The Alpha Meets The Rogue by xXdemolitionloverXx
The Alpha Meets The Rogue by Olga Guevara Werewolf
Leila lived with her pack all her life. It was until she was forced into an arranged marriage that she ran away from home. She turned into a rogue and while running away...
Too late [Completed] by marshmallowssprinkle
Too late [Completed] by Faith👽 Short Story
"I should've said I love you when I have the chance. I guess I am too late then." |Highest Ranking: 5 in Short Story| All rights reserved @marshmallowssprink...
Cry-Baby by simply_criss
Cry-Baby by Cristina Teen Fiction
I wiped my eyes once again to see deep piercing green ones looking down at me. More tears came as I saw the root of my anger, and I stood up pushing past him. I tried t...
Alpha's Babies by NorthenLights
Alpha's Babies by NorthenLights Werewolf
When you wake up on your 18th birthday, your last thought is usually 'oh, maybe my best friend and boyfriend of three years are gonna get caught together by me' or it ma...
In A Gang Leaders Debt. by PeacefullyUnknown
In A Gang Leaders Debt. by V.G Teen Fiction
He saved me so naturally, I owed him I never asked him to save me, I mean sure I was drowning but he had seen people die before even killed some of those people before s...
The Last Dance by xoStardust
The Last Dance by xoStardust Historical Fiction
Prince John's biggest fear? Becoming King, and everything to do with it, from the sheltered life, to someday having to get married. Celia, a lady knight, minus the 'Lady...
A Maid For Mr. Arrogant by dandan101
A Maid For Mr. Arrogant by Danielle General Fiction
Life couldn't get any better for Xia Cameron, she's run away from a negligent mother and an abbusive father, she's about to be evicted from her apartment, She's behind o...
Be My Princess by dandan101
Be My Princess by Danielle Teen Fiction
Kiara was an orphan from birth turned dirty street kid by 16. Because of a promise made to her by a little boy when she was younger she holds on to the dream of a bette...
distraction » jack gilinsky by wildfever
distraction » jack gilinsky by luv🥀🍒 Fanfiction
in which a girl decides to become a distraction for someone that she loves, but didn't expect everything that came along with it
Are You Happy Now? by goofyandpluto
Are You Happy Now? by Goofy and Pluto Werewolf
To grow up in a world where female shifters are rare, being one is a big deal- and thats why Cassidy hides that she is one from the rest of the pack. When Cassidy turns...
Gone by DalaneyGutierrez
Gone by Sweet_Dreams Werewolf
Amoura Stone gets rejected by her mate on the night of her eighteen birthday. Realizing she's better off gone, she willingly leaves home and joins the Military. Proving...
The Girl In Chains-Louis Tomlinson/One Direction. by littlemissmuffet00
The Girl In Chains-Louis Tomlinson... by littlemissmuffet00 Fanfiction
"You belong to me now" He whispers trailing his cold fingers along my collar-bone. "I belong to nobody" I say, but the words come out small and b...
The Alpha King by ShatteredMind
The Alpha King by It's a secret Werewolf
A girl and her brother named Paisley and Mark running away city by city, state by state. Both avoiding the same thing, a dangerous person that wants nothing but their bl...
Gone (Book Two of the Dark Lycans Series) by kutekittykat8265
Gone (Book Two of the Dark Lycans... by Blood Wolf Werewolf
Sequel to 'Raven', the second book in the Dark Lycans series. The prequel 'Silver' will help you understand this book a little better if you are confused. It is about Ra...
Time Again by Hp_Heart
Time Again by Alexis Fanfiction
What if the Potter/Weasly kids found themselves back in 1996? will they finally get to meet their namesakes?
I Ran Away by DreamWeaver233
I Ran Away by Call me anything Fanfiction
"No one cares about me...",Hiccup said to Toothless as he mounted Toothless "no one will notice even if I run away .... not even dad...."he continued...
Hurt {wattys2016} by Daphne_Simone
Hurt {wattys2016} by *Daphne* Teen Fiction
"You don't know me..." Diana's life is far from ordinary life. She gets bullied at school, and abused at home. Everyone thinks she's a freak. But, will one spe...
Wild Thing... I Think I Love You by ThingsAndBooks
Wild Thing... I Think I Love You by Classified Information Teen Fiction
She is the quiet girl. The shy one who doesn't meddle with anyone's business. He is the badass, someone you need to stay away from if you wish for peace. What happens wh...
My Poems by Horns_holdin_my_Halo
My Poems by Sage Nicole Poetry
Just poems that don't even rhyme. I hope y'all like them..... But trust and believe, they aren't perfect. The first 6 are the only happy ones... And they suck.... Go on...
Cup of Tea by femmeofmind
Cup of Tea by philippa Poetry
poems, all of them are mine. based off real experiences and real feelings.