary has never felt grief. The statement "Mary has never felt grief" was a fact of life; just as the sky was blue, the grass was green, and Mary has never felt...
  • sky
  • figurativelanguage
  • irony
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The Fairy Clans: Rising by NaiaMaynard
The Fairy Clans: Risingby Naia Maynard
[ ✊⚠️Sequel to The Fairy Clans, do not read unless read the first book! The first book is not good compared to the second one because that was one of the very first book...
  • royal
  • mythical
  • music
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Untouchable by UnknownDreamerz
Untouchableby ~Super Weirdo~
She's cursed. She's broken. She's hurt. She's in love. Her name is Hazel. His name is Archie. Hazel always had her unusual power. The power of destruction. One touch of...
  • grass
  • flower
  • bad
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Blinding Light; Broken Trust by RyanJStories
Blinding Light; Broken Trustby Ryan James Scott
In the forest, lie the Kith. They usually live in harmony, wary of the other attacking. Is this how they should live? When an affliction takes hold of the forest, It's u...
  • ilk
  • broken
  • blinding
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Elements of all Universes by KazumaKazariAnime
Elements of all Universesby KazumaKazariAnime
When I was very young I didn't know how to draw humans. My only way of drawing things that had similar ways to a human were animals. Foxes, Cats, Wolves, ETC. But they w...
  • ice
  • cats
  • grass
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The lawnmower fic by trash_is_me
The lawnmower ficby Katie
The love story of the mowers lawn
  • neverforget
  • lawnmower
  • truelove
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Global Lawn Grass & Turf Grass Market Analysis and Forecast to 2022 by EmmaLeon34158
Global Lawn Grass & Turf Grass EmmaLeon34158
Global Lawn Grass & Turf Grass Market Research report peaks the key concerns of the Lawn Grass & Turf Grass market including highest sectors tangled, product classificat...
  • lawn
  • grass
  • global
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Global Lawn Grass & Turf Grass Market 2018 Economic Growth Outlook 2023 by peplisa
Global Lawn Grass & Turf Grass peplisa
The Global Lawn Grass & Turf Grass Market 2018 report includes Lawn Grass & Turf Grass Market Overview , Market Competition , Lawn Grass & Turf Grass industry volume, Pr...
  • lawn
  • grass
  • global
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Undercover by janiyor
Undercoverby Janiyors :)
In which two boys that go undercover quickly become infatuated with the girls they never thought it would happen with.
  • dolantwins
  • fanfiction
  • grass
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Individual Roleplay <Pokémon version> by -MintyLeaf-
Individual Roleplay by Minty
Imagine all of the possibility that will happen! Make friends, enemies, and even lovers. Make your own story!
  • fire
  • roleplay
  • pokemonrp
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