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So, i'm slightly reclusive, and practically nocturnal :P music is my inspriation and I listen to many things not many people have heard of - it all helps in the writing. I'm currently at university and it's absolutely brilliant :P I'm generally a bubbly person but I love to write dark novels, bit of intrigue and all that :D I've wrote since I was seven but still writers block continues to pester every now and then - but thats why girls buy ice cream and chocolate! xx Just a little bit about my stories, in the werewolf series is: Avoiding Alpha....................... completed Traumatised Tim.................... completed In my vampire series there is: A Beautiful Sacrifice............... completed A Beautiful Saviour................. completed While I've set them out as first, then it's sequel I have tried to make them stand alone as well, so you don't have to read in order :D Thought i'd make it easier for people to pick and choose x Well I am now on Twitter. If anyone is interested in following me i'm @Samimarykyte
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Ein Leben zwischen Realität und Fiktion. Fantasie übermannt meine Gedanken, zwingt mich in die Knie und lässt mich manchmal vergessen, was ich eigentlich bin. Der einzige Halt, in diesem Strudel aus Wirklichkeit und Traum: Geschichten. Ich schreibe, um mir von der Seele zu reden. Ich schreibe, um meine Träume nicht zu vergessen. Ich schreibe, um dem Himmel ein Stück näher zu sein. Agi ~~~ Fragen dürfen gestellt werden, genauso wie Kritik (bevorzugt konstruktiv, aber andere Formen sind auch möglich :D ) ausgeübt und Rechtschreibfehler an meinen Geschichten korrigiert werden dürfen. ~~~ Ich werde monoton und kühl, es gibt kein Schmerz mehr und kein Gefühl. Von allem Menschlichem verschont, ist es ein Zustand, der sich lohnt. Jetzt ist es endlich an der Zeit, die Technik steht für mich bereit. Die ganze Welt ist viel zu klein, so lass mich ein Computer sein.
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I'm an aspiring writer of horror, paranormal and gothic fantasy stories and poetry. You can show support by following me and voting/commenting on my stories. Also, consider checking out my YouTube channel where I post horror stories. Thank you (: My Horror Channel: Goodreads: ***** Favorite TV Series: Hannibal Penny Dreadful Game of Thrones Dexter Fringe Outcast The Strain Stranger Things Fargo The Following Taboo Favorite Authors: Bram Stoker Clive Barker Edgar Allan Poe Susan Hill Algernon Blackwood H.P Lovecraft Arthur Machen Junji Ito Franz Kafka Stephen King Robert McCammon Wilkie Collins Ramsey Cambell Joseph Vargo Anne Rice Kentaro Miura Neil Gaiman Peter Straub Oscar Wilde Angela Carter Thomas Harris Richard Matheson Joseph Sheridan Mary Shelley Gaston Leroux Favorite Manga: Berserk Elfen Lied Goth Uzumaki Fort of Apocalypse Paranoia Agent Fate/Zero Attack on Titan Vampire Knight PsychoPass Black Lagoon Claymore Betrayal Knows My Name Tokyo Ghoul Parasyte Shiki Erased Steins Gate Another Hellsing Monster Gantz Blood + Higurashi Death Note Ergo Proxy Favorite Bands: Cradle of Filth Dir En Grey Cannibal Corpse Vermillion-D Alice Syndrome Marilyn Manson Deathgaze Nox Arcana Imperial Circus Dead Decadence Motionless in White Nocturnal Bloodlust Dark Fortress Moi Dix Mois Arch Enemy Despairs Ray Suicide Silence Chelsea Grin Advent Sorrow Dark Funeral Favorite Gaming Series: Final Fantasy Devil May Cry Castlevania Baten Kaitos Drakengard Bloodborne Dark Souls Monster Hunter Mad Father Ib American Mcgee's Alice Star Ocean Nier Nioh Toukiden Soul Calibur Disgaea Shadow Hearts Persona God Eater Tales Of Brutal Legend .Hack Lollipop Chainsaw Favorite Movies: Crimson Peak Silence of the Lambs Dream House Gattaca Pan's Labyrinth Shutter Island Beautiful Mind Interview with the Vampire Sinister Peacock The Theory of Everything Insidious
