Back to You by ChloeSings190
Back to Youby ChloeSings190
"I love you, Chloe. Okay?!" I hear him scream. I never saw this coming. Before I could even reply back he was running away from me in rage and embarrassment...
  • love
  • imback
  • gone
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A Kiss Better Then A Man  (Lesbian Story) Completed  by MarissaSimmons2
A Kiss Better Then A Man (Lesbian...by Marissa.S
Camille is confused about staying in the closet or coming out, she is starting to fall in love with a new straight girl in her class but the sad part is she has a hands...
  • wrong
  • tragedy
  • depressed
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Windows by 0110111001101111life
Windowsby 0110111001101111life
when you want to stay with someone, don't leave the widows ajar. When you want to be with someone who gets bored, don't leave the windows ajar. When you want to be with...
  • commitment
  • love
  • coffee
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Poems for Those Who Need Them by honourableandersen
Poems for Those Who Need Themby
A compliation of poems written by Andersen.
  • love
  • poem
  • gone
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truth or dare | egd by _shookdolans_
truth or dare | egdby emma
virgin boy looses his virginity to his crush
  • ethandolan
  • love
  • jackdylangrazer
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❤×영원히 홀로×❤ by --BabyJae--
❤×영원히 홀로×❤by ♡°☆Minnie's☆°♡
"Easiest way to die? Love someone who doesn't love you back You'll die everyday"
  • dead
  • lonely
  • kim
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4 years and forever ago (TomTord) by Lem0nsga10recentra1
4 years and forever ago (TomTord)by Child of darkness
When Tord left, everyone felt broken, but it hurt Tom the most. At the time Tome couldn't understand why he was so upset until Edd tells everyone he's been taking care o...
  • gone
  • cuddles
  • cute
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Book of Quotes by AnnaSkye24
Book of Quotesby AnnaSkye24
  • sad
  • gone
  • quotes
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Gone.. by Evillittlesofia2
Gone..by Heart fluttering
Jasmine knew a person a long time ago and wanted to chat with them a bit but they are mysteriously gone... Btw this is actually inspired by the same thing that has happe...
  • gone
  • mysert
  • reality
A college story, not that simple, not that romantic as how it starts and not that easy too. This one here, starts with boring college Romance, continues with little Myst...
  • project
  • complicated
  • sciencefiction
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teenage mind by _-brokenprincess-_
teenage mindby 🌺princess🌺
alot of stuff happens in the teenage mind.
  • teen
  • gone
  • deep
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Gone by Rose8814
Goneby Rose8814
soon to come
  • romance
  • mystery
  • gone
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Lonely is my Color but gone is my name by chicken44nugget
Lonely is my Color but gone is my...by Maria
hi im Maria but this is my head speaking i hate being sad but it always come back to me when people ask me if im ok i say yes when i really wont yo say no. soo this is...
  • thinking
  • hope
  • maria
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gone - bts by officially_bts_trash
gone - btsby ρ α я к ʝ ι м ι и
a short story where jimin had died and each member records a short vlog of them saying goodbye to the boy. - idk if this will be sad or not but that's what im aiming fo...
  • gone
  • bts
  • jimin
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gone by finite_forevers
goneby shivangi bali
*and, she left. but just because she did, doesn't mean she wanted to.*
  • love
  • leave
  • misunderstanding
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Gone by MyLifeIsABigMistake
Goneby _Mistake_
Amaris Jackson ran away from her hometown. No one knows why. Everyone begins to search for her. Two months pass and they all forget that she ever left. Except for her b...
  • romance
  • love
  • boyxboy
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Our Forbidden Love (Micheal B. Jordan Story) by -Inspirent-
Our Forbidden Love (Micheal B. Jor...by -Inspirent-
The love that they had for each other was something that people hated to see they were never to be together. The love that they had for each other was FORBIDDEN.
  • highschool
  • love
  • forbidden
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Secrets // Finn Wolfhard by JustinsPBJSandWich
Secrets // Finn Wolfhardby JustinsPBJSandWich
Addison's father is the creator of 'Stranger Things' she likes to go with her dad and uncle and watch them direct and watch the camera crew and just everything about it...
  • finn
  • friends
  • dad
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Are you real?//JK by heyyyyitstxx
Are you real?//JKby Kim Suji ☺️
Ji sooyeon a young girl who suffers quietly everyday. Her life wasn't always so fucked up... Lonely... Unsafe... Fearful... She never asked for her memories to turn int...
  • lies
  • pain
  • love
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crying room. (poetry) by futuristic-past
crying room. (poetry)by f L
i love him; with every broken piece of my heart
  • heartbreak
  • confusion
  • broken
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