"You Can't Help Me. . ." Roxie's {M/bs} by Roxy-the-Foxy
"You Can't Help Me. . ." Roxie's {...by 🖤 ɾօ×íҽ Ӏɑղҽ 🖤
What happens when a girl with a demon in her head and a monster lurking under her skin, try to become a hero? What happens when she tries to act happy when she is suffer...
  • demon
  • monster
  • thejuveniles
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Destined by user62456026
Destinedby The crazy nerd
Romalind never thought she was something extra. But when her parents go missing, she thinks twice about it...
  • gone
  • action
  • destined
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NEVER GONE ( on going ) by user34247875
Kapag tinamaan ka, tinamaan ka, kahit hindi mo siya crush at galit na galit ka sa kanya, pag napa mahal na ,mahal mo na
  • got7
  • bts
  • annaleah
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Gone Again  by hiratanees
Gone Again by hiratanees
This is the world as I see it.
  • time
  • soul
  • life
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Stranded- RP by Lilac_Wolf_
Stranded- RPby Lilac
You wake up in a house with eleven other people. All you know is your name and age. You soon realize you are on an island. You are stranded.
  • where
  • we
  • gone
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Rescue by msbreadface
Rescueby Linda
  • gone
  • abduction
  • fbi
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Group texts in he FAYZ by The_FAYZ_United
Group texts in he FAYZby The_FAYZ_United
Each person in the FAZY is texting each other. ENJOY IS THE BANTER!
  • gone
  • text
  • thefayz
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The Mysterious Disappearance of the Moores  by subzerosunshine
The Mysterious Disappearance of th...by subzerosunshine
It all started with a normal day at school, then everything goes very, very wrong. Excerpt; The wind died down, turning stagnant and hushing the remaining noise. Even t...
  • parents
  • fosterfamily
  • gone
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Periit Omni by Nae_hae
Periit Omniby Nae
{All Gone} 'When I was younger, I would imagine the world burning.' Kairi Jadeite is alone. Forever. *Author's note: Rated mature because of the words.*
  • gone
  • mature
  • dystopian
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Maya by pjmicr_
Mayaby 채린이🎈
"Mom and dad, I miss you so much..." . . . . . Maya was a typical high school student that faces a tough life. One day, she got back from hell and lost everyth...
  • broken
  • short
  • sad
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Gone by Ptience
Goneby I need Comical Relief
A hunter of the Supernatural, Nolan Mullins and his best friend, Alex, have been on the search for Nolan's wife, Anne, who has been missing for 3 months. Will they find...
  • gone
  • hunter
  • hunt
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In between by Midraven
In betweenby Midraven
A forbidden love between an angel and a devil. Two very different, but yet similar. Will their star-crossed lives continue or will it shatter like the Earth once did lon...
  • love
  • romance
  • crossed
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A Whole new World by richie_wheeler
A Whole new Worldby ✌🏻👑mileven👑✌🏻
Sequel to 353 days without you. something's coming. it wants blood. with will and joyce dead everyone greifs at different paces. some worse than others. when El and Max...
  • suicide
  • maxmayfield
  • suicidalthoughts
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Thrive to Survive by ZebraCake133
Thrive to Surviveby Caleb No Name
A family vacation turned into a horrible accident for James Ferberry. After crashing on a remote island, James and remaining members must try to survive. Despite the fac...
  • thrive
  • crashed
  • survive
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Book of Quotes by AnnaSkye24
Book of Quotesby AnnaSkye24
  • quotes
  • gone
  • love
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Sometimes life doesn't go as planned by carlyd1128
Sometimes life doesn't go as plann...by carlyd1128
Breelyn Adure is in her senior year. It is December 23rd and she is driving up to the Poconos to meet Marcus, her boyfriend of 4 years, for the week since it is Winter b...
  • tragedy
  • winterbreak
  • missing
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More Than Just A F.A.Y.Z. by AnAgentOfWICKED
More Than Just A F.A.Y.Z.by Landon
A puppeteer from out of town. An actress and her musical bestie. An outcast, his dog, and his neighbor's grandson. A renowned photographer. How do they affect the F.A.Y...
  • falloutalleyyouthzone
  • fayz
  • orc
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Web of Lies by darkshadowmortal
Web of Liesby Helena
Katya's father left five years ago, but that doesn't bother her much anymore. What she doesn't know is the web of lies that surrounds his disappearance, bigger than she...
  • mystery
  • secrets
  • family
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Out The Window by unreactive
Out The Windowby f a l l o n
when a girl wakes up one morning, goes to school and finds that her best friend has moved away without a word
  • teenromance
  • highschool
  • alone
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