Girl In Trouble  by DeepChermille
Girl In Trouble by DeepChermille Romance
Sally is a 20 year old girl na gustong-gustong maging 'matured and independent woman', despite the fact na spoiled at mahal na mahal siya ng kanyang Daddy na mayor ng ka...
Y.U.J.U LOVESTORY♡ by _coupsNa
Y.U.J.U LOVESTORY♡ by Carat_Sparkle Fanfiction
Mengisahkan tentang kisah seorang gadis bernama Yuju yang memulakan hidup barunya ditempat baharu setelah berlaku sesuatu didalam dirinya. Yuju tidak mempunyai keyakina...
Snape's Girl (R.I.P Alan Rickman) by PrinceSevyHalfBlood
Snape's Girl (R.I.P Alan Rickman) by Prince Sevy Fanfiction
Snape wanted a family, and that's what he got, R.I.P Alan Rickman your memory will live on in this fanfic. This book takes place when Harry is in his third year, so 13...
The Temptress! (Severus Snape Love Story) by loopylellylollypopxx
The Temptress! (Severus Snape Love... by Eleri Fanfiction
Madeline Riddle has never loved anyone. She has no feelings unless she wants to be tortured by her dad Voldemort. She only wants to please her father but what will happe...
Sweet Trufflebutter by FeedMeMother
Sweet Trufflebutter by FeedMeMother Romance
It's finally happening. Guy Fieri has invited me to his kitchen, but not for any baking reasons. ;)