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"I'm one of those people who believe that words are some of the last forms of magic that exist." -Lana Del Rey ☽ Queen of Midnight @_theveilednight_ ☽A Fae Folk ambassador 🌹 I'm Sydney, and welcome to my small kingdom here on the vast Internet!My life is just a compilation of embarrassing moments, ballet, writing, and reading with a hint of orchestra music playing in the background. I'm a proud Ravenclaw and INFP, Hogwarts is my home. I am currently addicted to Stranger Things and Sherlock, Benedict Cumberbatch is one of the greatest strangers alive. If I ever meet him (which will never happen) I will fall on my face. The Book Thief, Phantom of the Opera, The Lunar Chronicles, Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings, and Six of Crows are the whip cream to my pumpkin pie, I cannot live without them. Okay, maybe I can... but I don't want to ;) 🌹 The series that I am currently pouring my heart and soul into, is called the Crescendo Skies Saga. if you like fantasy, art, action, horror, mystery and a touch of romance then my books are for you! #28 in fantasy Happy reading! ❤
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•••✖️Satanic bitch of hell ✖••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••••✖15 years✖️•••••••••••••••••••••••••• ••••••✖️Metal ✖️•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• •••••••••••✖Hørrør✖️•••••••••••••••••••••••••••••• Everyone will freeze by my fault... Well... Merci de t'intéresser a mon profil.
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"Drink from me and live forever" - Lestat, Interview With A Vampire. It's time to go back to the mythology of vampires, not cover it in romance (love-triangles are a no), What makes a vampire a vampire and what creatures run with them? It's time for a new vampire to take over and leave its mark, a mark that doesn't involve sparkles.
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•If you take time to write a book, better make it unique as possible!• |HUFFLEPUFF| |GEMINI| |TWIN| |OX| |ISFJ| I'm definitely a reader, so if my books don't seem interesting to you, check out my reading lists! •slow updates because everything has to be perfect and I handwrite each chapter before typing it up•
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//I will eventually grow up but until then I will keep making things up and writing them down for some sort of attention.\\ ☣Awesome people you should follow: amazing person, Best friend and sister for life, very talented writer @_d0nt_trIp_0ut_ Other Cool-Cats and talented writers: @Lumi @Odd_intentions @WickedPromises @Parahmore @MitchellColegrove @WickedPromises I have other amazing books in my reading lists below :) I call my followers: Perfectly Flawed Freaks (inspired by Otep) ~welcome to my demented mind.~ ✏If you dare to travel in the forests of my thoughts check out my works✏ |-/About Me|-/ I am 17, Music Art And Anything Obscure Is My Life. Be Obscene! p.s. don't be afraid so message me, just be a tad afraid. or just be very afraid.
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Larisa, 18, RO. Cine sunt eu? Nici eu nu stiu...Un suflet ratacit, in cautare de protectie; o stea binara in cautarea jumatatii ei; un pamantean al acestui univers vast si inexpugnabil. Faceti-va curaj si patrundeti in lumea mea himerica si iluzorie, dar fiti blanzi cu sufletul meu. FB: Grup FB: Goodreads:
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Hát megint írjak valamit magamról? Mindig megszenvedem, hogy mit is kéne, egyáltalán mi is érdekli az embereket rólam... Persze, elmondhatom, hogy 2 éve írok már, bár kisgyerekkoromban is rengeteget írogattam, de aztán egy napon eldöntöttem, hogy nyitok egy blogot, azóta aztán sok megfordult a kezemben, mint saját, mint amit olvasok, mint amit bétáztam. Azóta sok mindent megtanultam, aminek köze van az íráshoz és a blogger világhoz... Miért írok? Mert szeretek, mert ki kell írnom magamból a dolgokat, ettől könnyebbnek érzem az életem és élvezem is csinálni. Nekem nagy öröm, ha még mások is elolvassák. Köszönöm! :)