Loki X Reader (Thor: Ragnarok) by FeirceAngel
Loki X Reader (Thor: Ragnarok)by Loup Blanc
A Loki x reader based off of Thor: Ragnarok! By the way, it's pretty awesome, so you should definitely read it!!! Disclaimer, I don't own any of Marvel's characters. P...
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Immortals by annemarshallofficial
Immortalsby Anne Marshall
The Cursed Prince: book two of three Henrietta and Cyrus' battle is over and all they want to do is get the hell out of town. With Margery watching her sister back home...
  • family
  • exfamily
  • bloodydeath
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Loki x grandmaster oneshot book by sanna666
Loki x grandmaster oneshot bookby sanna666
Okay hahaha I don't ship this, but ... I had to make Loki a sugar baby. Like come onnnn I had to! -smut warning- -gayyyyy- -these are not my characters- -daddy kink warn...
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Mysteries of Quinn by glaaxy
Mysteries of Quinnby g
[ COMPLETED & PUBLISHING TWO CHAPTERS PER WEEK ] Meet Harper Quinn. She is tough, strong, and arrogant. You would never expect her to become a softie. Meet Princess Sa...
  • familysecrets
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Snowy Joy, No Broken Toys by bandyshade
Snowy Joy, No Broken Toysby bandyshade
*** Set across three continents, Adanah embarks on a journey to experience snow for the very first time. Hurdles sorted, she and her newspaper-freak grandmother set out...
  • television
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Christmas Angels by RichardDeWolfe
Christmas Angelsby Richard De Wolfe
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Little Red by Starshy03
Little Redby Starshy03
"Straight ahead. Do not delay or be mislead." ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ That's what Tera was told as she grabbed her basket of sweets for Granny who is s...
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Extra Fries by itstherapeutic
Extra Friesby itstherapeutic
"Extra fries?" "Goddamn it, Rena, you know I'm saying exercise!" Rena Wade was one of the skinniest, but unhealthiest young adults on the planet, and...
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Loki de Sakaar by PanConMantequilla187
Loki de Sakaarby PanConMantequilla187
Sakaar vive en los límites de lo conocido y desconocido Es el punto de reunión para todo aquello perdido y sin amor ¡Como Loki! Thorki GrandmasterxLoki
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A Forever Romance (IN EDITING RIGHT NOW) by Mrs_Hazel_Cahill
A Forever Romance (IN EDITING Mrs_Hazel_Cahill
Jonah finally realizes that Amber is manipulative, so he breaks up with her, but then a few weeks later he realizes he likes andi, what will happen between Jonah and and...
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The Painting by bluedog341
The Paintingby Catie Rain
Cassandra Taylor has always felt invisible. At school, at home among her four brothers, pretty much everywhere. One of the only things that has ever brought her comfort...
  • alhzeimersawareness
  • heartbreak
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Loki's Redemption  by fangirls_tmnt
Loki's Redemption by H & K
After Ragnarok, Loki went back to Sakaar. He was punished by the Grandmaster and forced to become one of his gladiators. When Thanos' army rises, the Avengers will need...
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  • asgard
  • thorragnarok
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Orbiting Jupiter by ZTFelS04
Orbiting Jupiterby ZTFelS04
This is a story which lacks love. Then: She was Jupiter. They were the moons. Now: She is Elara, and she no longer knows who Jupiter is. (Full Description inside)
  • family
  • grandmother
  • tragedy
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Summer Love | TLOS by tlos_authors35
Summer Love | TLOSby Amanda, Flora, Grant and Quyn...
Alex Bailey is a 15 almost 16-year-old girl. She lives with her magical Grandmother in Florida. When her twin brother, Conner invites her to stay in his mansion in Los A...
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Red Riding Hood by Annaleen101
Red Riding Hoodby Annie
You think you know my story... You're wrong. My name is Alexandria. I live on the edge of a dark and beautiful forest. Dark and beautiful like the Wolf. Read the real an...
  • hood
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Red by Izzy_Way
Redby Izzy Way
Once upon a time, there was a village ruled by complete chaos, fear and death. The people who lived there suffered daily, living in fear from the threat of the forest. W...
  • mates
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The Boy and the Beast (Person of Choice x Reader) by BlackCat357
The Boy and the Beast (Person of BlackCat25
You had an abusive family, they said you were useless and unwanted. They said so many bad things about you, and yet you didn't understand a thing about what was going on...
  • human
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My grandmother stories by Beebieddd
My grandmother storiesby Debbie Deandra
It is about my grandmother who had what she want and to teach people that if you try hard you always will get what you want .She is there when the legendary burning in B...
  • life
  • grandmother
  • fun
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Sadie's Nightmare (In Progress - Should Be Done Soon) by LittleRaven94
Sadie's Nightmare (In Progress - Brenda Honeysett
Have you ever hidden under your blanket? Just pulled it up over your head and wished you were somewhere else? Well, six-year-old Sadie has. Her parents fight a lot an...
  • thecosmicawards2018
  • monsters
  • horror
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Stuck Up Billionaire (Billionaire Series Book One) by silchiluvera
Stuck Up Billionaire ( sylvia ofoha
"Let go off my hand." I say in fueled anger. "And if I don't." He retorted. "Let me tell you one thing Mr high and mighty. You lost the power to...
  • hate
  • marriage
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