The Assassin's Song {Killua X Reader} by SapphireSparklezz
The Assassin's Song {Killua X Read... by SapphireSparklezz Fanfiction
Y/n is a new girl at a new school. Hunter Academy. She meets Gon Freecs, Killua Zoldyck, Leoreo, and someone she already knew, Kurapika Kurta. What will happen when she...
Hard Rain [Chrollo X Reader] by Blubary
Hard Rain [Chrollo X Reader] by Blu Fanfiction
You'll have to read to find out what happens ;)
(Killua X Reader/OC) (Killugon) My will came true by goliath419
(Killua X Reader/OC) (Killugon) My... by Hunter X hunter fan Fanfiction
I am [Y/n] [L/n], a Hunter X Hunter fan like another. That is... until I die. Yup. I die. Just like that. What will happen next? Will my last will come true? Find out...
She's Mine (Hisoka x Reader x Illumi) by Chrodeus
She's Mine (Hisoka x Reader x Illu... by Chrodeus Fanfiction
"Stop playing me around! im not a toy!"
Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenarios by Mizukemi
Hunter X Hunter Boyfriend Scenarios by Mizukemi Fanfiction
Gon, Killua, Illumi, Hisoka, Chrollo, Feitan, Phinks, and Shalnark will be in these!! Why am I writing one? Well... There is a huge lack of these on the internet!!! It h...
Never Too Late | Killua by KilluHunter
Never Too Late | Killua by キッゥハンテル Fanfiction
They say that if you break the trust of the person that's meant to be with you, that person will never love you again. But for me, I don't agree. The people who said tha...
Hunter x Hunter Boyfriend by FeiFei17
Hunter x Hunter Boyfriend by Marjorie Fanfiction
This is a Hunter x Hunter boyfriend scenario, it's just random and hope you'll like it
Untamed Assassin  HxH Fanfic ~Killua x Reader~ by icxream
Untamed Assassin HxH Fanfic ~Kill... by Icxream Fantasy
USED TO BE "IT'S TIME HXH FANFIC KILLUA X READER" ------------------------------------------------------ You are going to the hunter exam because your parents...
Hisoka x gon  by potatomaster6
Hisoka x gon by potato master Fanfiction
Hisoka is visiting a island called wail island because he had to kill a girl named Mito. Apparently the girl had a boy named Gon. He was just so cute that hisoka could n...
Little Detectives (Gon x Reader x Killua) by MaddoxLove555
Little Detectives (Gon x Reader x... by Taylor Maddox is life Fanfiction
Gon and Killua have been fazed with many challenges as Hunter detectives, being some of the youngest the agency has ever hired. But when they are forced to take on a mis...
Thief•Killua x Reader by Feitan22
Thief•Killua x Reader by Feitans Fanfiction
This is an x reader so hope you enjoy!
kurapika x reader by 2005noor
kurapika x reader by Fanfiction
the phantom troupe killed your only mom for power but you manged to run away.Now you went to take the hunter exam until you meet a boy who also has the same reason so yo...
Every Sense But The First (Hisoka X Reader) by Skittle_Biscuits
Every Sense But The First (Hisoka... by Skittles Fanfiction
At the rather young age of four, Y/n L/n started tripping, and falling, squinting really hard, and claiming she couldn't see very well. As if everything were a blur. As...
Hunter x Hunter x Reader Oneshots by ireadtomuchsnkfanfic
Hunter x Hunter x Reader Oneshots by ireadtomuchsnkfanfic Fanfiction
A collection of Hunter x Hunter x Reader Oneshots!
Weightless (Killua x Reader) by MaddoxLove555
Weightless (Killua x Reader) by Taylor Maddox is life Fanfiction
You know that feeling of being so broken, your entire body is numb and you no longer feel a thing? It happened to me. I shut down whenever someone tries to get close. I...
Death Angel (hunter x hunter fanfic) by SarcasticBookLover
Death Angel (hunter x hunter fanfi... by SarcasticBookLover Fanfiction
3 years ago, I woke up in an empty room with no one. No memories, no families. And since then, I was trained to kill. (Updated regularly)
Naughty Hearts (Playboy!Killua X Troublemaker!Reader AU) by ImCoolAwesomeN2Dark
Naughty Hearts (Playboy!Killua X T... by ImCoolAwesomeN2Dark Fanfiction
What if a (H/C)-haired assassin troublemaker girl transfers to the school of the Famous-white haired assassin playboy? And what if he, the most popular, handsome and the...
Plant head by Village_of_Strawhat
Plant head by The Strawhats Fanfiction
Poppy Ren has always been an odd girl. She was often bullied and called demon or monster because of her strange ability to grow plants out of her wounds. Her caretakers...
Ignite [Hunter x Hunter fanfiction] by llthecosmosll
Ignite [Hunter x Hunter fanfiction] by Erica Fanfiction
"Hey, Gon. Don't do anything that will get yourself killed. Stay close, all right?" I said. "You too, Killua. You're so white that I can't tell the differ...
Stay by DaeDae261
Stay by Draven Fanfiction
**KILLUGON FANFIC** Its been years since Killua and Gon have seen each other and are now both 17 years old. What will Killua do once he receives a text from Gon out o...