Miss Hyde by QueenInTheBlackCloak
Miss Hydeby Your Queen
Rhett sped towards her, using his vampire speed, ripping her from her chair, and slamming her into a wall. "I am fed up with you shutting people out", he glare...
  • vampire
  • vampireromance
  • alpha
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lucifer's darling ✰ by hivickyy
lucifer's darling ✰by ☁️
"Unfortunately, Lucifer; Lord of the Underworld, Keeper of Deaths Gates, Devil. Was real, and no, he was not some short red painted figure with horns and a stick. N...
  • angel
  • soulmates
  • devil
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Goats from Lambs by PaulKingston
Goats from Lambsby Paul PK Kingston
After bodies start showing up in the middle of the street, hollowed and headless, Detective Rashida Heyes and her partner, Travis Virgil, attempt to solve the case in wh...
  • serial
  • gore
  • violence
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Dark Warrior: Gods of Rome by MaeveAbbott
Dark Warrior: Gods of Romeby Maeve Abbott
Naledi Amunet is a shy and quiet werewolf who spends her days reading and studying about the ancient culture of Rome after being shunned by her entire pack for being ove...
  • war
  • wattpad
  • alpha
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Foxy x Reader                          You're Mine Lass. by FaithBrine
Foxy x FaithBrine
The title explains it all. But if it doesn't this is a FoxyxReader book. Hope you like it.
  • dixie
  • toychica
  • toybonnie
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Tethered by S_RSpence
Tetheredby S_RSpence
Cover by @paigevigneault3 Gilryn Locklore is a highborn lady of the Elven court. An unfathomable beauty that spends her days roaming through the dark and dangerous Everf...
  • goodvsevil
  • romance
  • bond
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Elements #5 by Orange_Wolf96
Elements #5by Jessie
(The Element Swan Series: The Final book in the series) (Based on Breaking Dawn part 2) (The summary will be inside)
  • cullen
  • teamjacob
  • ốc
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The Silent Rose by crose321
The Silent Roseby Cassandra
Baylee was a normal girl, once upon a time. Before she was attacked. Before she made a deal with the devil, thinking it was the only way she could continue living. Befor...
  • love
  • romance
  • slavery
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Winx Club: Bloom And Sky by BADgirls_1015
Winx Club: Bloom And Skyby CrystIvy <3
Join Them In Their Unpredictable Journey! - Start: May 29, 2015 - End: ----------------- ©2017 BADgirls_1015
  • winxclub
  • destroy
  • fanfiction
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Finding Yourself [Disney's Descendants] by theashasylum
Finding Yourself [Disney's °•°•☆ tyler ☆•°•°
Twenty years ago, the United States of Auradon banished all villains to a forbidden island called 'The Isle of the Lost.' There on that island is Helena, the daughter of...
  • disneydescendants
  • dovecameron
  • romance
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The Alpha's Angel (Alpha's Destiny #3) by MissRandom1117
The Alpha's Angel (Alpha's Tarryn
Mika and her father spent their lives moving from place to place and never staying long enough in one place to make friends with the neighbours. For Mika that was her li...
  • werewolves
  • good
  • evil
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Goldie x reader x Bonnie FNAF reader insert by authorsrule123
Goldie x reader x Bonnie FNAF Jazz
Goldie and Bonnie knew you since you were a child. You were their best day something happened at the restaurant, you were forced to never go back by your 'l...
  • goldie
  • romance
  • good-vs-evil
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Of All The Posibilities by IconicHarmony
Of All The Posibilitiesby Kasai
Loralai was the definition of unusual. With grey eyes and mulberry red hair. She also has an x-shaped scar across her face with one long line from her right cheek to her...
  • magic
  • deatheaters
  • hermione
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Death Lilly by RebeccaNolan0
Death Lillyby Rebecca Nolan
Lilly is the most important person in the world only she doesn't know it yet. Her very existence could spark a war, which may, very well tear the world apart. Her heart...
  • beginnings
  • death
  • ghost
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Somebody To Love  by lostboys_lostgirls
Somebody To Love by 🦄Beatrice🦄
Valentine Abbott has been with Angel Salinas for eight years, his adopted parents having sold him to Angel for a chunk of cash when he was fifteen. Though life isn't eas...
  • manxman
  • abuse
  • good-vs-evil
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Eyes of the Blind by CrimsonFingertips
Eyes of the Blindby Silky Red
The light is blinding. It acts innocent, but it hides away the darkness. It hides away the truth of the world, and it shelters those within in a false sense of security...
  • fantasycreatures
  • goodvsevil
  • sad
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ONLY HUMAN by EurusGlaucus
ONLY HUMANby Eurus Glaucus
Ellie thought her only problem was her nonexistent dating life. But abruptly, two men jump into her life who make Ellie think that being single wasn't so bad after all...
  • werewolfhunter
  • rogue
  • alpha
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Touched By The Moon by CorruptCrown
Touched By The Moonby Mandee
Artemis Lyall wasn't like the majority born, he wasn't fated to have a long life where his dreams could run rampant. He wouldn't even live long enough to know what dream...
  • blood
  • boyxboy
  • love
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Secret Bounds : The Forces Of Evil. by Maryum_21
Secret Bounds : The Forces Of Maryum_21
Four teenage humans spotted vampires in their school. But they are warned not to tell anyone. But another group of mutant vampires entered in their lives and they are in...
  • school
  • suspense
  • blood
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You're My Destiny (Unedited) by passion_62
You're My Destiny (Unedited)by passion_62
Kaira Shetty, a girl full of is enthusiasm, helpful, stubborn, tomboy, childish, loving and you never know what to expect from her! What turn in road does she has to f...
  • sidharth
  • badminton
  • craziness
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