Lucifer's Darling by vickymariee
Lucifer's Darling by • v i c k y • Paranormal
"The devil is real. He is not a little short man with horns and a tail. He can be beautiful, he can be everything you want. Because he is a fallen angel and he used...
Zodiac Adventures: The School for Heros and Villians by Z_White
Zodiac Adventures: The School for... by Jinteresting 🤔 Fantasy
"Welcome, my dear heros and vilians to the School for Heros and Villians, also known as HV. You will be trained by the best of the best, to be the best of the best...
Zagan by heather_cooki
Zagan by H.H. Cook Paranormal
2nd Place Winner in The Butterfly Awards for the paranormal category. Supernatural meets Girl Interrupted... ❝Do you fear me?" He brought his lips down to caress t...
The Alpha's Angel (Alpha's Destiny #3) by MissRandom1117
The Alpha's Angel (Alpha's Destiny... by Tarryn Werewolf
Mika and her father spent their lives moving from place to place and never staying long enough in one place to make friends with the neighbours. For Mika that was her li...
Escape  by xflowerpetalsx
Escape by 🌸h i a t u s🌸 Horror
THIRTY hostages. ONE twisted game ruled by an evil psychopath. Only the BRAVE will survive. Awakened without any memories of how they got there, t...
march | peter parker by scorch_stiles
march | peter parker by scorchstiles Fanfiction
With blood firing through her veins, she marched herself right into his life and right into his heart. Instead of spending her free time at home, Josie would go to...
Whispers Of A Past [Book 1 in the ProjectWolfBlood series.] by AwsomeSauce007
Whispers Of A Past [Book 1 in the... by Maggy2.0 Werewolf
Nora Miller never expected one literal bump in the so-called 'haunted' forest would lead to a absolute, life changing event. Why would she? She soon learns nothing is...
Elements #5 by Orange_Wolf96
Elements #5 by Jessie Fanfiction
(The Element Swan Series: Book 5 and The last book) (Based on Breaking Dawn part 2) (The summary will be inside)
Four Elements Book 1 - Hidden Powers by MarionAvalon
Four Elements Book 1 - Hidden Powe... by Marion Watkins Fantasy
#70 in Fantasy Fire. Water. Earth. Air. The four elements are not just elements. They are incarnated by four people. Four teenagers. who were chosen by the original mast...
Disney Descendants 2 ~ Jay Love Story (Editing) by JenniElisabet
Disney Descendants 2 ~ Jay Love St... by Jenni Elisabet Fanfiction
What if there happened something in the Isle... something what Jay, Mal, Evie or Carlos can't remember? What if there will be new arrivals in Auradon..? not villains...
Winx Club: Bloom And Sky by BADgirls_1015
Winx Club: Bloom And Sky by CrystIvy <3 Fanfiction
Join Them In Their Unpredictable Journey! - Start: May 29, 2015 - End: ----------------- ©2017 BADgirls_1015
Saving Carter by RaineeBlik94
Saving Carter by Rain Will Fall Werewolf
I stood in the darkness as Ajax began to circle around me, he had just saved my ass from the creep behind the bar, and yet he was starting to freak me out a little. His...
Goldie x reader x Bonnie FNAF reader insert by authorsrule123
Goldie x reader x Bonnie FNAF read... by Jazz Fanfiction
Goldie and Bonnie knew you since you were a child. You were their best day something happened at the restaurant, you were forced to never go back by your 'l...
Refuge In The Shadows by EmilyLuong
Refuge In The Shadows by Emily Luong Historical Fiction
Raised as Hunters in a hidden counterinsurgency society in the late nineteenth century, nineteen year old Welsh twins Carys and Cadeyrn Llewelyn have led brutal, unforgi...
Elementals  by ZandriaGriesel
Elementals by Zandria Griesel Werewolf
Willow Cyprus is not a normal teenage girl, since she was small she's been in hiding and on the run for her life because of the powers that she was born with. She is wha...
Zberatelia tajomstiev 2 ✔ by Sominka96
Zberatelia tajomstiev 2 ✔ by miss shelby Fantasy
Tajomstvom bolo, ako zomrieť. Chceš vedieť ďalšie? Dobre, ale šššš, never nikomu, lebo by ťa to mohlo stáť život. Toto tajomstvo by chceli vedieť Zberatelia, Spektrá a...
Trapped in Freedom by BilliejoRichards
Trapped in Freedom by Billie-jo Richards Fantasy
In this world, magic really does exist. ~ He was just a babysitter; until he revealed the path to a new life, a new destiny, and a new beginning. She was just a girl...
The Pirates and a VK Princess by AshlynMethvin
The Pirates and a VK Princess by Disney Gryffindor Fanfiction
What if only two of the VK's were chosen to come? The pirates were ordered by their parents by Maleficent to steal Fairy Godmother's magic wand. Evie and Carlos have to...
The Angle that fell by caitlynleebaker
The Angle that fell by caitlynleebaker Teen Fiction
Isabella is an 18 year old girl who has fallen in love with Miles a gorgeous angle from heaven who has a secret. When Heaven, Earth, Miles and all her angle friends are...