Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenarios by BeautifulRavenclaw
Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenariosby Mizukemi
Gon, Killua, Illumi, Hisoka, Chrollo, Feitan, Phinks, and Shalnark will be in these!! Why am I writing one? Well... There is a huge lack of these on the internet!!! It h...
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She's Mine (Hisoka x Reader x Illumi) by Chrodeus
She's Mine (Hisoka x Reader x Illu...by Chrodeus
"Stop playing me around! im not a toy!"
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  • wattys2017
  • hisoka
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Hard Rain [Chrollo X Reader] by Blubary
Hard Rain [Chrollo X Reader]by Blu
You'll have to read to find out what happens ;)
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  • gonfreecs
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Breaking Sea (Killugon) by SpeckLeCloud
Breaking Sea (Killugon)by SpeckLeCloud
Everyone knows about the legendary aquatic creatures known as mermaids. Beautiful woman with the top half of a human and bottom half of a fish. Beside mermaids there are...
  • kurapika
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hunter x hunter oneshots by kil_zoldyck99
hunter x hunter oneshotsby kil_zoldyck99
Oneshots of you with the hxh characters!
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Stay by DaeDae261
Stayby Draven
**KILLUGON FANFIC** Its been years since Killua and Gon have seen each other and are now both 17 years old. What will Killua do once he receives a text from Gon out o...
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The PLAYBOY (Shalnark x Reader: Modern) by FeiFei17
The PLAYBOY (Shalnark x Reader: Mo...by Marjorie
Y/n was a nerd and she loves to read a book. She was top of the class but everyone hated her because she was the smartest student at every of her class. Even though she...
  • hunterxhunterfanfic
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Thief•Killua x Reader by kimxxiumin
Thief•Killua x Readerby xiumin
This is an x reader so hope you enjoy!
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Playing with Cards (Hisoka LEMON) by cryformemysweet
Playing with Cards (Hisoka LEMON)by 죄아름
WARNING R18+ Hot and violent romance with Hisoka.
  • anime
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  • kurapika
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The Assassin's Song {Killua X Reader} by SweetsTheHoe
The Assassin's Song {Killua X Read...by Sweets
Y/n is a new girl at a new school. Hunter Academy. She meets Gon Freecs, Killua Zoldyck, Leoreo, and someone she already knew, Kurapika Kurta. What will happen when she...
  • readerinsert
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Hunter x Hunter x Reader Oneshots by ireadtomuchsnkfanfic
Hunter x Hunter x Reader Oneshotsby ireadtomuchsnkfanfic
A collection of Hunter x Hunter x Reader Oneshots!
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Gon x Killua Fanfic by anonymous_reads_
Gon x Killua Fanficby Aesthetic
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Hunter x Hunter Boyfriend by FeiFei17
Hunter x Hunter Boyfriendby Marjorie
This is a Hunter x Hunter boyfriend scenario, it's just random and hope you'll like it
  • leoriopaladinight
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  • chrollo
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Must date the Playboy (Levi x Reader Modern) COMPLETED by FeiFei17
Must date the Playboy (Levi x Read...by Marjorie
Y/n was dared by her friends to make the Playboy in her school, a.k.a, Levi, to fall in love with her inside three Months and after that, she must break up with him. But...
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My Life (HunterxHunter) by LoveCherryNya
My Life (HunterxHunter)by Ayame
ᎻᎪYᎪᎷᎪ ᎪKᎬᎷᏆ That is my name, Hayma standing for a desire for self - expression, free from restrictions and monotony. Akemi stands for beautiful sunrise. Standing at 160...
  • kurapika
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Let Her Go by xFairyHunterx
Let Her Goby xFairyHunterx
He loves her. She loves him. But do they know that? Will he let her go? Or will he hold her tight as if she is the most precious treasure in the world?
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I'm Not Done With You Yet by BunchaGayStuff
I'm Not Done With You Yetby What Am I Doing With My Life?
This fanfiction starts with Gon and Hisoka both recalling their fight in the Heaven's Arena. Gon feels dissatisfied and is wandering around the tower about two hours aft...
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Feitan's Little Sister (Killua X Reader) by nekonope
Feitan's Little Sister (Killua X R...by nekonope
hA this is such trash why did any of you read this i'm dYing [i do not own Hunter x Hunter] [or any of the characters] [i also don't own the art in the cover]
  • fiction
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Gods and hunters ?? (hunter x hunter fan fiction) by lenlop
Gods and hunters ?? (hunter x hunt...by lenlop
The gods who saw everything from there temple far from the planet called earth we're domed with boredom . After centuries of just watching these small things called huma...
  • adventures
  • romance
  • lerio
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♥Huntergatari♥HxH♥Hisoka or Illumi♥ (In the middle of being rewritten) by Puripuriko
♥Huntergatari♥HxH♥Hisoka or Illumi...by Mi-chan
Everyone wants to become a hunter for their own reasons and Ranfa Sakura is no exception from everyone. Along her journey, she will come to meet many people; young, old...
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