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i don't care what you think about me. atleast mosquitoes find me attractive.
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I love Arrow. I love Sam and Dean Winchester also. I don't write alone. Sadie, a friend on wattpad, helps me write a majority of my stories. I wrote these stories when I was in my early teens and...
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Hey everybody! It's good to be back and I wanted to show some love to my many followers and readers! Thank you so much for sticking by my side even when I went MIA. I'm now a writer on Radish, a new...
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(:( It's all about perspective. ♛ My names Daphne. I'm secretly Spider-Man. ♛ Writing is like an old friends to me. I don't always talk to them, or see them, or even bloody well hear about them...
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Hi everyone! My name is Stephanie. I'm Korean-American and attending college. I've been writing novels since I was in 8th or 9th grade. I'm very Asian studies and basically anything that has to do wi...
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I make Fanfics, Show them some love
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I love fanfic and I shall try to update mine once a month if you want to my actual stories are on my Sharingstories123 account feel free to check them out
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You are the wall. She's the paint can. Ima the artist. Rebela Angeles Graffiti Duden you could be the king but watch the queen conquer Live carefree. Die painfully. "I spray...
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A hopeless romantic writer, an amateur yet still trying my best. I write poetry in English and story in Indonesian, so just check them out :) Find me on Instagram: @stefanieandini