The Dominant Demon by AlternativeTruths
The Dominant Demonby Haley
"You're the only thing that I have ever truly loved," he states, leaning in closer. I try to scoot away, but he corners me on the bed, placing his body over mi...
  • goth
  • possesive
  • nephilim
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Lair of Beasts [Book I in the Curse Of Blood Saga] by JeanineCroft
Lair of Beasts [Book I in the JeanineCroft
Enter the Lair of Beasts and relive the romantic horror of this gothic adult fairytale. A 'Beauty and the Beast' come 'Red Riding Hood' retelling that will chill your he...
  • beautyandthebeast
  • darkfantasy
  • paranormal
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Set Me Free [complete] by elsetterby
Set Me Free [complete]by London Setterby
A Wattpad Featured Read -- also featured in Cosmo! Where to buy the expanded & professionally edited version: Ebook or paperback:
  • newadult
  • suspense
  • cellist
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The Ghosts of Dark Hollow by exlibrisregina
The Ghosts of Dark Hollowby Regina Saint Claire
FEATURED paranormal story. Highest ranking #1! When a malicious spirit made flesh attacks seventeen-year-old Hannah Gares, she discovers that the Ghosts of Dark Hollow...
  • suspense
  • completed
  • ghost
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The Shadows of Stormclyffe hall by LaurenSmithAuthor
The Shadows of Stormclyffe hallby Lauren Smith
Haunted, schmaunted. Bastian, infamous playboy and the current Earl of Weymouth doesn't believe his English castle is haunted. So what if a few windows and lightbulbs s...
  • paranormalromance
  • romance
  • lovestories
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Forever Fallen (Book #3) by immortalseries
Forever Fallen (Book #3)by The Immortal Series
[COMPLETED] The events of Eternal Loss have left everyone in the coalition on edge, knowing that none of their lives will ever be the same again. This has left Cordelia...
  • vampire
  • dark
  • gothic
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Eternal Loss (Book #2) by immortalseries
Eternal Loss (Book #2)by The Immortal Series
[COMPLETED] Everything is changing, after the events of Tortured Awakening. With Cordelia being forced into the life of a vampire, she is coming to terms with everythin...
  • hiddengems
  • paranormal
  • gothic
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The Hotel In the Woods (Yandere!Vampire x Loner!Reader) by teddybearwashere
The Hotel In the Woods (Yandere! Teddy-Bear
Looking for a yandere x reader based off of Hotel Transylvannia? well, look no more! ;) might contain some triggering content and/or gore and violence! please don't rea...
  • idkanymore
  • xreader
  • fluff
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The Last Necromancer by CjArcher
The Last Necromancerby C.J. Archer
"Simply put: This book is pretty darn bad a$$. I highly recommend The Last Necromancer to all fans of fantasy." ★★★★★ My Book Addiction "An addictive rea...
  • supernatural
  • secrets
  • romance
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In The Dead Of Night. |complete| by -AnotherBlue-
In The Dead Of Night. |complete|by Siddharth๏̯͡๏
Gothic is a beauty from people like us that love the darkness in the world and in hearts of the people and present it through their writings. Reading these poems wi...
  • death
  • rebirth
  • darkside
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The Medium by CjArcher
The Mediumby C.J. Archer
Seventeen year-old spirit medium Emily Chambers has a problem. Actually, she has several. As if seeing dead people isn't a big enough social disadvantage, she also has t...
  • love
  • fantasy
  • spirit
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The Forbidden Room by EMCastellan
The Forbidden Roomby EM Castellan
**A Blue Beard retelling** Based on Charles Perrault's fairytale, this YA Historical Fantasy short story set in Victorian England mixes romance, magic and mystery. After...
  • shortstory
  • historical
  • victorian
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LOVED BY AN ANGEL by nikkihershell
He's here, he's always here. Watching me, protecting me. Even if I can't see him I know he's here. I can sense him. You know those moment's you get cold chills or you s...
  • love
  • crime
  • murder
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Witchfog by isobelrobertson
Witchfogby Isobel Robertson
Black magic and dark science in the mysterious world of Victorian England... Lily is one of Victorian England's wealthiest heiresses - and, secretly, one of its greatest...
  • victorian
  • youngadultromance
  • historicalfantasy
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Jamais Vu [ A Roleplay]  by LittleWhiteSwan
Jamais Vu [ A Roleplay] by Lucia Meza
In the 1900's a traveling circus called Jamais Vu, stumbles upon America. Bringing in numerous of Creatures from around the globe. When the sun comes up, the creatures...
  • magic
  • rp
  • gothic
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The Illuminati Garden Club by kriskosach
The Illuminati Garden Clubby Kris Kosach
Blood may be thicker than water, but it's impossible to get out of your clothes. See why Wattpad readers call The Illuminati Garden Club the best story on Wattpad. ...
  • conspiracy
  • murder
  • wattys2017
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A Wolf Who's In Love With You ( Aka The Taehyung V BTS werewolf Story) by goddessrim
A Wolf Who's In Love With You ( Bts♡♡
#2017FreedomAwards Warning : Not a cliché . And definitely gothic . Highest ranking- 110 in #werewolf . What mystery unfolds when dark raw power meets a pure ,soft sou...
  • jhope
  • rapmonster
  • depth
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Nocturnal Lullabies by Michael-Sorbello
Nocturnal Lullabiesby Michael Sorbello
Gothic, gloomy and macabre poetry, featuring works inspired by ghosts, vampires, cursed maidens, tragic monsters and other haunting themes surrounding the paranormal and...
  • poemcollection
  • vampire
  • prose
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Dangerous Passions [audio book] by RacyWilde
Dangerous Passions [audio book]by Racy Wilde
| Passion | Dark | Erotic Romance | Forbidden | Gothic | Mature | When she comes for you, your life will never be the same. She is, after all, the Magdalene. Blessed...
  • gothic
  • eroticromance
  • badboy
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Moonlit Dinner by lumierutsuki
Moonlit Dinnerby lumierutsuki
#1 Paranormal/Supernatural Mystic Awards 2017 Highest Vampire rank #47 "You seem to enjoy coming here at your own will and peril." "Leon, pleas...
  • anguish
  • loveandhate
  • dracula
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