Hyperdimension Neptunia GB by OlracElgat
Hyperdimension Neptunia GBby Olrac Elgat
This is a fanfic for the Hyperdimension games, please note that any particular event is not CANON and is subject to change. Anyway lets get Neppin! Neptune a...
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Shuttered Impulses (Very Slow Updates) by Chelsie92
Shuttered Impulses (Very Slow Upda...by MadamKhaos
(WARNING: Sexual Content, Gore, Possible Rape Scenarios, Maybe Yaoi thrown in, Language) THIS IS AN ORIGINAL STORY: Melanie Harbinger wasted her life away trying to come...
  • rebirth
  • femalelead
  • transmigration
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Dbs| Whis upon the stars  by _Twin_Choi_
Dbs| Whis upon the stars by υnĸnown
"I wish to find true love..." That's the thing Y/N have been finishing in thw stars for, how about whis upon the stars? He is after all the reason why you co...
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  • daishinkan
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Hades and Persephone (GreekMythology){Slowly EDITING} by TheDevilInMask28
Hades and Persephone (GreekMytholo...by MorningStar
"Why don't you get to know me first before you judge and judge me?! You never knew me, so you do not have the fucking right to judge me. " Hades said as his ey...
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Wolf's Claim by minnie_mouse262
Wolf's Claimby Leis
"What are you doing here?" he questioned, his voice a husky of depth. "This is reserved land, tourists aren't allowed here." "W-who are you?&quo...
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Percy Jackson Jokes [ COMPLETED ] by sasukeage
Percy Jackson Jokes [ COMPLETED ]by ♠
≡the title says it all ≡not all jokes are mine, all credits goes to the owner. ≡warning, some of the chapter have some inappropriate content or word. ≡rankings; ≡categor...
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NOTE: SPG/R-18 Bawal ang mga inosent person like you kaya wag niyo nalang basahin sa mga interested nalang ang bumasa. I have many stories pa naman diyan kaya take your...
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Immortali by Scarlets_and_Roses
Immortaliby Scarlet Rose
It was a normal day. It was a normal tree. It was an ordinary accident. It could've happened to anyone. But the girl that fell out of the tree wasn't just anyone. Mee...
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Taking Olympus Back Book 1 by LesOlympians
Taking Olympus Back Book 1by Elizabeth
Athena, the wisest of them all, was in love with Ares, God of war, before he betrayed her. What he did to her can never be forgiven. Or can it? Can she forgive everythin...
  • greek
  • aphrodite
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👑 Royal Academy 👑: Reincarnated As A Villianess by Cutie_Pie212
👑 Royal Academy 👑: Reincarnated...by Elila
If life gives you lemons make lemonade right? My favorite quote, but sometimes life is too unexpected. What and How am I going to do in this mess?! By gods of fate and e...
  • fighting
  • protagonist
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Moon Lovers ( Lesbian ) by WriteMyHeartForYou
Moon Lovers ( Lesbian )by Aileen
[ENGLISH] When Juno died from war against the titans, she wished to the great god to reencarnate her soul to fullfill her promises undying love for Cassiel, the angel fr...
  • mythology
  • lesbian
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The Medusa Deception by lindatemple
The Medusa Deceptionby Linda Temple
What would you do if, suddenly, you found yourself in ancient Greece? / When Mandy Burkhardt, a clerk at the Occult Bookstore in Chicago, blacks out and lives chapters...
  • greek
  • newadult
  • medusa
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Anime Recommendations  by YukiHibara
Anime Recommendations by 🐰Hime🐰
🐰"I'll throw some good anime to you, If you have nothing left to watch!"🐰 Otaku's Recommendation is for newbies and people who have nothing else to watch. My...
  • anime
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The Past Gods Read The Percy Jackson Series (Book 1) by ArtemisDianaJackson
The Past Gods Read The Percy Jacks...by Artemis Diana Jackson
The demigods from the future are being sent back to Ancient Greece time to.... read books??!!! Well, The Seven, Nico, Thalia, Rachel, and Grover are being sent back. The...
  • percyjackson
  • immortals
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Percy Jackson: Demigods Revealed by Jcgirl39
Percy Jackson: Demigods Revealedby Daughter_Of_Chaos
The mist is gone. And the Giant War has been won by the demigods. They have faced many hardships, but can they handle HIGH SCHOOL?
  • goddesses
  • leo
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The Pharaoh's Dancer (Rewritten) by Tic_Tok
The Pharaoh's Dancer (Rewritten)by Tic_Tok
"Do you know what to do, Amunet?" A voice as sweet as silk whispered into the young girl's ear. Amunet didn't look over her shoulder but shifted uncomfortably...
  • goddesses
  • egyptian
  • gods
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CHEAT by florscents
CHEATby flor
but what if magic was real? and what if it was stolen? © s. v. dasy 2017 • hr198 / 201117
  • fantasy
  • queens
  • paralleluniverse
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Doomed by realllyreilly
Doomedby ry
Onyx Blakely is crazy. She claims to see ghosts. She claims that she has demons visit her in the middle of the night. She even claims that she can see flashes of people...
  • romance
  • notyourbaby
  • poly
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#1 Daughter of Hera: Rise of Tartarus by WhenStarsLie
#1 Daughter of Hera: Rise of Tarta...by WhenStarsLie
Christine Galliardo has a normal life just like everyone else. She lives with the triplet grandmothers who took her in when she was found on their doorstep. She goes to...
  • camphalf-blood
  • demigods
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Herculean by letmelivetonight
Herculeanby ⚔Jada⚔
Eyes on his, I placed my chin on the barrel so he would never forget the face who haunted him. Lights out. I failed the goddess. There was a resounding clunk; the hostil...
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