Positive?! || Markson by tuanskiss
Positive?! || Marksonby jessy
[COMPLETED] High School nerd Mark Tuan gets accidently pregnant by Badboy Jackson Wang. [includes male pregnancy] Current rank: #962 in Fanfiction Highest rank: #12 in F...
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unblocked | jjproject by VERYCHEOL
unblocked | jjprojectby ツ
❝sorry, i don't date guys like you.❞ [COMPLETED ✔]
  • seungcheol
  • vkook
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My best man || 2jae by tuanskiss
My best man || 2jaeby jessy
[Very slow updates] Im Jaebum couldn't be happier. He's successful in his job, has a lot of friends and a beautiful fiancee who he will marry soon. But then there's Choi...
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Got7 8th member by 2JAE_IS_REAL
Got7 8th memberby Youngjae's Duggie
What if you were the girl group member of GOT7!!! This is my first FF. Thanks for clicking(or tapping)!
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Living With The D.E.V.I.L. (2Jae) by shiruuka
Living With The D.E.V.I.L. (2Jae)by def seoul
What will happen when Youngjae becomes roommates with Jaebum, the most popular yet evil guy in school?
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The Babysitter | Got7 Youngjae ff by KayKyutie
The Babysitter | Got7 Youngjae ffby Pandaz
She's a troublemaker. A rebel. She never follows the rules. The bad influence. And her older brother is sick of it. And so, he hires his work friend as a babysitter for...
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Oops, I Messed Up My Line by FairyShippudenShips
Oops, I Messed Up My Lineby ♥︎Baby Don’t Stop♥︎
H.E.I.R, JYP Entertainment's number one rookie girl group. The Maknae and rapper of the group, Do Nari, along with Jackson Wang from the new and ever-popular group GOT7...
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Brothers By Marriage || Taekook [COMPLETED] by Yoonsexuals20
Brothers By Marriage || Taekook [ Yoonsexuals
"New stepbrother? Haha, fuck my life." Completed: October 18, 2017 _________________ BROTHERS BY MARRIAGE
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Mark Tuan married one shots by Got7forevermine
Mark Tuan married one shotsby girlpoweristhebestpower
It's all about you and Mark after marriage one shots. No angst ending will be there in this book.
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Its going to be ok ~Markson~  by gamergirl_503
Its going to be ok ~Markson~ by GG
Mark is very shy and doesn't talk to everyone besides his closest friends Youngjae and BamBam. He is a senior in high school and gets average grades. He doesn't really...
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euphoria ; got7 imagines by ultbambams
euphoria ; got7 imaginesby hiatus 💭
A budding collection of: imagines, reactions, blurbs, texts, and mtl for my lovelies. All written by yours truly. Suggestions are welcome! #404 in fanfiction - 8/7/17 re...
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GOT7 IMAGINES by akamarks
GOT7 IMAGINESby Ashley Lim
-A compilation of fluffy, sweet sometimes tear-jerking imagines for the seven loves of my life and my reasons for living? -7 or nothing 7 or never -Requests are open [DM...
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The Hindmost {Markson} by StrugglingAngel
The Hindmost {Markson}by StrugglingAngel
A year after his parents death Mark's remaining family can see he needs a new environment and distraction. They send him off to stay with the Wang family for the summer...
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Unknown 《myg+pjm》 (COMPLETED) by avacodont
Unknown 《myg+pjm》 (COMPLETED)by ya girl
Yoongi, a famous artist/composer finally moves to New York City to pursue his dream. Jimin, a cute photographer/barista, moves to New York City to start out fresh and n...
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IDOL COUPLE [[Jackson Wang x Reader]] [[ Completed ]] by multifan-jeoja
IDOL COUPLE [[Jackson Wang x Mrs.ExtraWang
(Y/n) Li, half Chinese and half Korean maknae, rapper of a 1 year old girl group formed under JYP entertainment. Through her 1 year of idol life she became closer to all...
  • youngjae
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My Little One { Sugamon } by NamJoonbubbletea
My Little One { Sugamon }by {Ally Kim}
" Dada ... " Yoongi was extremely tired but was fighting it. He sucked on the soothie softly and lay in Namjoons arms. " Shh it's okay pumpkin relax.. dad...
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My twin mates ( Chanbaek / Baekyeol ) by chubbyeol_jones
My twin mates ( Chanbaek / chubbyeol_jones
An abused omega finally escapes his abusive pack and hides in the city for safety because he could never survive in the forest. As a rogue omega Baek would either be rap...
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KPOP Trainee by Blueverrymilktae
KPOP Traineeby S e u l b a e
Kim Eunbi and Jung Sa Mi are normal teenagers.Sa Mi forced Eunbi to come with her to go to a audition at YG Entertainment and they we're picked to be a Trainee. What wil...
  • jungkook
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No One Gets To Her - Yandere M.YG. by LanaJWrites
No One Gets To Her - Yandere Lana J.
"I follow her everywhere. She is the only light in my life. But she doesn't notice me. Well, that's what I think. The way she laughs, smiles, cries, it makes me do...
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SNAPCHAT by harumanirado
mtuan93 has added you. would you like to add him back? © MERCURY | SEMI-AU | MARK TUAN | COMPLETE
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