All Is Dust by wishberry
All Is Dust by wishberry Science Fiction
[[Chosen as one of the winners for @scikick 's Sci-fi contest by @scifiwriter , author of Enhancement!]] "Let's be nothing; I heard it lasts forever." They spo...
Rebellion by Reed-ink
Rebellion by T.J. Martins Romance
Prolific Author - Dayo Tijani has returned home to Nigeria from the United States, after invoking a one-year hiatus clause on his career, as a result of a dire-needed br...
Kpop Audition and Trainee by Moon_Minhye
Kpop Audition and Trainee by Moon Minhye General Fiction
This is all about kpop audition process and trainee life. Mainly for companies like JYP,YG,SM,Cube and Fantagio. This book is not all about my experience. So, i hope yo...
Autumn Vale by Midnightsfootsteps
Autumn Vale by Midnightsfootsteps Random
"We are warriors, we may not look like it, we may not act like it, but we are." When Luna, Shade, Oliver, and Zoe are all excepted to a school that they'...
The Fires Beneath the Sea (A Novel) by lydiamillet
The Fires Beneath the Sea (A Novel) by Lydia Millet Fantasy
Cara’s mother has disappeared. Her father isn’t talking about it. Her big brother Max is hiding behind his iPod, and her genius little brother Jackson is busy studying t...
unIVErse by APelumi
unIVErse by Oluwawapelumi Science Fiction
What if their expectations don't match? We were supposed to be more advanced, but some hid it from us. They used the instruments to save, to kill. We fought and sent the...
Of Snow And Mist [The Lusion Series: Book One] ON HOLD by articen
Of Snow And Mist [The Lusion Serie... by M. C. Paige Werewolf
An identity. A proof of status. A name. That's the only thing a young she wolf ever wanted. A loss of lives. A loss of family. A massacre. Is what the she wolf never sa...
Global Industry by albertrock
Global Industry by albertrock Science Fiction
New of global healthcare industry news
In a blind mans eyes (Short stories) by Eddystone45
In a blind mans eyes (Short storie... by Vegetarian__Alien Short Story
A figure is found trapped in the warmth and cold of an unknown wilderness and yet the beauty cannot be seen due to the blindness that crosses her. A collection of short...
Happy @ Last by MiaTaylorKate
Happy @ Last by Mia Taylor Fanfiction
destiny is a very peculiar thing, it could take years for it to fulfill itself. In my case, it took three husbands and three kids to finally figure out a way to be happy...
Hunger (a global issue) by fingerpuppet
Global Terrorism Speech by fantasyjaguar
Global Terrorism Speech by fantasyjaguar Random
this is a speech I wrote in school and I'd like everyone to see and read it because it's a difficult and important topic of which everyone should be more aware of. than...
GlobalMarketReserach by mayurideore
GlobalMarketReserach by mayurideore Science Fiction
Industry analysis is crucial step in the current competitive market space that helps identify the right target customers and accordingly provide tailored solutions for t...
Affects of Global Warming by scientificmind
Solar Eclipse Guide 2017 by KittyCupcakes15
Solar Eclipse Guide 2017 by CherryMerryBerry Humor
☼Wondering where the greatest world-wide eclipse that will make HISTORY is? Want to be part of the history? Whether you're a man, woman, boy, girl, or a smurf you can al...
Crashed (The Great Depression - Short Story) by TheUnSpokenBluee
Crashed (The Great Depression - Sh... by TheUnspokenBlue Short Story
Thomas Hills is a young teenage investor who lives during the tragic times of the Great Depression. He'll travel across the country in an attempt to recover all that he'...
Is Amway A Scam? - The Truth by billie39vise
Global Sulfate of Potash (SOP) Fertilizer Market (2013-2018) by satyamsingh2231
Lessons On Throwing Shade by NigelToussaint
Lessons On Throwing Shade by Nigel Bray Non-Fiction
A satirical book of short essays on the art and folly of throwing shade in a world already clouded by fear, hatred, and violence. From politics to pop culture, this book...