My Psycho Teacher! [A Yandere! Teacher x Reader] © by CamsterHale
My Psycho Teacher! [A Yandere! Tea... by ❦cαм❦
[Inspired By: Yandere Simulator] **A/N: This is one of my older books, one that hasn't been rewritten and probably won't be (too busy a schedule), I know it's a tad crin...
  • xreader
  • romance
  • gore
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The Voice in My Head || Pennywise x Reader by CorporalSmolBean
The Voice in My Head || Pennywise... by crimson
▪Do you want to float?▪ You smile as you encircle the small spot nearly invisible in the map. You trace out your paths, all the roads you'll take, all the small parts wi...
  • sewer
  • readerinsert
  • xreader
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Jack The Ripper// h.s. by faithjamieandvic
Jack The Ripper// h.s. by faithjamieandvic
  • daddykink
  • louis
  • direction
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Gothic Riddles. by -MeAndTheDevilBlues-
Gothic Riddles. by Siddharth๏̯͡๏
Here you will find a vast collection of story type riddles. These stories are "scary when you know the meaning". Can you find the creepy hidden meaning in each...
  • thriller
  • hell
  • scaryriddles
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LoveSick || Pennywise X Reader || by CoraRosenthal
LoveSick || Pennywise X Reader || by CoraRosenthal
A few long years after moving away from Derry to live with her Father, Y/n returns for her Mother and young brother's funeral and to inherit the old house she used to li...
  • clown
  • horror
  • gore
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GasMask (creepypasta x reader) by ErrorIsLoading
GasMask (creepypasta x reader) by Error is Loading
(Y/n) was never the same after Toby died in the fire. she lost touch with people and started to commit unforgettable acts. When Jeff is on patrol one night and stumbles...
  • reader
  • jeffthekiller
  • slendermansion
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It Started With A Letter (Yandere X Reader Lemon) by xKoolKatsx
It Started With A Letter (Yandere... by No Yanderes Here
Book 1: Going to a depressing school isn't always easy, especially when there's a love sick killer attending. But that all changed the day you received a letter in your...
  • twisted
  • romance
  • drama
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The Soulmate Curse~ Yandere! Demons X Reader by NinjaKitten53
The Soulmate Curse~ Yandere! Demon... by Cassie ❤️
{#6 In Mystery/Thriller!!!} (Slightly Gullible! Reader is present, but more so acts like a child/teenager. Enjoy!) Escaping wasn't so easy. But then again, being a demo...
  • gore
  • romance
  • maleyanderexreader
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Pretty Little Psycho [18+] by ellesugi
Pretty Little Psycho [18+] by Elle Sugi
Disclaimer: This story contains men to men relationship. Consists of blood, gore, rape and violence, you have been warned. Read at your own risk. Blaine Manchester is a...
  • torture
  • lgbt
  • psycho
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I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader) by GamerQueen2002
I want Her (Underswap!Sans x Shy!R... by Gamer "Ri" Queen
Yandere!Underswap!Sans x Shy!Reader And some Papyrus x reader -_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_-_- He was so sweet, so innocent. All he loved doing was cooking tacos, l...
  • magic
  • romance
  • papyrus
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Shuttered Impulses (Very Slow Updates) by Chelsie92
Shuttered Impulses (Very Slow Upda... by MadamKhaos
Melanie Harbinger wasted her life away trying to come off as a meek agreeable woman and was ultimately killed for her transgressions by the people who should've been the...
  • romance
  • xianxia
  • strongfemalelead
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What the hell is this?! (H2Ovanoss) by andreazuj
What the hell is this?! (H2Ovanoss) by Bottom! Vanoss
In the city of Los Santos, where trouble and sex happens every time. All the gangs walk around in every street in their own pack and every hotdog stand near the beach an...
  • gore
  • comedy
  • h2odelirious
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The Inevitable Demise by InfiniteTeal
The Inevitable Demise by Senpai
Super Psycho Sequel
  • psychopath
  • mxm
  • dark
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Horrendous Shrieks (Submit Your Horror Story) by Ms_Horrendous
Horrendous Shrieks (Submit Your Ho... by Senpai Jakayla Toney
Can't sleep? That's great. I want you to stay up. With every story you read from this book, my intention is to keep you at that night, thinking and questioning humanity...
  • anxiety
  • shortstories
  • mental
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Finding Humanity by NinaMarks
Finding Humanity by Nina Marks
It started in an elevator. For Emily, every day of the last two years has been a blur. She keeps her head down, taking her college courses online and only going out to...
  • apocalypse
  • gore
  • wattys2017
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THOSE: The Inception by DrakenWinterson
THOSE: The Inception by DW-MD-RHH
[Hotlist Featured, Highest #14] So, you think every apocalypse is about stopping a psycho doctor, losing an Asian guy, getting betrayed by armies, reaching a safe zone a...
  • action
  • fun
  • hero
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Diary Of A Psycopath by MaryHellfire
Diary Of A Psycopath by XMARYHELLFIRE
This is my depressive and gory diary. You can find: -gore -nsfw -suicide thoughts -depressive thoughts -self harm -cannibalism It contain simple opinions,thoughts, some...
  • sadness
  • suicidalthoughts
  • depression
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Truth Comes Second by masonfitzzy
Truth Comes Second by Mason FitzGibbon
A sequel to Family Comes First by Mason FitzGibbon After Carrie telling the detectives about the abuse Tommy put her through, a search is out for Tommy and Jimmy. Julie...
  • cannibalism
  • trilogy
  • kidnap
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Hemovore (Manxboy) by Suspicious_Minds
Hemovore (Manxboy) by Suspicious_Minds
Getting lost in a creepy dark forest was not part of Aron's plan when he signed up to go on a field trip with his class. He walked aimlessly for what seemed like miles...
  • darkromance
  • betrayal
  • gore
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Beyond Desire (Yandere! Male Cannibal x SenseiFemReader) by mintgreenartist
Beyond Desire (Yandere! Male Canni... by Jenna
[Ongoing] "I want to taste you again (Y/N)-Chan, like a secret or a sin." ____________________________________ Himura's Funeral Parlor. All that it took was on...
  • cannibal
  • blood
  • obsessed
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